Cooper Kupp better than ever after torn ACL

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Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp has been the team’s best offensive player so far this season, a remarkable accomplishment considering he’s still less than a year removed from a torn ACL.

Kupp, who is second in the NFL with 388 receiving yards, used his rehab not only to repair the torn ligament, but to become a better runner. Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times reports that Kupp spent his down time studying running form and making himself a more efficient runner, and he’s now faster than he was before the injury.

“It’s a little crazy,” said Dr. Neal ElAttrache, who performed the ACL reconstruction. “We’ve never had this GPS data until the last few years, but I can tell you that’s typically not the way it goes the first year back. He’s surprising everybody.”

Everybody but himself, that is. Kupp expects nothing less from himself.

“When I started writing down my goals, I wanted to be as outlandish as possible,” he said. “I wanted to make sure before I went to bed that I’d see my list of goals and feel good when I put my head on the pillow that what I’d done that day was pointing toward achieving those things. I set them outrageously high because I wanted to have an outrageous work ethic about how I went about my day.”

That work ethic is paying off for Kupp and the Rams.

8 responses to “Cooper Kupp better than ever after torn ACL

  1. He should have progressed from his rookie season anyway through experience, so if he was recovered/better than before, his rookie YPC of 14 should be same or better, instead it’s 12 – which is almost exactly the 85% level often qouted as an average post-ACL recovery level.

  2. He is smart he did not rehabilitate his knee in a cryogenic chamber without wearing shoes.

  3. The Rams always give my Seahawks a huge battle regardless of injuries or how their season W-L record looks.

    You’ve swept us more than once when we were heavily favored, and you’ve successfully thwarted our playoff hopes from behind to end your season on a positive note.

    Now you’re building another powerhouse to add to that energy and effort.

    Enjoy the game tonight, Seahawks and Rams fans. It’s great to finally not be the weakest division in the NFL — both for pride, and for facing stronger competition throughout the season to better prepare for the playoffs.

  4. Stop Kupp and you stop the RAMS. Yes they have Woods and Cooks, who are #1 and #2 receivers in that offense but the main reads that Goff has in his plays are to Kupp and to get him the ball. It used to be stop Gurley and you can beat the rams but now that power has shifted. It’ll be interesting to see if the Hawks stay in Base Defense like they have most of the year against this offense. Gurley hasn’t put up the numbers like he has in previous years but that doesn’t mean is uncapable still. All it takes is one good game. Looking forward to watching this game!! Go hawks!

  5. hes not slow. but the way he shook Marshawn Lattimore of the Saints in week 2 for a long TD was hilarious. Lattimore is several steps faster, but Kupp made him trip over his own feet using the most unathletic looking stutter step I’ve ever seen. I dont know what Lattimore was thinking go look at the hilite.

  6. In all seriousness, is a post surgery extensively rehabbed knee better / stronger than the one you were born with? Nowadays it seems like that might be the case.

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