Jameis Winston named NFC offensive player of the week

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It wouldn’t have been the full Jameis Winston experience without the late pick that made things close.

But the Buccaneers quarterback was good enough over the course of the day to beat the Rams and pick up an award.

Winston threw for 385 yards and four touchdowns in the 55-40 win over the Rams.

His 120.5 passer rating was his third rating over 100 this season, a positive trend as he works under coach Bruce Arians.

3 responses to “Jameis Winston named NFC offensive player of the week

  1. Well deserved for his performance on Sunday, if he keeps this up then I don’t know how you don’t give BA Coach of the Year again, if for no other reason than saving the career of someone people have written off as a bust.

  2. Never understood bust talk. Ryan Leaf or JaMarcus Russell are busts. JW may not have met expectations, ON A TRULY HORRIBLE TEAM, but he’s far from a bust.

    Btw, his arm was hit on the pick, but don’t let the national media narrative get in the way of your reporting.

  3. In Tampa, we call it good or bad Jameis – which one are we going to get on any given Sunday has always been a mystery –

    Hope for nothing more than BA, Tom Moore, Clyde, and Byron get through to him permanently

    The kid has the skills, he needs the mental maturity to take over now – 3 out of 4 have looked very good so far…

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