Jeff Heath not fined for hit on Allen Hurns


Cowboys safety Jeff Heath avoided a fine on the hit that sent Dolphins receiver Allen Hurns to the hospital.

On review, the league determined Heath’s helmet-to-helmet hit was incidental contact as the safety was playing the ball, according to a source.

Both players were going for the ball, arriving at the same time. Heath, who was not penalized for the hit, called it a “bang-bang play.”

Hurns will miss this week’s game with a concussion.

Heath’s teammate, cornerback Byron Jones, was not as fortunate. He lost $10,527 for unnecessary roughness.

Jones had a facemask penalty in the fourth quarter.

Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard, who was ejected for unnecessary roughness in the fourth quarter, also lost $10,527 out of his paycheck.

6 responses to “Jeff Heath not fined for hit on Allen Hurns

  1. Heath and hurns are great friends I feel bad hurns is not on the cowboys , it was because of how deep they were at we position. I’m a cowboys fan and will always be an Allan hurns fan

  2. They ran into each other at high speed, both attempting and intending to catch the ball. It was more of a bad collision than it was a big hit.

  3. That was a terrible hit, how come he doesn’t get a fine?
    Please the guy goes off on a stretcher7.

  4. They ran into each other as they where both looking at the ball. I feel bad for Hurns. But if there was intent I wouldn’t defend the play considering I am Dolphins fan & watched the play several times.

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