Ezekiel Elliott blames himself for fumble that didn’t look like fumble

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Ezekiel Elliott has lost one fumble a season in his four NFL seasons. That’s one every 235 carries.

Ball security isn’t an issue for the Cowboys running back.

Elliott fumbled late in the second quarter Sunday. It appeared his elbow was down before the ball was lost, but Al Riveron, the NFL’s supervisor of officials, apparently didn’t see a definitive view. He let the call on the field stand, giving the ball to the Saints.

Elliott blamed only himself.

“I mean, I don’t really think it matters whether my elbow was down or not,” Elliott said Wednesday. “It’s my job not to leave it up to the refs. It’s my job to make sure I possess the ball through that play, so there’s not even a chance for them to call a fumble. My elbow may or may not have been down, but one thing I can control is holding onto the ball.”

Elliott later reiterated that he needs to “hold onto it tighter.”

The Pro Bowler found tough sledding against the Saints, gaining the third-fewest yards in a game in his career. He had 18 carries for 35 yards and a touchdown, with his 1.94 yards per carry the second worst of his career.

“We didn’t execute as well as we need to,” Elliott said. “We didn’t come out there and start fast. We didn’t execute. We didn’t establish the line of scrimmage, so we’ve got in the film room to see what we need to improve on. Now, we’ve just got to go to work and prepare for Sunday.

“I mean we recognize they’re a pro team also, and they have great players too, but all we can focus on is what we do and how we can improve.”

12 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott blames himself for fumble that didn’t look like fumble

  1. Dallas had to come to the “big boys table” after playing 3 cupcakes and it showed. Dallas is overrated and if Drew Brees was playing it would not have been close as those 4 FG’s would have been 4 TD’S.

  2. Ball was on the way out just before his elbow hit. You can see Bell’s elbow/arm pulling back on the ball. It was one of those things that was so close they were not going to overturn it either way they called it, and the refs TBH were probably read the riot act about not screwing over the Saints again.

  3. I agree that wasn’t a fumble. Close call, but man the NFL needs to do better. Many missed and improper penalties called- another crappy game from the refs (and not all bad calls were against the Saints by any means). The first Cooper OPI was weak, the def holding calls on Apple and Davis were weak, the personal foul call on Bell when Dak was sliding then not calling the hit on Bridgewater was weak. And most of all this fumble call was weak. They just need to do better. I get missed calls, but this is out of hand.

  4. Good for Zeke’ taking accountability. It’s been all football so far with Zeke’ since he came back. Hopefully he keeps it up and in about 10 years when he retires nobody will remember all the wild episodes with Elliott; they might just be talking about whether he is a Hall of Famer or not.

  5. The Cowboys flat out stunk. That they lost by only 2 is testament to their grittiness. They will bounce back.

  6. Man I forgot about the feed me deal he does. Yep didn’t see that not even once in the dome on Sunday. Good!

  7. A fumble that didn’t look like a fumble, from a guy who wears a shirt that doesn’t look like a shirt.

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