Browns get Antonio Callaway back at a good time

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Browns wide receiver Antonio Callaway returns this week from a four-game suspension, and it’s coming at a good time.

Fellow receiver Jarvis Landry is in the concussion protocol and it’s unclear whether he’ll practice this week or play on Monday night against the 49ers. That means Callaway may be asked to play a significant role in the offense in his first game back. Browns coach Freddie Kitchens thinks Callaway will be ready.

“I’m assuming he’s been doing his part in getting in shape and getting ready to go,’’ Kitchens said, via “So I expect nothing else out of Antonio and I look forward to getting him back.”

Last year Callaway was the Browns’ No. 2 wide receiver, behind Landry. This year he’ll be bumped down the depth chart with Odell Beckham in town, but if Landry is out, Callaway may well be the No. 2 receiver again in his first game back.

14 responses to “Browns get Antonio Callaway back at a good time

  1. Getting Callaway back is very good. That will put WR Ratley back on the bench were he belongs. Ratley had a bad game…The bigger missing piece on offense is Hollywood Higgins.

  2. SF secondary is banged up, no Witherspoon and Verrett hasn’t shown anything up to this point. Weakest part of a pretty decent defense.

    Mayfield, OBJ, and Callaway could be in for a big game.

  3. I still like my 9ers defense chances against tht offense. If our front 7 can stop Chubbs and running game we have a strong chance for the W. I rather put the game on Bakers arm. Sherman one on one with OBJ minus the choking of course should be a great matchup. My worry isn’t the 9ers secondary but or rookie OT taking on Myles Garrett. Smh

  4. That dude almost certainly has not done his part to stay in shape. He has all the physical gifts, but zero drive to take his game to the next level.

  5. I watched the 49ers-Steelers game last night, and having watched Browns-Ravens Sunday, lemme tell you:

    Browns take this game. The 49ers aren’t for real. The teams they’ve beaten are cream puffs (3-8 combined records) and they didn’t even look very convincing doing it. Browns just went into the house of the league’s #1 offense and shut them down.

    The Browns defense and offense is wayyyyy beyond anything the 49ers have faced.

    Browns put the league on notice this Monday night, 33-23.

  6. @brownsweregoodinthe80s loL 49ers won that Steelers game with 5 offensive turnovers. And overcame all that and still won. 49ers should talent alone won that game. The bye week helped us prepare for this game and I’ll take my coaching preparation over Kitchz and your coaching any day.

  7. I watched a lot of Florida Gator football games. Callaway is a beast. If he can keep his head on straight, he will be a potent weapon for Baker.

  8. Calloway is a wildcard. All the tools, not a lot of focus. It would be foolish to count on him too heavily too early. He’s an ease back into him kinda player.

    I think this game is a good matchup between two teams around the same level. Could go either way. Cleveland needs to win. With Pittsburg looking like they’re back in the hunt now the AFCN is going to remain a tight 3 team race for a while.

  9. @brooklynniner19

    EXACTLY. They had 5 turnovers and still won because…it was against Mason Rudloph and the hapless Steelers.

    You think the 49ers can turn the ball over 5 times and squeak out a win against the Browns???

    If they do they’ll lose by 30 points. Mayfield, Chubb, Beckham, Landry, Calloway… The Browns have too many weapons and their defense is in another league from anything SF has seen this year.

    Watch and see: SF isn’t the real deal.

  10. I agree with the people saying the 9’ers are outmatched in this one. Beating a gutted winless team with a backup qb is not the same as beating one of the best if not best pass rushes in the game. Plus if Landry plays, how many defenses can stop that many weapons? We have remained competitive and beat the #1 offense with our entire secondary down. No team this year should figure us to be an easy win, because we’re just going to keep getting better.

  11. @isaidjoemontegna

    Do that and OBJ or Calloway will beat you over the top. Too many weapons

  12. Brownsweregoodinthe80s says:
    October 3, 2019 at 3:04 pm

    Do that and OBJ or Calloway will beat you over the top. Too many weapons


    The Browns have a great receiving core. No doubt. The question that has yet to be answered is if Mayfield can see them consistently. He tends to scramble way too early if his first read is locked up. If he can’t see the field, it doesn’t matter how open they are. It’s Kaepernick-esque. Great talent, limited view. I do think he’ll improve though. He’s still young and has plenty of time.

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