Dak Prescott says no loss in confidence after losing to Saints

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The Cowboys lost for the first time this season in New Orleans on Sunday night as an offense that had cruised through the first three weeks found itself stopped cold by the Saints defense.

They managed 257 yards while turning the ball over three times as the Cowboys lost despite not allowing a touchdown for the first time since 2002. While things didn’t go the team’s way, there was little sign that the loss will cause the Cowboys to question their belief in themselves.

Center Travis Frederick said the Cowboys “need to know how to handle” losses as well as wins as you’re likely to have both over the course of a season and quarterback Dak Prescott sees a way for the team to improve by going through that process.

“We’ve got a great team,” Prescott said, via ESPN.com. “There’s no confidence lost with this loss, I can promise you that. There’s a lot of things we’ll take from this that we’ll learn from and become a better team because of it. That’s the most important thing.”

The Cowboys will return to action against the Packers and it’s likely that Green Bay will try to do some of the same things the Saints did to halt the Dallas offense. The Cowboys will need to show they have better answers this time if they’re going to avoid another unhappy outcome.

25 responses to “Dak Prescott says no loss in confidence after losing to Saints

  1. Dak Prescott gets more annoying the more he talks. Spews nonsense and acts like I’m supposed to believe it. I don’t much like the Saints but was pleased to watch them defeat the Cowboys, largely because Dak is so flippin arrogant.

  2. It isn’t about confidence, it is about performance. This is the first team they have played with a winning record (2 were played against the two worst teams in the league, Giants with Eli were down there too) and he marked a 73.2 Rating. That is the Dak I know and I live in Dallas. This guy does not to get paid like he wants to get paid.

  3. I blame the o-line for that loss, they stunk which meant Zeke had no holes and he had a bad game, the defense played very well.
    I also thought Scott Linehan was calling the plays on offense again, they were way too conservative on offence & did not show the same variety as the 1st 3 games.

  4. Lost a close game, on the road, in a tough city against a good team… Nothing to worry about, they probably needed a little slice of humble pie. This kid has an excellent attitude.

  5. Hmmmm Dallas coming out saying they need to learn how to handle loses , but yeah I can understand that because they have always won , oh wait ? They are an average 8-8 team over that past 20 years ? My bad , now how come they don’t understand how to learn from losing by now ? 😝

  6. welcome back to reality dak..w/out a run game he cant go out and win games on his own. he missed countless throws and had plenty opportunities to run when the pocket broke down and he didn’t. he is nowhere near elite and not worth the sort of contract he is seeking.

    cowboys fan

  7. Dak is an average QB, at best. He needs all the stars aligned to succeed. He can not make winning plays on his own.
    That is all

  8. The only person that feels the need to proclaim there is no loss of confidence is the person that has lost confidence.

  9. Hey Dak if Jerrah throws 30 million at you again you better jump all over it. By the looks of your play against an actual defense you’d be stealing that cash

  10. Way too early to overreact to this one loss. They should remain confident they have a very good team. One setback on a night the offense had a pedestrian outing, and the defense played lights out to give up only FG’s. Hell Detroit got jobbed on their Hail Mary yet no one is saying the Chiefs overrated. So sit back enjoy the ride we got our first lost and the haters couldn’t wait to chime in. Lovin it! We will bounce back count on it

  11. Cowboys should trade Dak for Andy Dalton. If you can’t beat Teddy, how are you going to beat, Rogers, Wilson, or Wentz?

  12. Moore needs to make adjustments , next week is a big game in his career.the writer who said let’s stop the talk about Moore taking Garret’s job why we are going to beat up Moore in his 4th game as of when Garret hasn’t won anything major in more than mine years

  13. Dak is sabotaging his own contract negotiations for $35M w/ $105M guaranteed with “limit” in game production when critical. Proof Zeke getting his contract was way more important.

  14. I think he lost a few million dollars off his next contract after that game.

    As for Elliott – say what you will about the line play, but RBs who are actually “great” find a way to make a difference. One quarter of the season over, and Mr. “The Best” is just another guy.

  15. No need to worry.

    Packers can’t stop the run.

    Infact not many teams can do what the saints did.

    Stopping the run you have to build for it. Only a handful should be able to shut them down like the saints

  16. If 5 Yard Dak wants to be paid like an elite qb he’s going to have to beat more than the Dolphins, Giants and Redskins.

    Bunch of Cowboys wanting big new contracts as elite stars at their positions. Zeke, Cooper and Checkdown Prescott were complete No Shows vs the Saints.

    “Star” players find a way to win the difficult games. They will or lead their team to victory. Jerrys 3 Headed Monster, his new “triplets” lost to a team using their backup quarterback that didnt put the ball in the endzone a single time.

    To paraphrase the late Dennis Green…. The Cowboys are who we thought they are….

    Lame ass team with an over rated quarterback, a yes man puppet for a coach and an owner/gm that hasnt won jack in 25 years.

    Please please please sign Dak, give him his 40 million Jerry. The rest of the NFC East is counting on you.

  17. Is Dak an upper level quarterback? Dak missed a wide open Randall Cobb for a touchdown.

  18. I find it hilarious that commenters actually belive the dollar value of Dak’s next contract goes up and down on a game to game basis. I blame this on the ‘instant gratification’ culture that we currently live in. Relax people, go outside and grab some fresh air and don’t count another man’s money.

  19. The ever present same fans of other teams with lame comments. Ron Jull is perfect example: Checkdown Prescott was a complete no show vs Saints.

    1. It was one game. Of course that defines the QB’s ability – ignorant.
    2. Next Gen Stats keeps track of actual passes via the “completed air yards” statistic. Only Brees, Stafford and Winston have a higher average in that metric. Sure doesn’t sound like checking down, huh – ignorant.
    3. This “lame ass team” beat down the eagles twice last year and will do so again this year. Eagles can’t generate any pressure up front and their secondary is horrible. The Boys are going to have fun kicking them back to Philthy.

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