Chris Harris Jr. is counting his days left in Denver

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When the Broncos gave cornerback Chris Harris Jr. a pay raise this offseason, he said he’d give the team everything he had for one more year, and then give them “a fair chance” to re-sign him at the end of the year.

It sounds like that’s no longer his plan.

As frustration mounts around the Broncos and their 0-4 start, it appears Harris already has an eye on his impending free agency.

“I ain’t saying nothing. Thirteen more weeks for me,” Harris told Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post as he made his way to the door last night.

The 30-year-old Harris is clearly talented enough to help a good team, he just doesn’t happen to be on one at the moment.

And whether his words are simply the emotion of a difficult loss or a career plan (if he gets the flu or back pain or a hamstring strain or paternity leave, we’ll know), it’s not a good sign for the team John Elway has built there.

19 responses to “Chris Harris Jr. is counting his days left in Denver

  1. There’s no one else to blame here except John Elway. He’s set this team back, for years now, with horrible drafts in all his years as the top executive. He has scared off free agents with his negotiating tactics. He’s tarnished not only his own but the integrity of the Denver Broncos and Pat Bowlen. Chris Harris, Von Miller, and any other player has every right to want out of the dumpster fire that been lit in Denver. It really is shame to see this organization in this state.

  2. Philly needs a guy like Chris Harris. His price tag shouldn’t be astronomical in compensation since he is on an expiring contract. He will get a lot of tv time with the Eagles prime time schedule and a chance to up his value while at the same time the Eagles get much needed help in the secondary this year.

  3. Because Manning was the GM then not Elway, Look at Elways teams after Manning. 9-7. 5-11, 6-10. Thats what elway has built

    Bob. Just Bob. says:
    September 30, 2019 at 1:38 pm
    John Elway is in over his head.
    Despite winning a SB.

  4. I think our team is good we could easily be 2 and 2 just been catching bad breaks I’m almost certain we will turn things around starting this week

  5. The more I hear from NFL players the more I want to stop watching football. Guys with room temperature iq’s that’d be flipping burgers if they weren’t athletic getting paid a thousand times better than the average Joe and they’re not even smart/loyal enough to be grateful. Hell with this guy and everyone like him.

  6. Alvin KarmaSutra says:
    September 30, 2019 at 1:36 pm
    Miller, Harris, and Sanders will all be traded before the deadline.


    If we are lucky and Elway knows what’s best for the team. So I guess we will see…

  7. Alvin KarmaSutra says:

    September 30, 2019 at 1:36 pm

    Miller, Harris, and Sanders will all be traded before the deadline.


    Correction – they SHOULD all be traded before the deadline. For one reason or another, Elway is too proud to tank. This time it’s going to bite him

  8. Mr. Elway, Howie Roseman is on line 1, he has a 3rd round pick for you . . . assuming you are smart enough to take it for Chris Harris Jr.

    What’s that John, tell Mr. Roseman to shove his pick where? Um, no John Chris Harris doesn’t have the same market value as Ramsey!!!

  9. I wonder who is Denver’s QB next year?!

    Elway got lucky; he will get a few years too long (already been – more coming), but they should let him go today.

  10. Time for Denver to hit the reset button. Trade anyone of value and build in the draft. Won’t make any difference until Elway gives up control over the roster. Hire a GM and just be head of football operations. If Elway does the drafting it won’t matter how many picks they have.

  11. Harris Jr was an UDFA that became a top 5 CB in the league and was a huge part of the SB50 win. When CHJr wanted a new deal, Elway ignored him and paid big money to Kareem Jackson and Bryce Callahan. Callahan hasn’t played a snap yet and Jackson has been underwhelming, while CHJr is balling out and is easily the best player in the Broncos secondary. If Elway is smart (his actions recently indicate that he’s not), he’ll trade Harris Jr ASAP and get a draft pick for him.

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