Ereck Flowers rips Giants fans, personnel

Getty Images

Giants fans were never fond of Ereck Flowers when he was their left tackle.

And even after he became Washington’s left guard, and absorbed a 21-point beating yesterday, the feeling remained mutual.

Darryl Slater of was there with a recorder, but he needed a basket to collect all the sour grapes Flowers was dropping after the loss.

“Once they get back to losing, the stadium will be back empty,” Flowers said of the fans. “That’s how I feel about them.

“I don’t care for Giants fans. They feel about me how I feel about dentists. I don’t care for this place much. I would’ve loved to have come out of here with a W, but it’s all good.”

And while he might have had good relationships with former teammates, General Manager Dave Gettleman and coach Pat Shurmur aren’t on his Christmas card list.

“Gettleman?” Flowers said. “Nah, I don’t care to see him. [Expletive], the world will go into flames before me and him have a conversation.”

Shurmur? “I don’t care for him either,” Flowers replied.

Even being on a winless team isn’t enough to change his mind.

“[Expletive], nobody is more happy not to be here than me,” Flowers said. “This has been so much more of an enjoyable experience, man. I’m not looking back at my time there. Being here [with the Giants] for me was just toxic. It was toxic on the field, off the field. It doesn’t fit me.”

It didn’t work for them either, after they picked him ninth overall and he never turned into the franchise left tackle they were hoping for.