Mike Zimmer on Kirk Cousins apologizing to Adam Thielen: “He was probably just being nice”

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Vikings receiver Adam Thielen created a problem by publicly calling out quarterback Kirk Cousins after Sunday’s loss to the Bears. Cousins created a problem by publicly apologizing to Thielen on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, coach Mike Zimmer was asked about the situation.

“He was probably just being nice,” Zimmer said regarding the apology, via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “Seriously, I’m not worried about it. Maybe he should get off the podcast.”

Zimmer is right. Even if Cousins was just being nice, it’s a bad look for a quarterback to act like anything but the leader of the team. Cousins should have been upset with Thielen for taking private business public, and it should have been Thielen publicly apologizing to Cousins for the breach of protocol, not the other way around.

Zimmer should be upset with both of them, especially Thielen. It’s not Thielen’s job to comment publicly on the performance of any other player. And that’s precisely why New England’s “Do Your Job” mantra works.

Making it work is the incessant willingness of Patriots coach Bill Belichick to give a player an earful whenever he crosses that line. Maybe that’s what Zimmer, who like Belichick is a former Bill Parcells assistant, should do. Maybe Zimmer already has done it.

35 responses to “Mike Zimmer on Kirk Cousins apologizing to Adam Thielen: “He was probably just being nice”

  1. Dumpster.Fire.

    Zimmer is probably the biggest problem on that team. The guy wouldn’t back Keenum even though he was a very good QB for them. He constantly talks junk about his kickers. Dude has a weird way on instilling confidence in his players.

  2. Didn’t Cousins chew Thielen out on the sidelines last year in a nationally televised game? And Cousins followed it up in an interview blaming Thielen for not running the route the way Cousins wanted him to. Turnabout is fair play…

  3. I must admit it takes alot to give up the faith for me, but as a life long Vikings fan coach Zimmer is on my HOT seat. He’s been outcoached too many times.

  4. Zimmer and Cousins is starting to look a lot like McCarty and Rodgers.

    Guaranteed money vs a coach who can’t get the job done. It seems deja vu all over again, just a little further west this time.

  5. This is a classic example of the media taking a sound bite and running with it. If you listen to the quote

  6. You guys are funny. Vikings will beat the Giants on Sunday and then the Super Bowl bandwagon will be restarted.

  7. I’m tired of the phrase “dumpster fire”. I for one have never seen a dumpster fire and I bet I am not alone. I have seen a lot of bad football teams.

  8. 59 years of mediocrity says:
    October 2, 2019 at 12:56 pm
    Zimmer and Cousins is starting to look a lot like McCarty and Rodgers.


    Just without the success that McCarthey and Rodhers had

  9. The fall from ‘grace’ is pretty epic… we’ve gone from a miracle win and SB expectations and guarantees to hey fellas lets be friends and play nice….. comical, and back to being who we thought they were…no one.

  10. Cousins just being the bigger man, which is a quality of leadership. Theilen needs to quit the crying and support his QB, Zimmer continues to act like he is clue less.

  11. Leadership would be zimmer acknowledging the pass game has problems that the coaching staff and players are accountable for. Cousins was right to say something. Perhaps Theilen shouldnt have.

  12. If it’s wrong for the QB to call out his receivers, the same applies to receivers calling out their QB … right Vikings fans?

    Be careful how you answer that becuz you twisted Aaron Rodgers statements last year so equivocation is not an option. Theilan must be a bad teammate then.

  13. I am also fed up with Kirk constantly apologizing up and down as well as Zimmer’s lack of ability to manage an entire football game.

  14. If you think Zimmer has lost this team or should be fired…..you don’t know sports. This guy expects his players to play 110% each and every game, don’t lose and fight. For ones who say he isn’t the right coach, name a coach that would be a good replacement?

  15. marvin1958 says:
    October 2, 2019 at 2:25 pm

    If it’s wrong for the QB to call out his receivers, the same applies to receivers calling out their QB … right Vikings fans?

    Absolutely. Let me know when a receiver is calling out his quarterback because I haven’t heard that recently.

  16. Head Coach replacement? that’s why you have a GM…..by the way, fire him too! and if you’re gonna ask me to name his replacement…..that’s what owners are for……the Wilfs not being “football people” is a big part of the Vikes’ over all problems of mediocrity…..

    50 yr fan

  17. Cousins’ public comments are always simplistic cliche’s to appease the masses. He must’ve majored in public relations in college. There is no reason a starting quarterback in the NFL should ever feel compelled to apologize to a subordinate, especially one that will now bust his buttons thinking he was right.

  18. Well, Thielen wasn’t wrong.

    Game would have been very different if Kirk would have simply DONE HIS JOB and delivered the ball on target.

    I mean he is paid very well to do just that. Wasn’t he the highest paid player in the HISTORY of the NFL when he signed his giant contract? Well, then maybe he needs to start earning them bucks!

  19. I think Zimmer is right about the podcast I honestly don’t know how many Vikings fans are interested in what Kirk has to say right about now anyway. His level of play for too many of the 20 games here is lacking.

  20. They messed up by signing cousins obviously. He was doing damage control with Thielen but that’s the problem with everyone having a weekly show which is a result of a bunch of softies looking for gossip. What else would he talk about? How great his performance was? It means nothing. Anyone calling Thielen a diva is probably the same people that call Minnesotans indirect passive aggressive. Make up your mind already. He spoke the truth. Zimmer is the one putting a run first offense out there and losing the team.

  21. The wheels are coming off the bus…Vikings are done. Diggs didn’t show up to practice today…not good.

  22. For those that contend otherwise:

    “Adam Thielen calls out Kirk Cousins: Has to ‘hit the deep balls’ – Yahoo! Sports
    3 days ago · The defense is there. The skill players are there. The problem in Minnesota clearly resides under center.”

  23. Good grief all the fans here are soft and all about drama. The Vikings played a good D on their turf,
    they didn’t block, pass, catch, run, game plan stunk too.
    It sucks when it happens, people are completely media seduced! Wow

  24. Cousins always chokes in the BIGGEST games. Meaningful Nationally televised games like MNF or playoff games. This weekend is a nothing game during the season. Nobody cares about the Vikings traveling to play the lowly Giants. both teams likely to miss the playoffs. Who cares. Cousins will have a TREMENDOUS Sunday of passing. No real pressure. No spotlight. NY can’t stop the run and their defense isn’t good. Lookout for Captain KIRK. You heard it hear first.

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