Teddy Bridgewater expects to do more on offense this week

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The Saints offense looked different than usual against Seattle last week.

Teddy Bridgewater was the starting quarterback in place of the injured Drew Brees, although that wasn’t the sole reason why the offense was pared back. Bridgewater explained at his Wednesday press conference that being on the road against the Seahawks also impacted the amount of plays that were in the game plan.

Bridgewater and company are back at home this week, which the quarterback believes will lead to expanded offensive options.

“I’m pretty sure, last week as well, given the circumstances we wanted to try to cut back on some things with all the crowd noise,” Bridgewater said. “Being back home, being able to do our own cadence, we can do more.”

Bridgewater said that the offense was “able to do some things that I was comfortable doing and we had some success” in the win over the Seahawks. Much of what went well for the Saints was getting the ball into Alvin Kamara‘s hands and that figures to remain a big part of the offense regardless of the amount of plays that the team brings into the game against the Cowboys.

5 responses to “Teddy Bridgewater expects to do more on offense this week

  1. Bridgewater has that ability to look awful and makes wild throws all game then suddenly for a drive or 2 he’s right on point & the next thing you know the team won the game. Then they have 11 wins. The kid is a winner. If Walsh & AP didn’t loose the game to the seahawks the yr carolina went to the SB there is no doubt in my mind the vikings would’ve easily eliminated the cards & I feel they would’ve given carolina a tough game with a chance to win.

    TB will win more games than he looses with the Saints & Brees will be healed by week 10 and his arm won’t get week at the end of this season like last. Drew’s injury will be a blessing in disguise for the Saints.

    They made a wise decision keeping Teddy B.

  2. I hope he has a solid day Sunday. If he connects on a couple of deep balls I think his confidence will improve dramatically. He has the weapons around him to be successful that’s for sure.

  3. He does have plenty of weapons, but if this game plays out at all like last year, it won’t be pretty for the Saints. Kamara rushed 11 times for 36 yards (8 receptions for 40 yards) and Byron Jones owned Michael Thomas, holding him to 5 catches for 40 yards. Heck, Brees only put up 127 yards. Peyton is sure to have a different approach this year, but I don’t know if the outcome will be any different.

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