NFL opted against full-blown replay review of Chiefs-Lions Hail May

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The last play of the Chiefs-Lions game included an attempt by Detroit to do what Green Bay did in that same building four years ago. The attempt failed.

But the game now has something it didn’t have when Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers nearly grazed the rafters at Ford Field with the game-winning Hail Mary in 2015: Replay review for pass interference calls and non-calls.

On Sunday, the visual evidence showed Chiefs safety Daniel Sorensen apparently shoving Lions receiver Marvin Jones to the ground as the ball was making its descent toward the cluster of players. No flag was thrown.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, NFL senior V.P. of officiating Al Riveron looked at the play but decided not to conduct a full-blown replay review.

Riveron previously explained in an appearance on the #PFTPM podcast that replay review in Hail Mary situations will entail the same relaxed standard that applies on the field when a team launches a wing and a prayer.

“For the most part, everyone understands what’s allowed, what’s not allowed on a Hail Mary,” Riveron said regarding an unofficial exception to pass interference that appears nowhere in the rulebook. “It’s probably fortunate that we’re not putting this play into a box because it’s something when we see it, and when I say ‘we’ I mean the football community from fans to coaches to players to officials, we’ll all agree that that’s a Hail Mary and we’ll understand what’s allowable and what’s not.”

Some would say that an apparent shove to the ground of a receiver who may have had a shot at making the catch would justify at least a closer look at whether the shove happened deliberately or incidentally.

If the play had been reviewed and overturned, the officials would have had to bring both teams out of the locker room for an untimed down from inside the Kansas City five yard line. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce told PFT by phone after the game that he wouldn’t have been surprised by such an outcome, given the crazy, unpredictable way that the game unfolded.

25 responses to “NFL opted against full-blown replay review of Chiefs-Lions Hail May

  1. Never underestimate Al Riveron’s ability to show his incompetence. He was a poor on-field official, and has been a disaster as the head official. Why have a rule to allow for review for Pass Interference when Riveron has shown that he has no understanding of how to enforce the actual rules that are on the books?

  2. Once again Riverwrong strikes. The only hope is that the Grim Reaper removes him from his job.

  3. just like their refs try to screw the Raiders, they try to help the Chiefs. It’s pretty obvious. Either that or they just trying to cover their incompetence and the Chiefs simply lucked out and wear the benefactor. You can choose, incompetent or dishonest. Those are your two choices

  4. I’m pretty sure shoving a player to the ground before the balls there constitutes an issue. Pretty positive thats not what’s allowed on a Hail Mary pass

  5. I don’t think this is incompetence because that doesn’t adequately explain it. Something else is going on, although it appears Al Riveron is perfectly content to have everyone think it’s incompetence, almost as if that’s what he and his masters want us to think.

  6. When you consider the rare and low number of running plays from scrimmage greater than 75 yards that go for a score, the same rules and observations and penalties should apply to a similarly rare but legitimate play.

  7. Welcome to Standard Operating Procedure for Lions fans. Inexplicable calls. Poor officiating. And if anyone saw the fake roughing call which extended a KC drive today it’s just something we deal with. When the national news now starts picking up these stories for one team you know it’s bad.

    Detroit Vs. Everybody

  8. Losers make excuses, winners win. Chiefs have been the most penalized team in the NFL last year and 2nd most this year. So quit with your whiney excuses that the zebras are playing favorites. They gave the Lions a TD when his foot was clearly out of bounds so they missed on both sides.

  9. A lot of tissues needed for Lions fans in this comments section. How about we just say that the refs are terrible and not just for one team because the Chiefs are not getting a lot these calls.

  10. NFL opted against full-blown replay review of Chiefs-Lions Hail May

    Sure they did. The NFL couldn’t take a chance on being a part of their new Toy losing!

  11. Considering the zebras already awarded the Lions one TD when a receiver got one foot down in the end zone and his 2nd foot obviously hit the white paint of the out of bounds marker.

    Let alone the zebras added 2 seconds to the end of the clock for a 2nd hail mary attempt.

    Nothing would have surprised me in this game of homer referees in Detroit.

  12. Same Old Lions

    Same Old Excuses

    Same Old Hype that always ends in blaming the refs or on injuries

    #brownpaperbagheads #fansonprozac #brownsofthenfc

  13. That receiver ran into Sorenson as we was looking up at the ball. It was incidental contact and had zero impact on the play. Besides, they were already gifted a second Hail Mary with 2 second magically left on the clock.

  14. Same Old Lions says:

    September 30, 2019 at 8:59 am


    If you think this is the same old Lions, you aren’t watching the games.
    Which I don’t blame you. I can tell you’re a Bears fan and it must be tough realizing that Chase Daniels is better than Trubisky. And ya could’ve had Mahomes!

  15. We lost. Period. Making excuses and whining about the refs won’t change the outcome. Letting a guy pick up a ball and watching him run 100 yards didn’t help at all either. And of course that last Golladay TD looked suspect too. If we can’t beat them without Mahomes even throwing a single TD, then we need some serious work. Besides, we knew we weren’t ready going into the game with Slay and others out so why cry now? On to GB

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