Cam Newton says he just needs some time “to get right”

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Cam Newton confirmed his Lisfranc injury in a vlog Friday afternoon, revealing he sprained his mid-left foot in the third preseason game.

“It happened — the unthinkable, so to speak,” Newton said in his post, via Brendan Marks of the Charlotte Observer. “Something else got hurt.”

The Panthers quarterback called the injury “mild,” but said he does not know how long he will remain out. Newton missed last week’s victory over the Cardinals as backup Kyle Allen starred, and Newton won’t play this week against the Texans.

Newton tried to play through the injury, knowing he wasn’t 100 percent. He said he could not even jog during pregame warmups before the season opener.

“This is where I got in my own way,” said Newton, who had offseason shoulder surgery. “Because I thought automatically, I’ve got to play Week One. I can’t let my fans down.”

It took a failed fourth-and-1 play from the Tampa Bay 2-yard line in Week Two, when Newton couldn’t push off and Christian McCaffrey had to take a direct snap, for Newton to realize he couldn’t do what he wanted to do. That’s when Newton said he told coach Ron Rivera and General Manager Marty Hurney he needed time to heal.

“I needed to see that me at 80 percent was not OK,” Newton said. “I realize it’s OK to take time.
“I’ve just got to get right.”

Newton completed 56.2 of his passes for 572 yards with no touchdowns and an interception in the first two games. He didn’t look like himself, but, because of his shoulder injury, he didn’t look like himself much of last season either.

When healthy, Newton expects to return to form.

“If I’m able to get the time off for me to heal and get back to 100 percent,” Newton said, “then I have no doubt in my mind everything that we want as a team can still be accomplished.”

58 responses to “Cam Newton says he just needs some time “to get right”

  1. The Panthers need to move on from Ron Rivera and Fig Newton. I’d recommend trading the Fig to the Bears, in exchange for a forth or fifth-round pick. Then, they can draft their future quarterback in the first round of next year’s draft.

  2. Injuries are starting to take a toll on him. It makes me wonder if he’s ever going to be right again. If Rivera is lucky maybe Kyle Allen can save his job but I doubt it. He probably should have been sent down the river a few years ago.

    Love the comments about his wardrobe, especially the chiffon ascot. When I made the comment about him ever being right again, that didn’t apply to his wardrobe. That’s never been right.

  3. He needs to be a man not a dancer Everytime a camera is around he needs time to get his head right for sure Opie taylor

  4. Cam needs time off to get “right”. Turns out ”Right” is actually the name of the new fashion line of scarfs and bonnets by Donatella Versace.

  5. cb28031 says: There are more idiots than people on this board…..
    So, just how does that add up – are you counting yourself twice?

  6. Rivera has proven time and time again that he won’t do what’s best for the player and the team when Cam is injured. He played Cam through his debilitating shoulder injury last year and was willing to play Cam through the foot injury this year.

    He needs to be fired.

  7. My daughter had that injury and she was in a boot for 8 weeks. If he suffered it in the Pats pre-season game and he was practicing and preparing for Game 1, how much did he impact the time to fully recover?

  8. Start by wearing normal clothes so it doesn’t look like it’s all about you. Teammates notice the “look at me” crap.

  9. The team medical staff and the coaches should have NOT let him play with a lisfranc injury. Its a bad one, usually season ending if severe.

    I mean, he was amazing in practice not being able to jog much? Or was the coaching staff just kind of clueless?

    This is a bad foot injury–and given how ineffective he looked at times…surely practice wasn’t that much better.

    Good coaches and good team docs should be able to help hold some players back, even if they want to play. Now if nobody really knew–shame om them!

  10. Why does everyone make a big deal about his wardrobe ?? Seriously… why should anybody care what the guy wears… it’s not like he is a trendsetter on that front.

  11. Can your best day’s have come and gone! You were warned to change your game, but you refused. This is your life from now on!

  12. When you lack the talent and mental capacity to be a passer in the NFL after all of these years; trying to run the ball and make 1 read throws won’t work anymore.

    I think he’s hurt more by seeing a Kyle Allen come in and competently run the offense the way “normal” NFL QBs do and knows he’ll be booed out of North Carolina if he comes back with the same limited play and immature attitude.

    It’s time for the Panthers to move on. I have no idea what team would take him at this point; knowing that they know that the entire league knows what he is, but it’s time for other plans.

  13. RE: “The Panthers need to move on from Ron Rivera and Fig Newton. I’d recommend trading the Fig to the Bears, in exchange for a forth or fifth-round pick. Then, they can draft their future quarterback in the first round of next year’s draft.”

    Good thought; but the Bears already have a one-read wonder/runner. They don’t need another one!

  14. He’s 30 years old now, he’s had plenty of time to “get it right” but never did.

    It’s too late now, it’s over.

  15. If he does not get right and he had a whole off season to do so, then the Panthers need to move on from Newton in 2020.

  16. Andy Dalton CAREER Statistics:

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    193 td – 93 int

    29079 passing yards

    41 fumbles

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    scam newton CAREER Statistics:

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    Have a nice day.

  17. Smoking a cigar, drinking a glass of wine…while trying to pull back from the game to heal and get healthy? Come on, dude. Take care of yourself in every way possible.

  18. I think Tepper will clean house in the off season. Rivera, Hurley, and Cam will all be on the job market. Team reached it high water mark in 2015 and its been downhill from there.

  19. We all knew a time would come when Cam would have to improve as a passer and not rely on his running ability so much. Well, it’s here and he hasn’t. His body is breaking down but he’s not ready to become a pocket passer.

  20. When/if Newton gets better, he may want to polish off his resume. I think the Panthers have found their future quarterback.

  21. Cam lost all credibility in his super bowl appearance when he didn’t go after his fumble. How can he look at his teammates and pretend to be their leader? Everyone knows what he will do. His career is about done anyway injured for 2 years now and 30.

  22. Take heed Lamar Jackson this 250 pound running qb couldn’t handle the pounding what makes you think that you can

  23. While he’s recovering, perhaps he could get that rat’s nest on his head addressed? I fear he might get rabies or some disease from whatever critters he has there.

  24. Carolina has a new owner, so Cam’s days are numbered. The guy didn’t buy the team because it’s a good investment. He bought the team because he wants to win. Cam is done playing competitive football. It’s a good paying job, so he’s not going to walk away, but he’s perfectly content just showing up and going through the motions. He’s super talented, maybe the best ever, but QB is a mental position that requires a ton of work. Cam is not really into all that. He’s good with just being Cam and making a lot of money. I’m not blaming him, but it’s obvious. More power to him. I just saying the new owner might not be all that into Cam and the fact that he’s content.

  25. I don’t know what’s more shocking – that an established QB wouldn’t tell his coaches when he literally couldn’t run, or that the coaches and medical staff couldn’t tell that he couldn’t run. It makes me question the judgment of everyone involved, frankly.

    I think Newton may be misinterpreting his coaches’ current lack of urgency in him rushing back into play as soon as possible. When coaches who are coaching for their jobs aren’t concerned about you coming back, it means they’re making other plans without you.

  26. I had this injury 2 years ago and I’m not the same and never will be. It’s a bad one. I think they don’t want to admit that a lisfranc is a debilitating injury. While his may be mild, you can’t heal and rehab it out (or at least everyone in a support group of lisfranc survivors don’t know of a way to be normal again and yes i said survivors).

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