Dak Prescott was thinking nuggets, while filleting Dolphins

Getty Images

Dak Prescott was hungry for a win — or something — last week against the Dolphins.

While he was in the huddle with teammates last week, the Cowboys quarterback was caught by NFL Films microphones having thoughts about something other than the Dolphins.

“Oh, spicy nuggets are back,” Prescott said. “I might have to stop on the way home.”

Via Todd Archer of ESPN.com, Prescott said he never did get his nuggets after the game, and he wasn’t angling for another endorsement deal.

“No, I don’t worry about those things during the season,” Prescott said.

His teammates have been giving him a hard time about it, but veteran tight end Jason Witten said it speaks to Prescott’s ability to keep things loose.

“Listen, [he has the] ability to lock in and then keep a little bit of personality. . . . He’s relaxed, he’s calm out there,” Witten said. “I believe he prepares during the week and then he doesn’t overthink it when he gets in those moments.”

Perhaps eating like a teenager helps.