Vic Fangio isn’t surprised by the confusion regarding pass interference replay review

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No one should be surprised by the mess that has emerged regarding replay review of pass interference calls and non-calls. Broncos coach Vic Fangio definitely isn’t.

“There’s obviously some disconnection there,” Fangio told reporters on Friday, after discussing the blatant non-call from Thursday night’s Eagles-Packers game. “I’m not surprised about it because the whole meeting at the league meetings when all this was started was dysfunctional, so it doesn’t surprise me.”

Asked to elaborate on that observation, Fangio said, “It just wasn’t in my opinion well thought out, well-prepared and a little haphazard.”

Indeed it was, in large part because some (like Competition Committee chairman Rich McKay) believed that regarding the Rams-Saints NFC Championship fiasco as a 100-year aberration would be good enough, and that others wouldn’t demand action at the league meetings in March. Then came the league meetings in March, and enough others demanded action to force it.

The fact that Broncos G.M. John Elway has a seat on the Competition Committee doesn’t change things for Fangio.

“John’s as frustrated with it as anybody else,” Fangio said.

Everyone connected to the game should be frustrated. The summertime explanations provided by senior V.P. of officiating Al Riveron suggested a fairly low bar for putting a flag on the field. Then, once the regular season started, the bar went higher. After last night’s blatant interference by Eagles cornerback Avonte Maddox put a hand into the chin of Packers receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling and otherwise directed him away from the path of the ball as it was arriving, the bar seems to be so high that it’s pointless to even have replay review.

As explained earlier today, the problem may not be the procedure. The problem may be that the current replay-review format was crafted specifically for an employee who doesn’t work for the league anymore, and that the best play for the league at this point would be to bring back Dean Blandino.

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  1. On the interception of Rodgers in the end zone which killed the Packers chance for a victory, there was clearly interference by the defender, but the officials didn’t even look at it. What a joke the NFL and it’s officiating is!!!!!
    It is incompetent at best and maybe crooked at worst!!!!

  2. Anyone with a brain knows each and every play in the NFL has penalties. This whole pass interference rule was made for one extreme error and anything short of that is going to be upheld as human error. It’s the same premise as flags being thrown and afterword the announcers of the game weigh in on the tick tacky call by the refs…

  3. Florio, weren’t you urging the league to do something after the NFC championship game and blasted the “unintended consequences” argument? This is exactly what you asked for.

  4. just get rid of replay completely, it creates more problems than it solves AS USUAL for the NFL

  5. We should at least look at some of this with a sense of reality. These guys have to watch 22 guys mixing it up in an instant mosh pit that then explodes in all directions. They can’t see everything going on all the time. It’s simply not possible. They also can’t call every little infraction they do see; that’s where the judgement comes in. If they could see everything on every play, and called every infraction no matter how minor or removed from the action it was, there would be multiple flags on nearly every single play. That being said, we all see the entire field from above, on huge flat screen 4k super high def screens. Then we see multiple slow and super slow motion camera angles. The Zebras have to make a judgement call in fractions of a second. They are not going to get it right all the time. Not possible. But if they are going to allow review of the play, and they are seeing it the same way we are, there isn’t much of an excuse for getting it wrong. I don’t know the answer myself, but we crab when they throw too many flags, and we crab when they miss calls. I can’t think of a whole lot of more thankless jobs out there. Especially when “upper management” keeps moving the enforcement target.

  6. I knew this would be a fiasco. Problem is, the league feels too much which way the wind is blowing. Fans are upset about last years NFCC gm, so they overreact. Then it looks like a crap show, so they over adjust the other way. Now they’re trying to adjust the another way. Call the Saints/Rams call what it was. A bad call. Saints still had their chance. Stop trying to over legislate a great game.

  7. I love when fans of the refs say “there are so many things happening, how can they see it all” there is only one ball and especially on a longer pass it isn’t hard to watch where it is heading and the two or more players it is headed for. OK they missed it in real time, but then on review they see it in slow motion and from a few angles but still get it wrong.
    Like they are saying don’t believe your eyes, that didn’t happen.

  8. Keep all reviews at 3/4 video speed and make the decision. No more frame by frame super slo mo from eight angles. Also tv announcers are all about possible flags on every play. Quit asking the network, in house retired referee what he thinks, it get’s old.

  9. Easy fix. Get rid of Pass Interference and play football. Every time PI is called, it makes me want to turn the TV off.

  10. Is anyone really surprised? The NFL has gotten worse these past 10 years and it all started with ignoring the concussion issue and then them overreaching on safety issues in a contact sport. They bungled “Deflate Gate” and the Ray Rice situation too.

    They mangled what a catch is, what roughing the passer was, introduced “defenseless receiver” making slants overpowered, destroyed KR, and nerfed the physical side of football too.

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