Jay Gruden will name his Week Five starting quarterback Thursday or Friday

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Washington coach Jay Gruden didn’t get fired on Monday. Assuming it doesn’t happen on Tuesday or Wednesday (“dysfunctional teams do dysfunctional things”), Gruden will need to name a quarterback for the Week Five game against the Patriots.

“I think I’ll figure that out, especially when I find out the true status of our quarterbacks that are banged up a little bit,” Gruden said, in reference to Case Keenum‘s foot and Colt McCoy‘s leg. “Obviously Colt coming back from his leg injury, if he’s 100 percent ready to go. Case, how he’s doing with his foot — he was in a boot after the game, precautionary reason. We’ll see where they are. And then talking to Dwayne [Haskins], seeing his progress. I’ll make that determination. I think it will depend on the decision I make and then how that person performs on Thursday and Friday.”

Gruden was asked whether the fact that Washington is playing the Patriots will be a factor in the decision.

“It has nothing to do with it,” Gruden said. “I will absolutely play the person who I think will give us the best chance to win.”

It sounds like Gruden may already be leaning in a specific direction.

“I can make a decision now,” Gruden said, “I might have already made a decision, but I’m going to let it play out because I need to see these guys perform. I don’t need to make an announcement and then change my mind on Friday. I want to come out here and let these guys practice and then hopefully somebody will take the job and run.”

Come Sunday, the winner may be running for his life against a stout Patriots defense. And if Washington gets blown out, come next Monday Gruden could be getting run out of town.

25 responses to “Jay Gruden will name his Week Five starting quarterback Thursday or Friday

  1. Someone should tell Gruden it doesn’t matter when he announces his QB, it’s not like any of those 3 are going to sneak up on BB and the Pats.

  2. jagsfanugh says:
    September 30, 2019 at 5:13 pm
    It doesn’t matter as they will lose.
    Exactly. Such is why v it was such a horrible move putting Haskins in mid-game Friday. Daniel Hobbes had two weeks of first team reps before the giants started him.

    Gruden threw Haskins to the fire in a game where not only was he not prepared, but already down two touchdowns, and missing three starting linemen and his two best offensive weapons.

    So now what do you do, throw your rookie into a game you know you’re going to lose, or bench him, showing a lack of confidence in his abilities.

    Such is the life of a Redskins fan. Stop talking how awful Snyder, Allen and Gruden are and just pity us please.

  3. Gruden survives at least one more week. You couldn’t fire him and put in a replacement with the Patriots coming to town this weekend. As for QB, I would not put Haskins in to be eaten alive by the Pats D.

  4. He told us for several weeks Haskins wasn’t ready. He may not be a great coach, but he was right on that one. Can’t wait to hear from people who were all but demanding to see Haskins make excuses for his performance, blame Jay Gruden etc.

    But hey, we’ve got the best punter in the NFL in Tress Way!

  5. Jay ought to call in sick on Sunday, and let Bruce coach the team…the big question is will Jay be canned Sunday night or Monday morning following the trouncing from the Pats.

  6. It really is hard to stay a Redskins fan, but here we are. Fire Bruce, Fire Gruden, sell the team. Build a real stadium with some decent parking.

  7. Colt McCoy carved up a Patriots week 1 preaseason defense 23-6 so Gruden will think he is the answer.

    I also think the Redskins will try to win or at least keep the ball away from Brady by running the ball 85% of the time.

    The last 2 Patriot wins over the Redskins were never in doubt but nothing statement-like. I believe 34-27 (the game Brady and OC Bill OBrien mixed it up) and 17-3.

  8. Just an addendum to endtimesparty’s post for the uninformed, the 59-0 Titans game was in 2009.

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