Aaron Donald fined for hit on Baker Mayfield

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Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald acknowledged after Sunday night’s game that he hit Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield too high, resulting in a big penalty. The NFL agreed with that assessment.

Donald was fined $21,056 for the hit on Mayfield.

Although Donald was a frequent source of pressure on Mayfield on Sunday night, he said after the game that he wasn’t satisfied with his own performance, citing that penalty and other plays when he had a chance at a sack but didn’t finish.

Donald has, as usual, been a headache for opposing quarterbacks. Today it’s Jameis Winston and the Buccaneers who have to find a way to deal with him.

6 responses to “Aaron Donald fined for hit on Baker Mayfield

  1. Probably a little frustrated over being triple or double teamed every play. That’s all about to end he got off to a slow start last year as well. The. Exploded led the league in sacks and won 2 Nd defensive player of year award. Today he will get it going with 3 sacks vs tampa bay.

  2. When you play as hard as Donald does, things happen. Now that the Browns have finally unleashed Miles Garret he is picking up more penalties as well because the game moves so fast when the D-Co let’s you off the chain to attack. I know it’s not intentional because you have very little reaction time. These are not “premeditated” hits.

  3. At least he got fined this time, unlike the SB where he got to Brady late and ragdolled him in frustration – the ref just gave him a verbal warning.

  4. Fine or no fine I’m saying he gets 3 sacks today and multiple hits/ pressures on Winston to earn his first D.P.O.W. award for this season .

  5. “At least he got fined this time, unlike the SB”

    Maybe you’d prefer he land on Brady with the full force of his body weight. IIRC that’s the kind of play they’re trying to legislate out of the game.

    Last year the league used Donald in an instructional video to show NFL defensive players how to do it right.

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