Vontaze Burfict suspension appeal scheduled for Tuesday

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The NFL suspended Raiders linebacker Vontaze Burfict for the remainder of the regular season this week because, per NFL vice president of football operations Jon Runyan, Burfict has “continued to flagrantly abuse rules designated to protect yourself and your opponents from unnecessary risk.”

Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Burfict has the right to appeal that ban and he has done just that. According to multiple reports, Burfict’s appeal will be heard on Tuesday. The suspension is in effect pending the appeal.

The appeal will be heard by Pro Football Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks. Brooks and former NFL wideout James Thrash are the two appeals officers jointly appointed by the NFL and NFL Players Association.

Brooks heard Burfict’s appeal of a three-game ban for a hit on then-Steelers wideout Antonio Brown in a playoff game after the 2015 season. He upheld the penalty in that case, but Burfict had more luck with Thrash the next year as a five-game suspension was dropped to three games.

25 responses to “Vontaze Burfict suspension appeal scheduled for Tuesday

  1. Unfortunately for Vontaze he was born 40 years too late, think about it…if he played in the early 1970’s he would be in “The Hall” by now.

  2. The NFLPA should remember that Burfict is injuring other NFLPA members. The NFLPA should be supporting other players who have been injured and could be injured in the future by Burfict. Burfict running helmet first at another player who is down on his knees making a catch is the definition of dirty hit on a defenseless player.

  3. This man/child just doesn’t get it. Imagine if someone in the NBA was tackling players driving down the lane (like they did in the Jordan days) and committed flagrant foul after flagrant foul and then blew kisses and he was thrown out of the games. The NBA would DROP THE HAMMER on him. Vontaze Reject puts on a major helmet to helmet hit after having a history of playing recklessly and people are trying to defend him? What does he have to do, put somebody in a wheel chair or worse to finally get it? The NFL cannot afford to let a man with his history on the field because to do so would open them up to a HUGE lawsuit if he seriously injured someone given his past actions. Imagine a pitcher throwing at batters heads all the time. Imagine a hockey player who gets in fights all the time? Wait a … never mind about the hockey goons. They are the reason I go to games.

  4. “The suspension is in effect pending the appeal.”

    Meaning he doesn’t get to play Sunday for all those who have trouble with reading comprehension.

    I am guessing they will shorten his suspension to 8-10 games.

  5. No. the NFL is suspending the only person who knocked all the sense out of Antonio Brown. As far as I’m concerned, Burfict poses a danger to any opposing player because of his continued dirty play. He has a LONG history of uncalled for hits and god knows how much in fines. He’s had plenty of warnings and chances to clean up his act but he still keeps on taking cheap shots. I say make him sit out a year and when he comes back, tell him he’s got to play clean or he’s gone for life.

  6. didn’t know there are so many that want to see the NFL move in a “safer direction”. Out of curiosity should the nfl move towards two hand touch, or flag football. I guess no need for helmets anymore as well.

  7. I have no problem with the hit, but then again I wasn’t the one taking the hit soooo

  8. No chance they end up suspending him the entire season. Even they know that’s excessive. They are using this as a final warning to him. Major part of the problem is he is clearly not remorseful and was clapping as he ran off the field. This is more than just an old school player refusing to adapt the the new age NFL. Many of his hits have been purely malicious, and he might just pay the price.

  9. On an appeal you should be able to actually make the suspension longer. “Actually Vontaze, after reviewing the tape as you requested, you were right that we made a mistake. You actually need to be banned for life.”

  10. Most of the people on here must either be fans of a team that has a history with the Raiders, like the Steelers, or a divisional rival, or they know little about football. For starters, we are talking about football, not chess. Secondly, Doyle got up right after. The hit barely did anything. 1-2 games, max. That is, if Burfict was on anyone but the Raiders. But since he’s a Raider, they have to give him the max. Because, that’s the way they are. I really wish the NFL were investigated. I’ll keep the faith that this does indeed happen. We can start with Goodell and go down the list.

  11. at this point the raiders are probably better off without him. if he was able to still play after this the refs would only call him for every ticky tack call possible keeping drives alive for the other team.

    oh wait they do that anyways.

  12. Yes in previous eras, his hit would have been normal business. But players and the media have changed the rules.

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