Vic Fangio doesn’t see Von Miller’s no-questions press conference as a big deal

Getty Images

Broncos linebacker Von Miller, who is usually very talkative, didn’t talk much during his midweek press conference.

Instead, Miller took the podium, made a brief statement about the upcoming game against the Jaguars, and then left without taking a single question.

“I didn’t know he did it,” coach Vic Fangio told reporters on Friday. “I’d just imagine he might be tired of answering the same questions over and over again, but I don’t see it as a big deal.”

So is Miller frustrated with his role in the Broncos’ defense?

“No, he’s not frustrated with his role,” Fangio said. “He’s frustrated with where we’re at.”

Where they’re at is 0-3, with no sacks this year for anyone on the team. Last week, Fangio said that Miller was indeed frustrated by the lack of sacks.

And he should be, given that Miller aspires to set the all-time sack record. With only 16 chances per year to pad the numbers, Miller now has only 13 left in 2018 — and he’s no closer to Bruce Smith.