Should the Broncos listen to offers for Von Miller and other veterans?

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As the Broncos rocket toward three straight losing seasons for the first time since 1970-72, it could be time to consider building for the future.

In other words, it could be time to tank.

And here’s one way to grease the skids toward earning one of the top picks in the draft: Listen to offers for linebacker Von Miller, cornerback Chris Harris Jr., and/or receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

Denver’s 0-4 start to the season based on the next four games (at Chargers, Titans, Chiefs, at Colts) could become 2-6 or 1-7 or even 0-8. Two days after that eighth game, the trade window closes. If/when (when) it’s clear that the Broncos have no chance to make it to the playoffs, why not consider dumping salaries and obtaining draft picks for players who likely won’t be around by the time what has become a disaster in Denver turns competitive again?

The most valuable asset is Super Bowl 50’s Most Valuable Player. Von Miller, who turned 30 earlier this year, is signed through 2021 at salaries of $17 million this year, $17.5 million next year, and $17.5 million in the final year of his deal. As the market currently goes, that’s a fairly attractive price for a guy who may still be able to do plenty of damage in the right defense. Maybe there’s a contender that would give up a pair of first-round picks for him.

Of course, G.M. John Elway may not be interested in compiling future draft picks if there’s any risk that he won’t be there to use them. (His status remains unclear, especially with no owner in place.) It nevertheless may be in the best interests of the franchise to explore the benefits of shedding cap dollars, adding draft picks, and folding the tents on 2019 in the hopes of a better 2020 and beyond.

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  1. Elway has had plenty of time to attempt to build a team, He needs to hire a new Personnel VP and staff and let him take over. The Duke can still be the GM.

  2. 2 first rd picks for a guy who doesnt have a sack thru 4 games ?, even horseface knows to jump on that deal

  3. A year too late to get much more than a mid round pick unless they eat some of that salary.

  4. As a Bronco fan I’m all-for the tank. I see no upside to a 4-6 week season, near mid-round picks and still wondering if you can get a QB to compete with Mahomes. We wasted Von Miller and Chris Harris. Get whatever we can and move on. If we need a 2 year tank that’s fine but this current situation isn’t ok.
    I don’t want to aspire to 8-8.

  5. It is funny how 0-4 teams can operate on opposite sides of the spectrum. For bad teams like Denver and Miami the season is all ready over after 4 games. Meanwhile the Redskins sport the same record. But after largely outplaying and barely losing to three playoff caliber teams (the Eagles, the Cowboys and the Bears) the Redskins look very much like a playoff contender. Records can be deceiving.

  6. They should fire Vic Fangio. He is not head coaching material. They should dump Joe Flacco. He is not going to be part of the rebuilding project. They need help finding a good head coach and a good quarterback. Elway simply seems unable to do that. If they want to rebuild from scratch, they may consider trading Vonn Miller and Sanders because by the time they finished rebuilding, these players are probably on the downhill slope of their careers.

  7. In my opinion, they should not be trying to trade away their stars. I think they are an underperforming mediocre team – not a terrible team. They definitely need some upgrades at many positions, but they are not really as bad as their record suggests. They could easily be 2-2 or 3-1 right now.

    Trading away Von Miller would look a lot like trading away Khalil Mack…

  8. Contender teams tend to know how to build a roster and I see no team smart enough to build a contender dumb enough to give up 2 firsts for a 30 year old pass rusher that’s reliant on speed and no sacks this year. Not 2 firsts.

  9. Ravens in desperate need of an edge rusher, but the price has to make sense. Two first rounders does not make sense.

  10. Denver needs a complete rebuild but not with Elway at the helm. He will squander the draft capital.

  11. Rdog says:
    October 2, 2019 at 4:52 pm

    Trading away Von Miller would look a lot like trading away Khalil Mack…


    Agree & disagree.

    I disagree in that when Mack was traded he was 27 years old and in his prime years. On the other hand, Miller is on the wrong side of 30 and is past his career prime.

    However I agree in the respect that Elway is apt to squander acquired draft picks the way that Gruden historically has.

  12. Time to strip it down to the studs and rebuild. Make the trades right now while teams in need can see an immediate impact hence ensuring the greatest return. It’s been fun, but it’s time to face reality.

  13. What the Broncos should have done is that when they were looking for a coach 3 years ago and Kyle Shanahan reportedly told Elway that he would want to do a full rebuild, Elway should have jumped on board enthusiastically. Instead he ended up hiring the non-enty that is Vance Joseph and we all saw hiw that turned out. Denver still has to rebuild, they just pointlessly delayed it for three years while Shanahan and John Lynch look to have the 49ers moving in the right direction.

  14. The Broncos can go 0-16 with these guys or without. I say trade them and start the rebuild.

  15. The answer is a resounding “YES” to all three, in fact they should be shopping them aggressively.

    But the deeper problem is at the top.
    Honestly, is Elway really the right guy for the job?
    Maybe you can’t find anyone better but you should think about trying.

  16. Its Okay for Denver to have a fire sale, but you crucify the Dolphins for making trades ?!?!?

  17. Ya’ll who are saying Von has no sacks this year need to check your stats. He has 2. Thank you.

  18. When was the last time an 0-4 team made the playoffs? It’s already clear they won’t be contending

  19. Von’s contract is voidable at the end of the season. Broncos may just cut him. Get a comp pick. The patriots are the master of comp picks. Harris has great value if they can get a contract extension with him. Even flacco could have value at week 8 if someone is injured. Broncos did change his money from salary to a signing bonus so he is not as tradable. Only 2 players they can’t trade is the Colorado boys.

  20. Surprisingly Joe Flacco has played pretty good for getting little to no help from the defense and a LT that had about 5 holding penalties the first two games. At this point I’d just blow the whole thing up and go after rookies. Just admit we are rebuilding Elway and then there will be no expectations.

  21. No point in re-building with Elway in charge, they will circle back to where they are right now.

  22. gooboy6 says:
    October 2, 2019 at 4:32 pm
    2 first rd picks for a guy who doesnt have a sack thru 4 games ?, even horseface knows to jump on that deal

    He has 2 sacks through 4 games

  23. Yes they should entertain offers for anyone they can get something for. Including Flacco. Rebuild time. Get a top 3 pick, let’s flush the last 3 seasons and start anew

  24. Peyton Manning was bubble gum on a leaking ship. From the family ownership battle, to Elways blunders, to lack of leaders at HC level. All those holes are exposed now and with no one to save them. The front office still thinks they have a top Defense, they are beyond delusional.

  25. Harris to Eagles. That’s why Howie hasn’t pulled the trigger on the Ramsey deal.

  26. They should be listening to offers on all of their vets because by the time they are in a position to compete again those vets will be past their prime. The bigger problem for Denver is John Elway who has been with the club since January 5th, 2011. Do you really believe he should be in charge of any type of rebuild, just look at the Denver drafts from 2012-2017.

  27. dickshotdogs says:
    October 2, 2019 at 4:36 pm
    Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that Sanders ends up in New England?


    Because that’s the common knee-jerk response that everybody here makes whenever anyone, I mean anyone, becomes available. Is it not?

  28. Who in their right mind will give up 2 #1 picks for Miller? He is on the downside and makes a ton of of money and Elway would be enthralled to get one #1 for him.

  29. Elway will never get a good QB, because in the modern era, a good-to-great QB will shred all his Denver records, and he’s too much of an egomaniac to let that happen.

  30. I almost busted a gut laughing when I read that they could get 2 1st round picks for Miller….. MAYBE 4 years ago, but now, not a prayer…..
    As far as Sanders goes, I really hope the Pats don’t even consider him unless it’s for an extremely team friendly deal…EXTREMELY TEAM FRIENDLY…..he has a great opportunity to join the Pats years ago & he spurned them for Denver……if he now desires to play for another ring HE needs to take a HUGE reduction in pay or he can continue to waste away on a non contender & milk THEM for excess money……
    Go Pats!!!!

  31. All very good players [esp. Miller] who’s best years are behind them. One 2nd round pick for Von Miller, and a 3rd round pick each for Sanders and Harris would be the best one can expect.

  32. If the offers are good enough, then absolutely they should listen. Their defense is the weakest point on the team. It’d be easy to blame the new coaches but it wasn’t very good last season, either. On paper you look at their talent and think they should be solid. But in practice it’s just not there. You’ll see individual plays or maybe a full series now and then but it’s never a full-game effort any longer.

  33. jurgyisgod says:
    October 2, 2019 at 4:49 pm
    It is funny how 0-4 teams can operate on opposite sides of the spectrum. For bad teams like Denver and Miami the season is all ready over after 4 games. Meanwhile the Redskins sport the same record. But after largely outplaying and barely losing to three playoff caliber teams (the Eagles, the Cowboys and the Bears) the Redskins look very much like a playoff contender. Records can be deceiving.
    LOL…Put down the pipe…. Half of me thinks you were trying to be sarcastic, because there is no way ANYONE would mistake the Skins as a playoff contender.

    They are 28th in points scored, 31st in points allowed (only ahead of the dreadful Dolphins) They have lost by 5, 11, 16 and 21 points. Redskins are the worst team in football not named the Dolphins.

  34. All the talk of tanking and how the “strategy” is so trendy now its worth pointing out no team that’s ever intentionally tanked got anywhere afterwards. Its a fool’s game, a season-long excuse for people who make way, way too much money to have any excuse, much less that one.

  35. Pats offered a 2nd round pick for Sanders in 2013. He is 32 now. How many good years he may have? One? Two? The Pats wouldn’t give more than a 4th rounder for him if he shows willingness to restructure and this is a big if. I don’t think that Elway would take a deal like this. Neither would Sanders.

  36. What difference does it make who they trade or how many high draft picks they receive in return? If Elway is still making personnel decisions there is no hope for this team. He should have been gone several years ago.

  37. at least three teams interested in sanders packers, niners, eagles get best offer gone after season anyways’ put all veterans on trading block and see what you can get

  38. Coming from a Broncos fan I believe they should start the tanking process. With Chubb now out, all our main free agency signings on the injury report, along with a below average QB under center, the Chiefs within the division and a barrage of 2-2 and better teams in the schedule ahead, it just makes sense. It is absolute nonsense to suggest that we would get 2 first round picks for Vonn and honestly I think he will be better benefit to the team than the player they get with the pick… if they get a first round pick (and to whoever said in the comments above that Vonn Miller relies on speed… you haven’t watched him play enough). Although I love Chris Harris and Emmanuel Sanders, they bring no upside to the future with the fact that they will most likely leave in FA and they are on the other side of 30. They should keep Joe Flacco on the field only until Drew Lock is ready to come off of IR and see what he might bring to the team. It would help speed up the process of finding our future QB with Jake Fromm, Tua, and Justin Herbert coming to the NFL this offseason and most likely Trevor Lawerence in 2021.

  39. 40 year Bronco fan here. I’d like to see how the new coaches do for the rest of the year. But I want to trade off Sanders, Harris, and, sadly, Miller, They are maybe a bit past their prime but they are still great players in the right defense. But if they are gone, and replaced with 2nd stringers for the rest of the season it will be harder to evaluate the coaching staff with weaker players. I hate to see Miller go; he seems like a good guy that overcame some of his early immaturity. But Fangio is doing strange things with him, dropping him often into pass coverage etc. Two1st rounders seems unlikely for him, but if a fair offer is available, at this point we need to take it. Judging by the fan forums, Denver fans are just going to complain about lots of losses and give up on every new player and coach. I’m not sure we have the patience for a full rebuild.

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