Colt McCoy practicing, Case Keenum not

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Washington coach Jay Gruden doesn’t have a plan at the quarterback position heading into this week’s game against New England. But injuries may help him make his decision.

Colt McCoy, who wasn’t part of the quarterback competition because of an injury in the preseason, is now healthy enough that he’s throwing on the practice field, along with rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins. Case Keenum, however, is in a protective boot and not practicing.

That would seem to give McCoy a good chance of starting Sunday against the Patriots. Gruden has long been high on McCoy, who has been on the roster for all six seasons that Gruden has been head coach.

Haskins was Washington’s first-round draft pick and, the team hopes, the franchise quarterback of the future. But it’s unclear whether Gruden thinks he’s ready to start just yet. Gruden plans to name his starter on Thursday or Friday.

3 responses to “Colt McCoy practicing, Case Keenum not

  1. Just star Haskins for crying out loud … line up with 3 tight ends and hand the ball off to AP fifty times lol , or you know you could just let the rookie live and learn … there is zero pressure for him to win so what does it matter. Have that QB coach teaching him on the side lines between Patriots touchdowns. Danny your a clown but I still watch these players that wear the Redskins uniform.

  2. Install the wishbone with Haskins. Steal some of those nifty screens the Chiefs run and throw some bombs downfield on third and one just to keep them guessing….

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