Jerry Rice thinks Larry Fitzgerald could break his career catches record

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When Jerry Rice retired in 2004, his career receiving records looked unbreakable. But Rice thinks one of his records is ripe for being broken.

Rice told Andrew Siciliano on NFL Network that his all-time record of 1,549 career catches is in jeopardy. Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald moved to No. 2 all-time on Sunday and now has 1,326 catches.

“He’s got me looking over my shoulder right now because if anyone can do it I think it’s Larry Fitzgerald, because of his conditioning, his work ethic and stuff like that. He’s just a great football player,” Rice said.

Rice says he sees no reason that Fitzgerald can’t play long enough to get 224 more catches, which is what he needs to break the record. Fitzgerald is on pace for 92 catches this year, and if he finishes with 92 this year he’d need to play two more seasons and average 66 catches per season.

“This is just year 16 for him,” Rice said. “I played 20 years. I think with the game today you’re going to see players play much longer. And the hands on this guy are just unbelievable. He doesn’t drop the football. He’s very experienced when it comes to getting open and making those difficult catches. It would be great to see, but it’s going to take a couple more years.

Rice noted, however, that career catches is far from his only record.

“I told him, Larry, if you break one of my records, I’ve still got 36 more,” Rice said.

It’s going to be a very, very long time before all of Rice’s records are broken. But that career catches mark might just fall, if Fitzgerald plays until 2021.

23 responses to “Jerry Rice thinks Larry Fitzgerald could break his career catches record

  1. The way the NFL has hamstrung defenses Rices records may fall alot faster than he thinks.

  2. Larry Fitzgerald or “Fitz” is what we call him out here is one of my favorite players ever

    Signed Riaders fan

  3. If that what it takes to get Jerry Rice and his last few years of compiling stats for his legacy out of the top spot, I’m all for it! Go Fitz!

  4. Can you imagine what Fitz would have done if he ever had the QB’s Rice had!

  5. If Larry got to play with the QBs that Jerry wss lucky enough to play with, he would already have the record

  6. The stickem argument is foolish. Have you ever felt the tack of the gloves the pros use?? My guess is no . Fitz should break it he is a class act on and off the field. Fitz the WR every kid should want to be like.

  7. Fitz is a walking legend. In 2nd place all time and he played with mostly garbage QBs.

  8. “Yeah, without Stickum too!”

    The Stickum argument is so dumb. The “sticky” gloves that modern receivers use confer more of a benefit than Stickum ever did.

  9. “If Larry got to play with the QBs that Jerry wss lucky enough to play with, he would already have the record”

    On the other hand, Jerry played much of his career in an era where defensive backs could still physically assault the receiver on their way down the field.

    In those days, a QB throwing for 4,000 yards was extremely rare, nowadays it is pedestrian. In 1990 when Jerry led the NFL with 1,500 yards receiving, there were 9 other receivers that went above 1,000 yards and only 3 including Jerry that had more than 1,200. Last year there were 21 total receivers that went over 1,000 yards and 14 that had over 1,200.

    Whole different NFL with the rules geared towards passing the football like crazy and blowing up the scoreboard.

  10. Despite spending most of his career on bad Cardinals teams, Fitzgerald has managed to be consistently productive AND never go off the deep end like certain other highly talented receivers.

  11. Yea Right!!! It was the stickum that made Jerry Rice great. 🤦‍♂️

    Such brilliant insight and perspective offered up by some of the posters on this site.

  12. I don’t think Fitzgerald is going to play into the 2021 season which is what he’d have to do at the least to approach that record, but we’ll see. Rice is a great guy by most accounts, but with that said he definitely possesses a self-absorbed side to his personality and would definitely be a guy who’d be genuinely pained on some level of Fitzgerald did indeed eclipse that notable all-time record. I’ll add this, given that Fitzgerald has been hinting at retirement for four years and is still out there it’s a good bet that breaking that record will be a primary motivation if he does in fact play into an 18th season, regardless of what he’ll admit publicly at that time.

  13. mountie97 says:
    October 1, 2019 at 5:07 pm
    Fitz the WR every kid should want to be like.

    Have to amend that statement. Fitz, the MAN every kid should want to be like.

  14. Those who think gloves are as sticky as stickum clearly never used it. Also stickum wasn’t limited to hands. It was used elbows down. Cheating. Pure. Simple. Admitted.

  15. Larry Fitzgerald is the best wide receiver to play the game in the last 25 yrs. !

  16. It’s really up to Fitz. Arizona may move on from him as they are rebuilding, but if he wants to keep playing, a team that is a contender would definitely pick him up on a 1 or 2-year deal. It would be a pretty big pay-cut though.

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