Rams-Seahawks may not be seen by Dish Network and Sling TV customers

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A great Thursday Night Football game is coming. And millions may miss it.

As noted by John Ourand of Sports Business Journal, the Ram-Seahawks game on FOX and NFL Network will be blacked out for Dish Network and Sling TV subscribers if FOX and Dish don’t have a deal in place by Thursday nigt.

Last week’s Eagles-Packers game was televised on NFL Network for Dish Network subscribers. This week, however, NFL Network apparently won’t make the game available to Dish Network absent a FOX deal.

Per Ourand, Amazon will place no restrictions on the game. Thus, Dish Network or Sling TV customers who would otherwise be SOL can get the game via an Amazon Prime subscription — which typically can be canceled within 30 days after activation to avoid the annual fee.

Not that I’m encouraging anyone to sign up for Amazon Prime on Thursday with the intent to cancel the subscription the next day.

14 responses to “Rams-Seahawks may not be seen by Dish Network and Sling TV customers

  1. All the money and power a corporation could possibly want and you still don’t know how to do right by customers. I wonder if the right people with business savvy were to run the nfl how well would it do. Someone who can fix the bad calls, reversals, tv deals, and illegal hitting.

  2. Dish and Fox are both horrible. Can’t we excise both from football already?

  3. Dish viewers may not be able to see the game due to this reason but Sling viewers wont be able to see the game because Sling stinks

  4. Simple solution. Go to the app store and download the NFL live streaming app or the Yahoo! sports app and watch the game online for free. Duh!

  5. Dish and Sling absolutely suck.
    This is why the NFL itself should stream games, ala carte style.
    That way fans get exactly the games they want and there’s no middle man like NBC, ABC, CBS, etc in between to prevent fans from seeing the game(s) that they want.
    Plus the NFL can keep all the bad revenue for themselves and put the anti-capitalist networks out of business.
    So everyone wins!

  6. I encourage all dish users to cancel your subscription. I got rid of AT&T within 24 hours of NFL Network not being on. They simply do not deserve your hard earned money. Have a good day fellow football fans!

  7. These channels (FOX etc) holding the cable company’s (Dish/Direct TV) hostage is BS.In the end the consumer suffers, I get how cost is passed down etc. The only thing the consumer gets is higher cost and the ability to listen to Joe Buck and the “Hall of Famer” Troy Akmen…IMO neither of them are worth even one game not being shown.

  8. An old-fashioned TV antenna pointed at the local FOX tower will get that game, and in better quality HD than any satellite, cable, or streaming outlet. Even one from decades ago works fine, as long as it’s not damaged.

  9. I get that money needs to be made, but can the powers that be figure out a way for us paying customers to watch every game?

    Even subscribing to a bloated DirecTV 2 year contract to get NFL ticket does not guarantee games on ABC, NFL Network, and FOX will be available.

    I’m not happy to fork over cash, but I’m even less happy to be put at risk of these surprise blackouts after doing so.

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