Frank Gore becomes fourth player to rush for 15,000 yards

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The gold jacket and the bronze bust have now been secured. If they weren’t already.

Running back Frank Gore, with 88 first-half rushing yards, got to exactly 15,000 yards for his career.

Gore, a fifteenth-year veteran, remains fourth on the all-time rushing list. With 93 yards on 11 carries as of this posting, he’s currently 264 yards behind Hall of Famer Barry Sanders.

And make no mistake about it: Gore is a Hall of Famer. Some scoff at the concept because he has no Super Bowl wins and no first-team All-Pro recognition. But he’s as durable as any running back since Emmitt Smith, and Gore continues to show no sign of slowing down.

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  1. So far, Brady is not looking great, but that is more due to Buffalo’s second-ranked passing defense not allowing much separation. They are playing very well in that regard. Buffalo has also been helped a lot by the two missed penalties: Pass interference, and the face mask. Bad officiating.

    Speaking of that missed face mask, on the same play, Buffalo challenged. WHAT were they thinking there? That was so subjective, they did not stand a chance of winning that challenge.

    Finally, the Pats decided to go with a few screen passes. They were starting to move until the INT.

    Go Pats!

    Oh well on the no-TD streak. We need Brady to wake up now.

  2. On the SAT, out of those four names, if the question was “which name does not belong” Frank Gore would be the answer.

  3. Not the greatest back I’ve ever seen but definitely a He gets the longetivy award if nothing else. It’s funny to think he came into the league with an injury and durability was a concern with him in the draft

  4. Gore had two ACLs on one knee and one on the other in college. All of the “experts” said he was injury prone and wouldn’t last very long in the NFL. Not a fan of any of his teams but I’m a fan of his. Class act and a sure fire HOFer. Salute!

  5. 90ydRun says:
    September 29, 2019 at 3:07 pm
    The Art Monk of running backs.

    Longevity over level of play, don’t like it.

    I disagree with you re: Gore and I also never thought this was a fair criticism of Monk.
    Monk was the #1 WR on a team that won multiple SBs but never had a franchise QB for an extended time, and he was the all time leader in receptions back when guys werent putting up the passing stats they do these days.

  6. Art Monk was the Jerry Rice of his time. So why all the hater juice?

    Anyone that thinks Gore is a Hall of Famer due to his 15 years, really never saw the guy play much if at all.

    Frank is an Excellent blocker. His pass catching out of the backfield is top notch. Even this far into his career. And you simply cannot bring him down unless you dive under the blockers and snatch his feet. Even then, Frank has ripped off BIG yardage when most were certain he was down. Caused a few Refs to whistle the play dead when he’s just emerging from the scrum.

    What makes Frank a HoF’er most of all is the man’s work ethic. Dude don’t take plays off. Not that I’d ever seen or heard about anyway. And with 3 ACLs’ MOST players would’ve been retired at year 5 or never played a single down in the NFL.

    Congrats @FrankGore. I remember watching him in his Miami days and hoping he would be drafted by the 9ers, only to see injuries sideline him. Thought he was done after his last one. Glad he wasn’t and I am happy for him even though he no longer plays for my team. I will always cheer for him even if his team plays against the 9ers.

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