Trent Williams’ holdout officially extends to four weeks

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The Chargers added running back Melvin Gordon to the active roster on Saturday. Washington did not add left tackle Trent Williams to the active roster on Saturday. Which means that Williams’ holdout will officially encompass 25 percent of the season on Sunday.

Williams hasn’t stayed away because of money; he simply wants out of Washington, due to the manner in which the team handled a growth/tumor on his head that ultimately was determined to be benign.

Before Week One, former Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall suggested that Williams could return to the team “sooner rather than later.” Three weeks later, no Trent Williams.

Some in league circles have insisted that Williams will not return. The team (specifically, team president Bruce Allen) consistently has believed otherwise — and he consistently has refused to accept the fact that Williams wants out.

Williams has two years left under contract in Washington. If he hopes to avoid tolling the two years from 2019 and 2020 to 2020 and 2021, he should consider reporting in time to be on the roster for eight games, which would put him within the four corners of the Joey Galloway grievance. If Williams has decided that he no longer wants to play for Washington, that won’t matter.

Hovering over the holdout continues to be the question of whether Washington will trade him. Washington consistently has rebuffed interest from other teams. The window for all 2019 trades closes in 31 days.

If Washington eventually relents and trades Williams, the question then becomes whether his new team will sign him to a new deal or not push the issue of tolling his contract. Presumably, if a new team can pry Williams away from Washington, the new team will do whatever it has to do to ensure that Williams arrives with maximum happiness and satisfaction.

24 responses to “Trent Williams’ holdout officially extends to four weeks

  1. It’s fun how teams hurt themselves in order to appear strong. If a guy doesn’t want to play for you and he’s worth something, there’s no reason to have him sitting on the bench doing nothing. He can help the team win by playing. He can help the team win by getting draft picks or other players.

    Personally because it’s Washington which is one of the worst run sports organizations in the United States I’m hoping he shows up in time for his contract to count this year then suddenly develop “back” issues that prevent him playing.

  2. This *IS* the most dysfunctional team in Amerca with Bruce & Dan driving it into the ground. Of course you can’t expect them to do what other teams would logically do.

  3. At least one team is standing up to this crap. Let him sit til he’s too old to play, he’s only hurting himself

  4. You have a good looking car but the engine is blown and you won’t put the money into it…on top of that someone is willing to give you TOP dollar. What does Washington brain trust do…NOTHING. Unbelievable.

  5. I am a Skins fan, and Trent is not without his faults, but he deserves so much better than this trash Skins organization. Bruce Allen just wants to flex his power over a much better human, because all he cares about is ego-gratification, arrogance, and Coors Light.

  6. Growth/tumor on his head that ultimately was determined to be benign.
    Sounds to me like he wouldn’t be able to pass a drug test, and it wouldn’t be the first time. Crybaby!!!

  7. curtfj says:
    September 28, 2019 at 9:19 pm
    At least one team is standing up to this crap. Let him sit til he’s too old to play, he’s only hurting himself

    Normally, I’d agree with that. However, he’s not holding out for more money, he’s holding out because they screwed with his health and he doesn’t trust them anymore. I fully support his decision and wish the Redskins would just do the right thing (for once) and trade him.

    And no, I’m not Trent Williams, lol. 😉

  8. Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen are two of the most unpleasant and egocentric a-holes to walk this planet. Not surprised they’re BFFs and running the ‘Skins into the ground together. Awful, awful ownership and management situation, I can’t believe fans are still pumping money into that team.

  9. Just trade the guy. AB gets what he wants and this guy with a legitimate complaint is stuck. Synder is the worse owner in sports outside of that donkey who owns the Knicks.

  10. So why would most of us care that he holding out? It just shows he has enough money to sit out and be fine more money then most of your readers will make in 10 years of salary. If he wants to be traded then he or his agent should publicly come and say so. Why not let the fans know why you are not showing up to support your brothers, but rather sit back quitely and let us speculate. I’m a long time Redskins fan for over 40 years I will always be team 1st. Trent we need you ,but if your heart isn’t into being a Redskin then say so and we all can move on. I would never want a player on my team if he didnt want to be a part of it. HTTR Good Luck Trent I hope you really thought this through cause you career is coming to an end very soon. You can never get this time back to play in the NFL. The business side of football sucks and it ruins many players love for the game.

  11. Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen are likable guys said no one ever. Allen comes with a toxic cloud that sours every organization he works for

  12. ….next week The Greatest Football Franchise in NFL History invades Landover….
    I can see Trent in a cab heading up north up The Big Road behind the Red White and Silver Bus after the game.

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