Khalil Mack on NFC North: A dog that poop fast don’t poop for long

Getty Images

The Bears got a win over a divisional opponent on Sunday by overwhelming the Vikings offense, but one key member of the team didn’t want the team feeling too confident in themselves as a result of the victory.

Linebacker Khalil Mack had 1.5 sacks of Kirk Cousins in the 16-6 win and seems to think it would be easy for the Bears to start believing their own hype after their third straight win. Mack doesn’t want that to happen and came up with a memorable analogy designed to let his teammates know that they have to look forward to their next walk in the park.

“A dog that poop fast don’t poop for long,” Mack said, via “It’s a good division, there’s gonna be a lot of games we gotta win down the stretch, but the most important one is the next one. We can’t be watching what’s going on too much.”

The Bears will head to London to face the Raiders in their next game. They’ll have a bye after that, which leaves a lot of time for pooping before they have any more NFC North games on the docket.