Antonio Brown “is working on” a grievance for Raiders pay

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Antonio Brown is gone from the Raiders, but he won’t be forgotten. In large part because he wants to get paid.

As expected from the moment the Raiders cut him 20 days ago, Brown “is working on” a grievance aimed at recovering unpaid wages from the Raiders, according to Jeremy Fowler of

Brown, per Fowler, is considering a grievance attacking “three fines levied by the team, his unpaid Week 1 salary, his base salaries of $14.625 million and $14.5 million for 2019 and 2020, and a $1 million signing bonus as part of his three-year, $54-million deal signed in March.”

Brown’s departure from training camp on August 18, his failure to participate in a walk-through practice on August 22, and his August 28 altercation with G.M. Mike Mayock provided the basis for multiple fines, and for the voiding of his guaranteed salaries. The Raiders surely would defend any grievance targeting the guaranteed salaries based on Brown’s own behavior. An attack on the fines by Brown would be aimed at invalidating the basis for voiding his guarantees.

The Week One salary was earned during the work week preceding Brown’s release; he’s likely entitled to that amount. However, the Raiders would withhold from any such payment the amount of the fines imposed by the team.

The $1 million signing bonus actually was a pair of guaranteed workout bonuses, in the amount of $500,000 each. Brown didn’t earn the 2019 payment because he failed to participate in sufficient offseason workouts. The team surely will argue that the 2020 payment was voided.

Because the provision in Brown’s contract with the Raiders regarding guaranteed money includes offset language, anything Brown receives from the Patriots will reduce Oakland’s liability. If, for example, he gets $10 million from the Patriots, that’s $10 million less that he could get from the Raiders.

However it plays out, Brown has rights — and it’s the responsibility of the NFL Players Association to pursue them, win or lose.

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  1. He’s probably not getting a dime from the raiders but is probably getting his full $9 million from the Pats.

    The Raiders have alot more documentation as a basis for their actions than the Patriots.

    Brady is still upset that the Pats let him go.

  2. AB should be playing now. He hasn’t been found guilty of anything that should keep him from playing.I hope he signs with a contender soon.

  3. Pay the guy. It’s clear they value performance over character in several articles. I think Brown is an idiot, but it’s clear so do the Patriots or at least the team owner who did the right thing.

  4. Raiders ought pursue criminal charges for threatening Mayock. Bet ya check the assurances in the contract are voided.

  5. Rights? Yes. He has the right to remain silent. He has the right to an attorney. If he does not have one, one will be provided for him…

  6. I’m sure he is, two weeks with no checks rolling in. Hoping he gets nothing to learn from his stupidity.

  7. AB didn’t read the fine print on the contracts. Can’t act like a clown. Void contracts. He won’t win. Owners are smarter than AB.

  8. Big surprise since he’s going to be broke soon. Maybe he should have thought about that before getting his contract voided because he decided to start behaving badly.

    I’m not sure how the grievance process works but if ever a team had sufficient reason to void a contract it was the Raiders. It was just one thing after another. Now that AB has filed this grievance, don’t expect the Raiders to hold back. Every single thing he did will be brought up and if it were to ever get out that would make AB look even worse than he does now–if that’s even possible.

    I have a hard time seeing any way he can win this grievance with everything that went on. It sure looks like he gave them sufficient grounds to void his guarantees. AB certainly believed it because he went ballistic shortly thereafter. I would like to hear his rationale for threatening to assault Mayock and calling him what he allegedly did.

    Personally, I hope he gets zero–which is exactly what he deserves. It would be a good lesson for him that he can’t just do whatever he wants without consequence. Welcome to the real world AB.

  9. Can’t wait for this to play out and why are we still talking about a player who probably will never play again. Burned 3 different teams & claimed he never needed to play again as he was rich. So why is he pursuing this? For the good of other players? When has he ever cared about anyone but AB. I just hope any hearing he gets is videotaped. Wouldn’t you love to hear all the details?

  10. LOL. This is why you don’t cut the guy just bc your local press and fans of other teams threaten to hold you in low moral regard. Belichick should put it to these local reporters: “The man has rights. You gonna pay up when the court says we owe him his $10 million salary?”

  11. So it would be the NFLPA’s position that once a player signs a contract, the player has no responsibility whatsoever to comply with minimally acceptable behavior as a professional, or as a teammate, or as a member of the community the player represents. It doesn’t even appear that the rest of the players agree with that position.

  12. He isn’t getting the money. He voided everything. The idea in his head that he could get money out of the raiders for nothing and win a superbowl with the Pats has blown up in his face. With that all being said, he isn’t a well man, and based on his actions of late, I think he needs to see someone that specializes in mental health issues because his actions and decision making has been illogical at best.

  13. Is this why he didn’t take the one time cut pay? Was he actually thinking it was best to try to win it all back in grievance??? Is he gonna do the same to the Pats???

  14. According to CBA,Brown IS owed his 1st wks pay AND possibly his ’19 salary bc he’s A Vested Player. As for “guaranteed” money,his fines AND stupid acts voided that. Having The NFLPA “fight” his fight,WHILE right, seems sooo wrong just as Police Unions fighting for lawless Officers. Oh well, maybe The NFL will tell Raiders and Pats to settle with stipulation being Brown retires PERMANENTLY

  15. And he’s such a likable guy, I’m sure if he hadn’t had the footsicle, helmet, sexual assault, tossing furniture, etc. issues everything would be butterflies & rainbows.

  16. However it plays out, Brown has rights
    Yes he does. II’m sure he’ll be hearing that in the future, but it will probably go more like this: You have the right to remain silent…

  17. The thing is, the Patriots have a completely solid argument to void the contract (the clause that says he has to have divulged anything he knows of that might impact his ability to play football for the team, in this case not divulging the pending allegation is easy grounds for them to stand on) His lawyers have probably already explained that issue and I think thats why he has shifted his target to trying to get money out of the Raiders. Even his argument with the Raiders is going to struggle, ABs lawyers are going to be picking hard at exact wording and what it can be construed to mean in a situation where there is zero question that the spirt of the contract was violated.

    Show of hands, how many people here are finding themselves shocked to be siding with Gruden/Raiders and/or the Patriots on anything, and yet here they are?

  18. How is it we know so much about Brown’s Raiders contract language and yet so little about his Patriots contract language?

    Did he commit a “forfeitable breach” with the Raiders? If not, why wouldn’t he be entitled to all of his “guaranteed” money?

  19. I have seen the clauses in the Patriot’s contract that Brown clearly violated. However, the CBA has 4 very specific violations for a team to not pay guaranteed money after signing. None of them apply to Brown in the Pats case. The problem for the Pats is, arbitrators always side with the CBA vs wording in team contracts. They’re gonna have to pay or settle. Kraft is not gonna like signing that check. Caserio can probably go to Houston with his blessing. Don’t know much about the Raider situation, but the player not being available is one of the stipulations in the CBA. This seems to apply to Brown in their case.

  20. I’d guess he’d more likely be successful against Raiders by arguing he was goaded (takes two to tango etc). Whereas at Pats there was no team strife but him making threats to a 3rd party (and the undisclosed impending lawsuit) for which there’s prob solid contract smallprint. But what about Steelers – did they know anything before they traded him & did they tell Raiders?

  21. AB is physically gifted that is a fact. But from a mental and character perspective he is just another loser!

  22. strength531 says:
    September 28, 2019 at 8:19 am
    However it plays out, Brown has rights
    Yes he does. II’m sure he’ll be hearing that in the future, but it will probably go more like this: You have the right to remain silent…

    Brown certainly has the right to remain silent, it appears to be the capacity that he lacks

  23. he broke all the rules in Oakland he didn’t do anything in New England that he hadn’t already done

  24. Recording John Gruden without his permission is against California law. Time to press charges … this fool could use a little jail time.

    In the meantime, study hard Antonio! You’re gonna need that college degree in order to gain an entry job into the real working world … otherwise it’s bagging groceries and stocking shelves – after you punch in on the time clock, of course.

  25. I real hope this Bozo doesnt get his Gold Jacket. I hope they look at this behavior and decline voting him to the Hall of Fame.

  26. LOL at this guy. He doesn’t have to play in the NFL. He just needs to sign with a team. Act up and get cut. Go after them and file a grievance. What a way to make a living!!!

  27. I think Raiders might have to pay a little, but Pats will have to pay the 9 million for the guaranteed signing bonus. AB might be AB, but Drew Rosenhaus will get paid.

  28. Antonio has gone street bum attempting to claim undeserving benefits! The warp speed downhill spiral is full throttle. Take that to the bank Grandma!

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