Todd Monken steers clear of playcalling questions in Cleveland

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Todd Monken knows not to touch a hot stove.

Three days after Browns coach Freddie Kitchens fended off questions about playcalling, including whether he’d delegate the job to an assistant or collaborate with others on it, the Browns offensive coordinator opted to steer clear of any questions on the topic.

“I am not going to get into that in terms of how we do things and how we collectively do things,” Monken told reporters when asked about the process for calling plays. “That is not anything. There is no reason to get into that. Everywhere I have been, we do it collectively as a staff and we move forward from there.”

Kitchens made it clear on Monday that there is no process, and that the process is him.

“It is me,” Kitchens said. “It is my fault. No, it is me. Todd does a great job during the course of the week of making sure we stay on task, we stay organized and all that kind of stuff. When things mess up, it is going to be me.”

Monken knew not to mess things up by adding his two cents to the things Kitchens said. It’s clearly a sensitive subject in Cleveland, and it will get more sensitive if Kitchens continues to mess up those decisions in key moments of games.

17 responses to “Todd Monken steers clear of playcalling questions in Cleveland

  1. Never understood why you have a OC/DC but don’t let them call the plays. Only a few HC have been able to do it, but most fail at it.

  2. Kitchens isn’t a playcaller. He never has been. Why are they letting him try to figure it out on the fly? This is the NFL. Go sign with the XFL if you want playcalling experience.

  3. Doesn’t matter what play you call if your QB can’t execute it. The video game generation thinks these players are all the same and play calling is the end all.

  4. Well, play calling DOES matter. It can dictate future plays in positive or negative fashion. What in Gods name do you call a Draw, on 4th and 9, with 4 minutes to go, and your team trailing by 7 points? At a minimum, thats a loud brain fart that reduced your entire teams chances at getting the tieing TD

  5. Hey Todd they figured out wonder boy: he rolls right to throw his passes do the defenses do too. HA. Ya that scheme worked last year, now they are on to him and he has to step it up or you have another “mistake on the lake”

  6. 3 minutes later, after your defense works its but off to get the ball back: 1st and Goal. 5 yard line. 45 seconds left in game. You have all 3 time outs. A 1st down run could reduce the yardage in half, and keep every play in the play book open on a 2nd and a couple. 1st down pass incompletion almost assures the defense that they know the offense must now pass on 2, 3 and 4th down. Thanks for the help Freddie. Whos side are you on?

  7. Monken should keep his mouth tight. Hes in line to be the interim HC in a few weeks if FHJ keeps blowing his chance as badly as he is

  8. ……not to mention the opponent was the Rams, who were in the Super Bowl. So, your team played pretty good to be in that position. FHJ play calling lost the game as much as anything any player did or didnt do. That really bad coaching.

  9. “Kitchens made it clear on Monday that there is no process, and that the process is him.”

    That is utterly false.

  10. I didn’t understand from the get-go how anyone could expect an inexperienced rookie coach to improve this team in his first year. The hype made zero sense. Will Kitchens be a good coach some day? Maybe. He’s not right now, though, and has no business calling plays while learning to be a head coach at the same time. A team with competent management wouldn’t have allowed it until he got some experience and his legs under him, but this is the Browns. They have to learn everything the hard way.

  11. At least Kitchens shows accountability and takes the blame. Adam Gase on the other hand… Theres still a few Jets player stuck under the bus.

  12. you know I’m a diehard Browns fan, and I like Kitchens, bet he needs to stop being so defensive. If a team plays bad, they are going to get questions. If somebody keeps calling boneheaded plays, you are going to get questions. I get it that our line is bad, but if you try to get a team to jump offsides 75 plays a game on 4th down, people are going to question your skill as a playcaller. Does he not trust the talent we have? Honestly right now, he’s not our biggest problem, the line is. We have plenty of draft picks, plenty of cash, no reason to sit there doing nothing while Baker gets killed and we pile up losses.I like Dorsey but c’mon, if we’re built to win now, then trade future picks to fix this line. There’s always players available for the right price.

  13. Being in Cleveland, I pointed out all offseason that the Browns can get all the ‘toys’ they want, but it won’t matter if you don’t fix your tackle spots. Browns fans didn’t agree. SMH, but I guess we’ll see; looks to me like Baker is already a nervous wreck every time it’s a passing play.

  14. The game is won and lost in the trenches. Yet somehow teams seem to forget that. My Ravens included. They do an adequate job. But I’m of the opinion if you have the best O-Line and D-Line in football, then all the position player talent doesn’t have to be elite level to win football games in the NFL.

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