Melvin Gordon’s motivation: No one cared when I was out; it was all about Zeke

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Melvin Gordon missed three games and didn’t play in a fourth. He held out, and for his trouble, lost somewhere between $1.063 million and $2.771 million. The Chargers running back still doesn’t have a long-term deal.

Ezekiel Elliott held out and didn’t miss a game, with the Cowboys making him the highest-paid running back before the season opener.

Which brings us back to Gordon, who will make his 2019 debut this week but split carries with Austin Ekeler.

“I’m definitely motivated,” Gordon said Friday, via Gilbert Manzano of the Southern California News Group. “No one cared that Melvin Gordon was out. It was all about Zeke. And it ain’t no hate. That’s America’s Team. But some players on talk shows, they care less to talk about it. You got people in your corner, and they in your corner one second, and the next second they’re hating on you. You got a lot of people hating on you. The best way to do that is to go shut them up. I remember what everybody said.”

He’s right, of course.

But Elliott is a better player and a more important player to his team than Gordon is. The only season Elliott didn’t win the rushing title was in 2017 when he served a six-game suspension, and Elliott still led the league in yards per game.

It’s why the Cowboys signed the star running back to a deal that averages $15 million a year.

Gordon, who has one 1,000-yard rushing season in his four seasons, might not find exactly what he’s looking for as a free agent in March. But Gordon will get the rest of his fifth season to make his case that he should be paid like Elliott is paid.

39 responses to “Melvin Gordon’s motivation: No one cared when I was out; it was all about Zeke

  1. Poor little guy. Nobody gave him attention like he was counting on. Now he has to earn the attention.

  2. Hey Melvin, it’s only because Zeke has been a problem child and the media caters to that type. That’s not a knock on the media because they only give us what we want. Hey Melvin, just go win a super bowl. All will be forgiven.

  3. Didn’t help that the team went 4-0 his rookie year while he was out hurt. He’s a good player but not a real difference maker for them. They knew that.

  4. So many snarky things I could write, but I’m playing against Gordon in fantasy football this week and believe in fantasy karma. #nocomment

  5. No mention of the cowboys o-line being dominant. They don’t deserve any credit for run game success I guess.

  6. No one cares. You’re an average running back in a position that’s not that important. Team didn’t care either. What does that tell you?

  7. No mention of the cowboys o-line being dominant. – patriotsiven
    Statistically the cowboys o line hasn’t been better than average the past three years. Common nfl fans just think people are good by name. Why so many held onto Seattle’s defense for so long after they’re dominance.

  8. Other than for a backup to Ekeler, I don’t know why they wanted him to come back. LOL. Seriously though, he will be a distraction because all he’s going to want to talk about is how unfair it is to him. Maybe not to the press, but behind the scenes. IMO, Gordon is a very good, not great, RB. I see no way he comes close to getting Elliott type money.

  9. First off, the Cowboys are only America’s Team to their marketing dept. and in the minds of their fanbase.

    Second, nobody outside of the folks cared about Zeke, and,

    Third, you’re right, nobody cares about prima donna Nfl players whining about how disrespected they feel.

    Sorry Mel.

  10. He should have claimed his helmet sucked and assaulted women other than his wife… the fake news media would have promoted him to Kap status…

  11. Best RB in the history of the franchise. Only one other even close but turned out to be a sexual predator so he’s persona non grata. Pay your top players like top players

  12. I really think Melvin Gordon messed up big by not taking that $10 million a year when he had the chance. He’s been a very average rb for 3 out of his 4 years, and slightly above average the other 1, last year. It just takes 1 team who will overpay for you as a free agent, but I really don’t see any team willing to pay him $6, maybe $7 million a year tops as an unrestricted free agent next year. At least he won’t have to worry about the team putting the franchise tag on him next year so he’ll find out what he’s really worth

  13. It was funny seeing Melvin Gordon rush back to the team though when his 2 backups were putting up better numbers than Gordon ever did in his whole career. That holdout really backfired on him. Holdouts don’t work for average rb’s. His agent should be sanctioned by the NFLPA for what happened

  14. thought Mel would be smarter coming from UW……and it took him 4 weeks to figure this out?
    Wonderful advisors he has

  15. No one cared when you were out because an undrafted free agent from a D2 school making $645k was too busy being 6th in the league in scrimmage yards with 6tds in your absence.

  16. First things first. Those people you say are in your corner?

    Tell them to stop telling you you’re as good as Zeke…

    Second, fire your agent if he told you you’re as good as Zeke…

    Third, see a hypnotist and have them erase any thought you may have of being as good as Zeke…Life is so much better when you live in reality and know your limitations.

  17. Dude’s not even the best RB on that team right now, let alone one of the best in the NFL. He’s delusional.

  18. redclaw1314 said this:

    “Melvin was totally disrespected.”

    No, if he was “totally disrespected” he would have been fired outright. What the man did was “disrespect” the contract he’d already signed and agreed to. That’s what we all must do in the real world. We apply for the job; the employer makes an offer; we either accept it or we don’t. It is appallingly stupid & self-centered to “disrespect” teammates by crying about a multi-million dollar per year contract with your name on it.

    What Gordon forgot – if he ever learned it at all in the 8th grade – is that nobody gets paid what they “think” they are worth.

    You get paid in direct proportion to how easy – or how hard – it is to replace you, if you decide to walk out the door.

    The take-away lesson for this soap opera is simple: Just do what you said you would do when you signed on the dotted line. top “disrespecting” your team by trying to rewrite history. What it is, is self-centered, cry-baby attitude. What it ain’t, is missile science.

  19. dfwhawkguy says:
    October 4, 2019 at 8:54 pm
    Best RB in the history of the franchise. Only one other even close but turned out to be a sexual predator so he’s persona non grata. Pay your top players like top players

    Best RB in the history of the franchise? Are you kiddin’ me, he’s not even close so let me throw 2 letters your way = L.T. with 12,490 rushing yards and 138 TDs for the Chargers!!! How soon some forget.

  20. Gordon has long since come off as a fairly dumb guy with an inflated sense of himself and his abilities. He now appears motivated to openly add insecurity and jealousy to his list of shortcomings. Good luck with him Chargers.

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