Cam Newton not ready to return, Kyle Allen to continue to start

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It’s obvious at this point that Cam Newton was far more injured than anyone knew (specifically because the Panthers weren’t forthcoming with that information).

And now that we all know that, Ron Rivera doesn’t have to pretend anymore.

Rivera told reporters Monday that Kyle Allen would continue to start at quarterback for the Panthers, but he wouldn’t elaborate on any timelines after the Jaguars game.

Allen has won both his starts this year (and all three of the starts he’s made going back to last year, when Newton was broken). And since he’s playing well (other than the three fumbles yesterday), there’s no use using any uncertainty over Newton’s status for any perceived advantage.

Newton said last week he needed time to get his injured foot right, and that figures to be counted in weeks rather than days.

12 responses to “Cam Newton not ready to return, Kyle Allen to continue to start

  1. The standard non-surgical treatment for that sort of injury is 6 weeks in a cast with no weight on the foot. If that is what they’re doing they should have put him on IR. If that ISN’T what they’re doing you’ve got to question if the treatment they are trying has any chance of actually working.

  2. They should sit Cam for the year. He needs a year like Luck had where he can heal up. He might decide like Luck that this is better then football and I don’t need the money. Either way those injuries are serious and if you want him to return to form he shouldn’t play this year.

    The league will catch up to Josh Allen. He hasn’t really beaten anyone good.

  3. I prefer to look on the bright side.

    With all this time off, Cam will have the time to plan an absolutely stunning post-game suit/ dress/skirt/bikini/whatever.

    It promises to be absolutely fabulous, darling.

  4. It’s OK, Cam. Take your time, you don’t want to rush this, take as much time as possible.


    Panthers fans.

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