Report: Jaguars turned down two first-round picks for Jalen Ramsey

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Despite Jalen Ramsey missing the first game of his career on Sunday after demanding a trade and taking time off practice, the Jaguars don’t want to trade him.

Jacksonville turned down two first-round picks from a team that wanted to acquire Ramsey in a trade, Jason La Canfora of CBS reports.

However, the report indicates that the Jaguars turned the offer down in part because the team making the offer is a good team that the Jaguars think will be picking late in the draft the next two years. That indicates that it’s possible the Jaguars would trade Ramsey for two first-round picks if they came from a team with a losing record.

The indications out of Jacksonville have been that owner Shad Khan wants to keep Ramsey, while front office boss Tom Coughlin is ready to get rid of him. Perhaps a great trade offer could help Coughlin persuade Khan, but it would have to be better than the offers the Jaguars have received so far.

23 responses to “Report: Jaguars turned down two first-round picks for Jalen Ramsey

  1. Some team needs to trade for him now … like right now ! , before my Redskins do it … have mercy on us Redskin fans.

  2. Only an idiot would turn down ANY 2 first round picks for a guy who doesn’t want to be there.

  3. Huge mistake passing on any offer (or similar)… now they’re stuck with a malcontent looking for ways to NOT play for them. Someone should inform them that cancer spreads…

  4. Yeah right if they turned down 2 1st rd picks from any team they are just plain crazy. Sounds like b.s

  5. I do not believe the story. This is to make sure their crazy request for 2 1st rders seems real.

    The fact they didn’t take it makes it even crazier so it doesn’t pass the sniff test.

  6. Per a source with credible knowledge of this situation. Philly offered 2 first rounders and a CB (Darby, Sidney Jones or Douglas) Philly wanted a 3rd or 4th along with Ramsey. Jags should’ve taken the offer.

  7. I doubt it would be the Pats. Pats already have Gilmore making elite CB money. Gilmore has been worth it, but I doubt BB would want two such salary cap hits at CB on the team.

  8. So it looks like unless Shad fires Coughlin (and Marrone) the only way they are going to keep Ramsey is to pay him a lot like around $20 million a year or lose him to free agency in a few years for a 3rd compensatory pick; they can tag him but I don’t see him showing up till around the 8th game so the season(s) doesn’t toll.

    With Fournette looking like a 1st round bust, doesn’t seem to have any ability just after the hand-off if not a big hole he is easily tackled, they could really use those two 1st rounders.

  9. If that is true then the Jags have grossly over estimated the trade value and it will most likely only go down as the season matures.

    Bad teams are only going to get worse as the season progresses, so their picks will become more valuable as they solidify their high pick ranking. Good teams are going to become more convinced that they can win it all without giving up two first round picks (e.g.: Kansas City, Patriots, etc.).

    The only way this works out for the Jags is if a really good team runs into a really bad stretch (e.g. the Rams lose two of the next three and end up at 4-3) going into the NFL trade deadline which is October 28th. But even then the acquisition of Ramsey makes it much more likely that a good team makes a solid playoff run and the picks drop in value. The truth of the matter is that any team that would be willing to acquire Ramsey has to have their sights set on making a SB run, so the Jags set the price at 2 first rounders knowing this . . . then rejecting that offer makes no sense and I too believe this is the Jags trying to pump up value for their side of the trade.

    The owner needs to decide if he wants to keep Ramsey or Coughlin.

  10. With Fournette looking like a 1st round bust, doesn’t seem to have any ability just after the hand-off if not a big hole he is easily tackled, they could really use those two 1st rounders.

    Ummmm, I know 4nette has struggled some, but you do realize that he rushed for over 200 yards yesterday and is 2nd in the NFL in rushing right? And back to this story, Jason La Canfora has been caught reporting false narratives about the Jags before

  11. Of course TC and Caldwell don’t want picks neither will be around to make. Khan issued a win now mandate and for their own selfish reasons TC and Caldwell won’t make any deal. They’ll just keep resetting the bar so that no team will be able to reach the trade threshold.

  12. Some of these owners are preventing their football executives from making sound roster-building moves based on deep knowledge of the sport and league. In short, owners sometimes keep their team from winning because they make emotional decisions.

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