Tony Romo misses cut, will work this weekend

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Tony Romo’s job has won out over his hobby, but only because he didn’t win the ability to pursue his hobby on a workday.

Via Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, the lead NFL analyst at CBS finished four strokes over par after two rounds at the Safeway Open in Napa, California. Romo had a six-over round on Friday after opening with a two-under 70. The cut was two under par.

Romo will take a private jet from California to Chicago to prepare for and to work Sunday’s Vikings-Bears game. If he’d made the cut, CBS would have given him the day off, with Boomer Esiason replacing Romo.

CBS decided to let Romo skip a weekend of work at a time when Romo is in the final year of his contract. So it was either a courtesy to Romo, or an opportunity to test out the network’s Plan B, if Romo leaves.

Romo’s passion for golf likely won’t dissipate, especially after shooting a 70 on Thursday. Some think that if he could qualify for the PGA Tour, he’d ditch football in a heartbeat. Some wonder whether he’ll eventually walk away from broadcasting to focus exclusively on golf.

20 responses to “Tony Romo misses cut, will work this weekend

  1. Makes you realize how good the professional golfers really are. Romo is a good golfer and he didn’t make the cut again. A lot of QBs & other athletes can play golf very well. I played with a semi-pro a few years ago & it was really something watching him play the game so well & professionally, repairing the divot he made when he landed the ball on the green near the flag every time.

  2. Some sponsors exemptions will actually compete, and maybe even win a tournament, this guys goal is not to finish dead last…and he succeeded this week.

  3. Romo is a gifted man. I hope he try’s to get his playing rights for the PGA because it will be a miracle if he he does and i will be interested to see the journey. Anybody that knows golf, knows how hard it is just be ok at it. Romo is obviously at professional tour level which is incredible itself as golf was a secondary part of his life regarding earning a living. But to make it to the PGA tour and make a few cuts would in my opinion be the greatest sporting achievement in any sport ever.

  4. I was curious if he choked coming in so I looked it up. He was steady on his 78, bogeying 6 of the front 9 and 3 on the back. It seems to me that would be better to handle than a spectacular meltdown such as fumbling on a kick placehold to win a playoff game.

  5. His contract is coming up and he wants 10 mil. H’s already worth 70 mil. If he doesn’t get it, maybe he walks. Not sure he could be competitive on the PGA Tour. He missed the cut by 6 strokes in an offseason tournament withe few of the studs playing. Also tried to qualify for the US Open several times and failed. I’d like to play on the tour too. I’m just not good enough.

  6. As the immortal golfer, Duke Ellington said “It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing”

  7. The guy is great at many things obviously. Last week he undressed Pete Carroll multiple times calmly telling the audience what the best course of action would be on the next play or a up coming sequence and I cringed seeing Pete do the opposite or appear disorganized and clueless while failing to navigate his team successfully.

  8. First, he didn’t take anybody’s spot. He got a sponsors exemption. Second, sponsors pay the bills and should decide. Third, life isn’t fair, and this is just golf, not like there was some sort of discrimination against a gender or class.

  9. I told all of these delusional Romo lovers out there yesterday that he was gonna miss the cut, and he didn’t disappoint. Tony Romo is a decent golfer who can play well at any country club, but that didn’t make him a pro golfer, and if it wasn’t for his connections he wouldn’t be getting these exemptions to even play. The PGA should tell him to play the junior circuit like every other aspiring golfer and try to earn his pro card that way

  10. Just like his football career never making a cut in a pro tournament, and never winning a Superbowl, but Jerry thinks he’s a Hall of Famer in both sports…Whatever

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