Browns blow out Ravens 40-25 to draw even in AFC North standings

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It appears the AFC North is going to come down to Cleveland and Baltimore.

On Sunday, the Ravens and Browns played the first of two games, and Cleveland dominated in Baltimore.

The Browns won 40-25, leaving the teams tied atop the AFC North standings with 2-2 records. The Browns won for the first time in Baltimore since 2015 and have a 2-0 road record for the first time since 1994.

Cleveland played more like Browns fans expected when the season started, rolling to 531 yards against a Ravens defense tied for 16th in yards allowed heading into the day.

The Browns defense forced three turnovers — two interceptions of Lamar Jackson and a fumble by Mark Ingram — and made four sacks, though none by Myles Garrett.

Nick Chubb ran for 165 yards and three touchdowns on 20 carries, and Jarvis Landry caught eight passes for 167 yards. Landry did not return after being checked for a concussion.

Baker Mayfield answered the criticism of Rex Ryan by completing 20 of his 30 attempts for 342 yards with a touchdown and an interception, giving him a 102.4 passer rating.

The Browns never trailed, with the Ravens tying it at 7-7 and 10-10 before Cleveland pulled away.

44 responses to “Browns blow out Ravens 40-25 to draw even in AFC North standings

  1. Lamar you are a fake. You have been exposed. You better start enjoying running since you have no passing game against any talented defense you play.

  2. Still pretty sloppy but very relieved. Could’ve hung a few more on there. Undisciplined but they have talent.

  3. Great performance by the Browns, especially considering OBJ was limited to two catches. Chubb and Landry were outstanding.

  4. Hey Earl, maybe the hype is real?!

    And for now, the Browns own 1st place in the AFC North due to division record.

  5. 2 horse race like most figured it to be. If Clevelands offense continues to grow and the defense gets it’s starting corners back soon, they could be very dangerous as anticipated.

  6. told ya the browns would pound them rats to a pulp. it is what the browns do for baltimore the rat city.

  7. Browns making the haters pay. I don’t get it, how did Baker manage to get on social media and win a game in the same week? How crazy. I’ve seen it all now.

  8. Actually since the Browns have a better division record, and win the head-to-head, they’re not even…

    The headline should read, “Browns blow out the Ravens to take 1st Place in the AFC North.”

  9. Hats off to them, they faced adversity and showed they aren’t the same old Browns.

    Go Brownies!

  10. Lamar wasn’t very good, but what an awful performance by the ravens defense (minus marlon humpherey). They were supposed to be one of the best in the league and they’ve been bad almost every game so far.

  11. I love that Baker is able to stick it to the critics. Going into Baltimore and winning is huge. They were being called contenders and Baker shredded them—on the road. Well done lad.
    So many haters. He doesn’t give a rip.

  12. The Browns’ offense had not played well until today, but the defense has been very strong the past three weeks, and that’s impressive considering that the defense has had quite a few starters out with injury. They clearly have some depth. Also you’ve got to credit Steve Wilks, the defensive coordinator. Today the Cleveland defense shut down a previously explosive Baltimore offense. Pretty impressive.

  13. Yes, not even through week 4 of the season, and clearly its the Ravens and Browns running away with the division at 2-2. Never mind that the Steelers and Bengals play each other tomorrow and one of them will be 1-3 (unless they manage a tie), they’ll only have 12 games left to make up that game! I get it that neither the Steelers or Bengals have played like a playoff team, but to suggest it appears that it appears to be a 2 team race at this point in the season is pretty crazy.

  14. And that’s how you shut up the haters Baker. You step on them and do not let up. The PFT mob got a bunch of crow for dinner tonight. Kudos.

  15. Not too bad for an over-rated, one read quarterback……7 different receivers…..342 yards…..102 rating……yep……one read QB
    Suk it Ryan…..that’s why you’re in the studio and not on the sidelines !!

  16. Mayfield is a realyy good qb. He outplayed the gimmick wildcat qb. Antonio brown is looking like an idiot, talking trash about Mayfield and kissing the butt of that gimmick wildcat qb on the ravens. Lol.
    Eat some humble pie Antonio clown. Rothlesburger made you. You’re nothing without him.

  17. That’s a step in the right direction for the Browns. If they want to contend for the playoffs, then they’ll have to keep improving week over week. The next 3 weeks are brutal on the schedule. Keep it rolling!!
    Go Browns!!!

  18. The Browns’ next game is Monday, October 7th v. Jimmy Grappolo and the 49ers on Monday Night Football

  19. The blue print has been laid for beating lamar. Make him throw. People are so in the moment saying he was like mahomes. He beat up on the dolphins and cards. That will help anyones numbers. He has padded his stats against prevent defense the last 2 weeks . He had 34 yard going into the half. He gets panicked and throws ducks. By the time he is a good qb he is going to he beat up. If cam newton camt take a beating ,Lamar’s not going to.

  20. Comment section seems awfully quiet for a Browns related post. Defense is legit. Offense still getting their feet under them. Against two good teams the Ravens offense has not looked like anything resembling a playoff team.

  21. osu300 says:
    September 29, 2019 at 4:21 pm
    2 horse race like most figured it to be.


    Before the season started, most figured it to be a three-horse race, and many predicted the Steelers to take the division. Barring a huge turnaround by Pittsburgh, not much chance of that happening at this point.

  22. Diehard Ravens fan here – Browns you deserve the win, but please tread carefully by thinking your offense has finally awakened. Ravens defense this year is one huge dumpster fire. Only reason early on we didn’t give up as many points is because we played the Dolphins and Cardinals. Not trying to take anything away from your offense, but that is the truth. Fully expect Ravens defense to be last in all categories by the end of the season.

  23. Ravens are a fraud AFC team. They beat the Dolphins and the Cards with a rookie HC and QB and the media said they were really good. They did keep it close with the Chiefs in their loss though.

  24. Chubb almost always has positive yards. Great player and seems like a great kid. Listen, the Browns need to be 3-4, 4-3 at the end of week 7. The schedule is more manageable after that. Don’t forget that we get Calloway back next week and then Hunt in week 9. The next three weeks either make or break the season.

  25. If I were Freddie Kitchens I’d pay Rex Ryan to keep talking about Mayfield. It seems that got Mayfield motivated to start playing better.

  26. Oh where do I start? First of all, if Lamar putting up 400 yards of Offense is struggling against the better defenses/teams, I’ll take it. Quit with the excuses of Prevent Defenses. That’s a myth made up by couch coaches. No professional D coordinator says, “I’m going to give up big plays once I get a big lead.” The Browns blitzed most of the 3rd and 4th Qtr, that’s not Prevent. The Ravens’D giving up 500 yds of Offense to the Browns and Chiefs, and 400 yds to the Cardinals is the issue, not Lamar.

    The Ravens are #1 in Total Offense, #1 in Rushing Offense, and #7 in Passing Offense. Keep hating on the kid haters. Sure he has moments he struggles, so does every other QB in this league that hasn’t played in a full season yet. Hell, some have struggled their entire career. Lamar is the only QB I know that has to prove he’s Peyton Manning in year one. I wonder why that is? Baker Mayfield is struggling. He has more INTs than TDs and he has weapons Lamar could only dream of. Is he a gimmick QB because he struggles when his 1st read is covered? I was at the game today and I can tell you, most of the Browns damage was off of screen passes, quick slants/outs, misdirection plays, and runs, 1 read plays. Is that gimmicky? What makes Lamar a gimmick? Is it because he’s faster than every other QB in the league and can beat you with his legs?

    Chill with the hate. Anyway, good game today Browns. You were definitely the better team across the board today. See you in Cleveland.

  27. Christopher Munson……. it’s not crazy to say it’s a 2 team race. The Bengals are on the verge of starting a rebuild and the Squealers lost their QB and didnt even play well with him. And the Browns especially are only going to continue to get better. I understand for the rest of you AFC North fans, its difficult to accept that the Browns are actually for real, but suck it up sissies, its REAL!!

  28. Good post @maukey. The facts don’t lie. The haters want to pin this on Lamar. The facts show, and Ravens fans know, the defense is a dumpster fire right now. You absolutely can not expect to win a game give up those yard and points at home. Wink needs to figure this out ASAP.

  29. spartan01 says:
    September 30, 2019 at 10:05 am

    Good post @maukey. The facts don’t lie. The haters want to pin this on Lamar. The facts show, and Ravens fans know, the defense is a dumpster fire right now. You absolutely can not expect to win a game give up those yard and points at home. Wink needs to figure this out ASAP.

    Thanks spartan01. It just irks me the double standard that certain QBs have to deal with. Lets look at facts. The Ravens are 25th in overall Defense. The teams worse than them, the Bengals, Redskins, Steelers, Cardinals, Dolphins, Chiefs, and Lions. Outside of the Chiefs and the Lions, the rest of these teams have a grand total of 0 wins between them. The Lions have wins, but it’s not like Matthew Stafford is lighting it up. They’ve had the fortune of some key fumbles to assist them with wins. There are only 3 QBs in this league that can have a Defense as bad as the Ravens, and they would still be a playoff team, and that’s Mahomes, Brady, and Brees. For everyone else, they need the other phases to compliment them to have success. I don’t have an issue with the Browns, they have the potential to be a great team and their fan base deserves it, but with the way Mayfield’s been playing, if you gave him the Ravens Defense from this year, I guarantee you he would be 0 and 4 this year. Lamar IS the reason the Ravens have 2 wins. NOT the reason they have 2 losses. Give that man credit.

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