Report: Jay Gruden could be fired if he loses this week

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If Jay Gruden doesn’t play rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins soon — and he doesn’t seem so inclined — he may never get the chance.

According to Les Carpenter of the Washington Post, two sources with knowledge of the situation said that Gruden could be fired if his team loses to the Giants Sunday.

He’s 0-3 this season and 35-47-1 (.428) in his six seasons there.

That’s not great, but it’s not that different from the entire Dan Snyder era, as the team is 139-183-1 (.430) since Snyder took over the team in 1999.

Gruden has made the playoffs just once, which is not great, but Snyder has only witnessed seven playoff games in 21 years (and hasn’t seen a postseason win since 2005), so again, it kind of fits.

But the start has been bad even by the franchise’s own standards, as they’ve allowed at least 31 points in each of their first three games, and were just embarrassed on national television Monday.

They’ve also suffered self-inflicted wounds (Trent Williams) and had their share of injuries (Derrius Guice, Jordan Reed, and others). None of that’s necessarily Gruden’s fault, he’s just next. And his time could be coming.

101 responses to “Report: Jay Gruden could be fired if he loses this week

  1. If the next coach comes in, puts Haskins in and wins like 4 games in a row, Gruden will never get a head coaching job again.

  2. He’s not a great coach but he’s not awful either. Its Snyder and the GM that really need to go. Until that happens Redskins fans are just treading water with little hope of rescue

  3. How many ways can a organization shoot itself in the foot? Snyder has made some of the most ridiculous moves since he took over. Moves that have set the franchise back for years upon years. No coach could turn this crap around so it’s a miracle Gruden has been there this long.

  4. Snyder should sell the team period! This team is so dysfunctional, they are now the laughing stock as to the before/then browns.

  5. His decisions this season makes me think he wants to get fired. Why wouldnt you activate last seasons Team MVP? Why would you keep Manusky? Who would call a reach over QB sneak in the middle of the field?

  6. What happens if Haskins comes out and throws 4 picks and looks completely befuddled by real live NFL defenses? He only started 13 or 14 games in college. Maybe he really isn’t ready? If Gruden puts him in because of ownership pressure, etc. and he falls flat, then what?

    But still, we’ve seen Gruden has a limited ceiling as a coach, we’ve been at that ceiling for 3 years now, I won’t be sorry to see the team move in a new direction. But it’s really Bruce Allen that’s gotta go before true change will happen

  7. The Alex Smith injury was very unfortunate. Whoever is guilty of not having a plan at quarterback should be the next to go.

  8. I saw a tweet from Mike Lombardi, on Monday night, that perfectly summed up the Redskins.
    “Do the Redskins practice?”

  9. Not that I think he’s a good coach, but what is the point of firing him after four weeks (if it happens)? The season is already toast. Let him have a chance to turn it around. Anyone good that you might want to replace him with most likely has a job and won’t be able to be hired until after the season anyways.

  10. Great. Now Washington can send a package of draft picks to the Steelers for Mike Tomlin and his inept staff. Please Daniel make this happen.

  11. Gruden and the coaching staff never wanted Haskins, Bruce and Dan did. That was the talk here in the DC area. Gruden wanted Daniel Jones

  12. he is better suited to be an OC. he will land in Las Vegas next year running the raiders offense……

  13. Compared to the last few years this organization has been more stable. They need stablility to improve the rest. Gruden is trying to save the “francise” QB by keeping him away from the disaster of the O line. Owner Dude, just look in your box at the guy on crutches. Or, just be you…

  14. Redskins are a full-in-flame dumpster fire and it would put Jay out of his misery to finally be fired.

    The question is what doofus do they convince to take over one of the worst franchises in the NFL with about as stupid as a GM as there is and an owner who thinks he is brilliant at football. A few desperate coaches to keep in mind…Art Briles, Bobby Petrino, Hue Jackson, Lovie Smith, Mike McCarthy (though I think he waits for a better opportunity)…never said this franchise was even halfway decent at making any decisions.

  15. Being fired would entitle him to the balance of his contract pay, plus he would be freed from having to deal with Little Danny and Evil Brucie.

    In other words, a win-win for Jay.

  16. The happiest day of Jay Gruden’s life will be the day he’s out of Washington. Nobody has been able to win with Dan Snyder as owner, and there have been some great coaches. Joe Gibbs. Mike Shanahan. Steve Spurrier. Marty Schottenheimer. These guys have all been huge winners their entire careers until they hooked up with Snyder. Now they just drafted a reject QB, so the next coach is already on the hot seat. Better get all the money guaranteed.

  17. I think Jay is a good coach. I think he has had had some bad luck with injuries in last few years. Last year we were playing with Linemen that we picked off the street a few days before and we had 4 QB’s. Its crazy. I know…. I KNOW im in the minority especially as a Redskins fan…but I think he is one of the better coaches we have had, he has kept us competitive when we didn’t have the talent …I think firing him is a mistake. I get it we suck, but Im not going to blame him at least not to the point I think they should fire him. Also whats the benefit of firing him early?

  18. On to something here…

    bobmillion says:
    September 27, 2019 at 4:54 pm

    Redskins are a full-in-flame dumpster fire and it would put Jay out of his misery to finally be fired.

    The question is what doofus do they convince to take over one of the worst franchises in the NFL with about as stupid as a GM as there is and an owner who thinks he is brilliant at football. A few desperate coaches to keep in mind…Art Briles, Bobby Petrino, Hue Jackson, Lovie Smith, Mike McCarthy (though I think he waits for a better opportunity)…never said this franchise was even halfway decent at making any decisions.

    Hire Jerry Jones! HE will take the job!

  19. So if he wins this week but loses the rest of the games that would keep his job? Seems like a dopey stipulation. Just fire him and let Haskins start.

  20. My perception has always been that John Gruden carried Bruce Allen in TB and Bruce felt obliged to hire Jay.

    I also think that Dan Snyder’s biggest fault he is is a diehard fan,thinking with his heart instead of his head, and that’s why he hired George Allen’s son.

  21. Wow, so Snyder bought the team in 1999, huh?
    Well, you know what they say: Time flies when you’re having fun.

    On a more somber note, I remember in the 80’s and 90’s when people willed their Redskins season tickets to their heirs and they were the most fiercely contested asset in multiple divorces.

    Ha. Good times.

  22. So whose fault is it when a team with a bad offensive line is calling a ton of slow developing deep drop back plays against one of league’s best pass rushing defenses–for any qb?

  23. Fedex ticket prices near the Patriots sideline in Week 5 are 3x those near the Redskins. Let that sink in.

  24. Old enough to recall when Giants Skins was a big game right now it is the battle for the basement
    Good news is Giants have hope
    Bad news the skins have Dan for an owner

  25. According to @Wiki and @Google, Jay Gruden is now the Offensive Coordinator of the Oakland Raiders.

  26. Bruce Allen is the #1 issue with this team…I would bet Gruden would do much better with a real GM and front office…

  27. This headline should have been written three years ago. Jay Gruden is a lousy coach. I don’t know what it is that keeps him in the NFL, because it sure isn’t his coaching ability.

  28. Jay is not BB, but I really don’t know who can do any better with that front office. All this talk of starting Haskins is nuts and must be driven my little Danny. Haskins may be good someday, but the guy started like 15 games In his entire college career and you are going to put him behind that Swiss cheese line in a must-win Division game or next week against the Pats?

  29. It’s hard to tell which set of brothers is more inept – Jon & Jay Gruden vs. Rex & Rob Ryan.

  30. kneedragr says:

    September 27, 2019 at 4:41 pm

    Just read McLaurin and Brandon Scherff unlikely to play this weekend, he is toast.
    No reports anywhere have said Mclaurin is unlikely to play everything has said the exact opposite that hes expected to play.

  31. Which coach is going to put their reputation on the line to join that dumpster fire? Between the infantile owner and disaster of a GM, no sane individual would willingly walk into that building and sign a contract.

  32. firing jay gruden does nothing. NOBODY wins in washington under snyder. not hall of fame head coaches, not super bowl winning coaches, not coaches with great resumes, not heisman trophy winners, they ALL have losing records under snyder. and you expect gruden to be any different?!?!?!?!

  33. Bruce Allen is the one who needs to go. He is the one getting these players. There top 5 or 6 most expensive players dont even play. Alex Smith, Trent Williams, Jordan Reed, etc..

  34. grudens make great offensive coordiantors but crappy coaches period. I ma not surprised with whats happening in oakland either.Jon gruden is a madman thnks he is a personal guy too. He destroyed the bucs and now he is destroying the raiders.

  35. The Redskins have a terrible owner and “GM”. Unfortunately I don’t see either of them changing soon. As far as Jay goes. He’s a OC not a head coach. The Redskins are not a well coach team. It’s thing since Jay has been here from a coaching standpoint. The staff is incapable of making in game adjustments. Look at the Eagles game from week 1 as a prime example of the Jay’s teams always play. Even with the injuries the defense has too much talent be giving up 30 points a game. Manusky is an awful DC. He can’t account for an offenses number 1 weapon. Even when the D gets a 3rd and long situation, their prime offense is target is wide open for a first down. I can guarantee that Daniel Jones is going to look like Johnny Unitas come Sunday.

  36. Gruden does need to go, however I belioeve he would be a better coach under different circumstances. The people who need to go is Bruce Allen and of course Snyder. That’s where the dysfunction is and will continue to exist until a proper front office structure is established!

  37. Some guys are just meant to be coordinators and Jay is one of those guys. He’s been the coach for six seasons and has one playoff appearance, many coaches have been fired who have more success than that. As awful as Snyder has been, he is not going anywhere unless he has a “Donal Sterling moment”, so forget about calls for him to sell, he makes to much money and enjoys the good old boys club of being an NFL owner way too much to ever give it up. I hope for the sake of Haskins who I am a fan of, the next coach maximizes his ability.

  38. C. M. says:
    Gruden and the coaching staff never wanted Haskins, Bruce and Dan did. That was the talk here in the DC area. Gruden wanted Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones was already drafted when the Redskins picked Haskins.

  39. Everyone talks about Snyder, and they’re right. He’s poison, but let’s not forget the architect of this whole thing; Bruce Allen. If they fire Gruden without making it a package deal with Allen, it will only be more of the same.

    We can’t get rid of the owner because the minority owners just want to collect a paycheck and won’t kick him out like the owners at Six Flags did.

    So, absent that; they have to clean house in the front office for anything to change.

  40. Snyder is just another inept rich owner who can’t help but meddle in football operations, about which he knows NOTHING, obviously. And Allen is a TOTAL loser. The only thing good about that clown is his last name, and he can’t begin to live up to it. And remember, the Skins HAD a good GM… and fired him because the guy had a drinking problem. Who WOULDN’T have a drinking problem having to work under Snyder and his clown puppet Allen. My wife has been a lifelong Skins fan… attended and saw them play in three Super Bowls back in the glory days. REALLY loved the Doug Williams Bronco win. She’ll always remember laughing at the Broncos fan after that second quarter. Now? With the teams Allen and Snyder have put on the field? She can’t even watch the games. Hurts her too much. Every week it’s the same. NO O-line… lousy special teams… Other than Kerrigan, no Defense… rotating QB’s, and crappy coaching. And unlike with Trump, with Snyder there is no end in sight! Soooo depressing….

  41. On the bright side, he will still receive a paycheck until his contract ends or receive a buyout. And someone, when he is ready, will hire him to be a coordinator, and rightfully so. So he has that going for him. It’s not a bad life.

  42. I’m not buying that it’s all bad luck. The 2002 Patriots and 2010 Packers won SBs with injury riddled teams. Here is what the Redskins might be doing wrong:

    1. Not doing enough for the deep roster

    2. Signing guys with actual injury histories or hidden but knowable susceptibility to injury

    3. Not treating or rehabilitating injured players well

    I am not a fan but live in DC and the injuries have been the narrative every week for the past 3 years. They make it seem they can never field a team

  43. Not a Skins fan, but Snyder is a joke. No coach will turn around that organization as long Snyer stays involved.

  44. If Jay Gruden is fired in-season, the most logical interim coach is Bill Callahan, who would then have the distinction of taking over for both Grudens.

  45. Been a Skins fan for as long as I can remember. Idk what it is about Gruden but I can’t put the fault entirely on him. Knowing Snyder’s tendencies and having more guys on IR the last 2 seasons (and currently this season) I cant say it’s Jay failing. I do think his record/success was skewed due to McVay running the offense with Kirk. Since he left, the team has sputtered. But Kay is hardly the only person to blame for the on-field issues with so much nonsense and drama from off-field Snyder-related issues.

  46. Jay Gruden isnt a leader of men and his play calling is questionable. Normally is would not want to see a coach get fired during the season but Jay looked dumbfounded vs the Bears. He is on a game by game evaulutaion. As far as blaming the owner is for the team’s 0-3 start is just ignorant. Dan Synder actually has shown more patience with Jay has stayed out of the picture. As far as Bruce Allen role , maybe he screwed up the Trent Williams holdout. Jay and his staff are all responsible for getting this team ready every week. The players have not played well,and have to play better. Morgan Moses got his butt kicked by Mack and he has the nerve to be worrying about why AP was inactivie week 1. Due you’re damn job and stop worrying about things you can’t control. I’m a diehard Redskins fan and this team is better then its 0-3 record. If this team loses to the Giants, Jay has to be fired. I believe he has lost the team. Players who love their coach will rally and play their asses off to save their coaches job. I can’t wait to see how our team responds after their butt kicking pn Monday Night. They were embarrsed at home on National TV. HTTR

  47. In today’s NFL why hold off on playing the rookie qb? You are obviously a losing team thus the draft pick. The GM and owner aren’t happy with you not playing them and this puts your job in jeopardy. Fans and media aren’t going to kill you for putting the guy out there. Ready/Not Ready?Good/Bad? Irrelevant. Just put the kids out there and sink or swim. Old school football is dead.

  48. He needs to find HIS Tom Brady. Belicheck got FIRED from the Browns after 4 losing seasons (well, one playoff win), than was 5-11 with ALL PRO Drew Bledsoe until he went down. Belicheck, after 5 seasons as a LOSING HEAD COACH hits gold, and plugs in Tom Brady and ….POOF…..9 Super Bowl Appearances and 6 Super Bowl Titles and now he is a “genius”. Ummmm,NO, he got lucky and drafted the Greatest QB of ALL TIME

  49. As many have stated, Bruce Allen is the number 1 problem. Snyder is second, and as owner has promoted a dysfunctional atmosphere, but Bruce Allen’s mismanagement and hostile workplace environment has ensured that talent is few and far between-and when it does show up, it leaves. Allen is the most glaring problem in Washington. Gruden bears some responsibility for his complacency, but I really think he’d be fired himself if he tried to rock the boat too much. To coach in Washington i don’t think he can do anything other than be a “good employee” and tow the line; Allen has shown that he is hostile to those who act independently.

  50. Breaking: Jay Gruden hired by the Oakland Raiders as an Offensive Analyst following his termination from the Washington Redskins.

  51. The Pareto Principle- that’s what has happened to Jay Gruden, and a lot of others who impress as OC’s but fail as head coaches- Norv Turner comes to mind as well. They rise one step higher on the ladder than they’re really capable of. At the same time, maybe Gruden is the one who’s kept it together during the last two seasons despite the injuries etc. and manages to win 7 games when they should have won 3 or 4.

    It is very believable that Snyder has the connection with Haskins going to the same private school as his son and wanted him for that reason and marketing reasons, and Gruden wanted Daniel Jones, as someone said was the rumor. Makes sense seeing how things are going now.

    What it seems to add up to, is Bruce Allen being the problem. But he’s not going to get fired, and he’ll hire another guy, and the mess will continue.

  52. Jay has the worst job in football…the next coach is doomed…it’s funny how all the Washington fans are MIA…usually they can’t stop slamming the non-fans but now its all crickets!!! lol

  53. Snyder could hire a cloned Vince Lombardi and the team would still go 6-10. The combination of Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen is too debilitating.

    There are only two paths to get the franchise back on the winning track:

    1. Snyder sells the team. That isn’t happening, which leaves us with…

    2. Snyder dies.

    That’s it. He sells the team, or he dies.

  54. As bad as the Skins are now its not as bad as the Zorn experiment or Norv’s last season with Jeff George as QB. Its been 20 plus years of crappy football and the constant is the Owner.
    I actually like Gruden but he has to go, preferably at the end of the season. His teams are undisciplined, lack half time adjustments, and play mistake ridden football (penalties, missed assignments). Somehow he keeps the Team together through the turmoil but only to the level of mediocrity at best. This organization needs so much starting with a good culture, football philosophy, and a new training staff. That all points to the Owner and GM. How Allen continues to hold a job and get paid is one of life’s mysteries. It really is sad what happened to this once great organization, but now that apathy has set in among the fan base maybe that will be the catalyst of real change. I doubt it but can always hope.

  55. Seems like they have been having quarterback problems, from RGIII getting Shanahan fired, to franchise tagging Kirk Cousins, to trading for Alex Smith and seeing him injured, to acquiring Case Keenum and not starting the rookie they drafted. And the owner is making it worse by injecting himself into the disputes.

  56. Haskins will be a guaranteed winless season – he was horrific in preseason (unlike the New York Nightmara Family Crime Syndicate rookie QB). I suspect Haskins was purchased by the Allen Brat and it appears that even Chubbs Gruden wants nothing to do with him.

    I have no empathy for Chubbs but a major problem with this team is the clown who pretends to be a GM who keeps picking boogers instead of talent in the draft – his Alablubber front is a joke. You could easily reduce this team to ten players who have talent and you could fire the rest of them – including the slug Trent Williams.

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