Dak Prescott was thinking nuggets, while filleting Dolphins

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Dak Prescott was hungry for a win — or something — last week against the Dolphins.

While he was in the huddle with teammates last week, the Cowboys quarterback was caught by NFL Films microphones having thoughts about something other than the Dolphins.

“Oh, spicy nuggets are back,” Prescott said. “I might have to stop on the way home.”

Via Todd Archer of ESPN.com, Prescott said he never did get his nuggets after the game, and he wasn’t angling for another endorsement deal.

“No, I don’t worry about those things during the season,” Prescott said.

His teammates have been giving him a hard time about it, but veteran tight end Jason Witten said it speaks to Prescott’s ability to keep things loose.

“Listen, [he has the] ability to lock in and then keep a little bit of personality. . . . He’s relaxed, he’s calm out there,” Witten said. “I believe he prepares during the week and then he doesn’t overthink it when he gets in those moments.”

Perhaps eating like a teenager helps.

14 responses to “Dak Prescott was thinking nuggets, while filleting Dolphins

  1. Oh Jerry…Sounds like you need to feed your QB. He’s young, hungry and talented and the way he’s been playing his price will only go up.

  2. This young man is clearly not fit to lead if he is cracking jokes and making product endorsements in a huddle. Pathetic. There are 10 other men out there awaiting orders and not the kind that come with napkins and straws!!! Sad!!! Bench this comedian for someone who respects the integrity of the game!

  3. Filleting Dolphins? Weak.

    Rosen is a lot better passer than Dak will ever be, without the benefit of 5 all pros.

  4. Gotta keep it loose in the huddle. The game creates enough anxious,pressure moments. Humour goes a long way in building chemistry and easing those situations. Dak is just getting into the groove. The man walked into the building with a Masters in leadership, he’s currently working on a doctorate degree.

  5. Kinda funny with some of the Cowboy troll comments. I don’t recall anyone saying anything close to the comment about “bench the comedian” when it was the GOAT Montana saying in the SB, “Hey did you see John Candy in the stands? That’s John Candy!”

  6. Dakota has yet to play a winning team this year. He’s doing exactly what Cam Cheating from the Carolina Paper Tigers did in the year he went to the Snoopy Bowl. Dakota has padded his stats. The upcoming game will show that this clown is a mirage and should only be paid in Chicken Nuggets, not dollars.

  7. And when he fillets the Saints, what will your response be then? “Just wait until they play the Packers!” Keyboard warriors are so sad.

  8. You know, a big part of the reason those teams are winless is because the Cowboys beat the stuffing out of all three of them.

  9. Remember the Superbowl where Joe Montana came in to the huddle and said..” Look, John Candy is on the sideline.”

    Then he led the team down the field for the winning come from behind TD.

    Calm in the storm is a good thing.

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