Mike Zimmer: “I don’t know, we’ll see” if Stefon Diggs plays Sunday

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The Vikings released their final injury report of the week on Friday and it does not feature an injury designation for wide receiver Stefon Diggs after Diggs missed practice earlier this week for what the team said were non-injury reasons.

That would suggest that Diggs is set to play against the Giants this Sunday, but head coach Mike Zimmer stopped well short of writing Diggs’s name into the lineup.

“I don’t know, we’ll see,” Zimmer said at a press conference when asked whether Diggs would play this weekend.

During a Thursday media session, Diggs was asked about trade chatter and said he believes there’s “truth to all rumors” while adding that he “can’t sit up here and act like everything is OK because obviously it’s not.” Zimmer later said Diggs’s situation was an “internal matter.”

Zimmer was asked on Friday if Diggs could be held out of the game as punishment for missing practice. He replied that Diggs has already been punished, but it feels like there’s still much to play out between the wideout and the team.

18 responses to “Mike Zimmer: “I don’t know, we’ll see” if Stefon Diggs plays Sunday

  1. How about you just realize that your current offensive strategy is what’s costing you from being a much better team. I’m not certain if the offensive coordinator to blame, or if the offensive coordinator is just “running” things how Zimmer wants. But this whole thing is just plain stupid…..why pay big money for a QB and 2 WRs when you aren’t going to use them???

  2. Getting tired of seeing these millionaires refuse to work because they aren’t getting enough attention. As a teacher if I refuse to go to work because I don’t like my schedule or my contract then I am fired. We need to stop patronizing these grown men and start holding them accountable for their actions. I grew up on football….but not this kind of football.

  3. You pay then to win games… and passing the ball hurts their chances cuz Kirk is a liability. Keenum ran the offense better.

    Why hire an OC if your are goong to micromanage what he does. Just do it yourself then everyone knows where they blame can go instwad of scapegoating them every season.

  4. Of course he’s going to play. Diggs is a bit upset… as he should be. A real competitor gets that way when they lose. Zimmer is only going to tell you what he has to.

  5. Vikes needed to run the ball more, but they’re taking it too far. They need more balance. But, I’m a life long Viking fan…we know we can’t have nice things.

  6. What a dumpster fire Minnesota has turned out to be. The Vikings have no choice but to stick with Cousins at QB, any other type of move will all but admit his signing isn’t/hasn’t worked and they aren’t ready to do that yet. With that said, unless Diggs is hurt he better suit up , play and honor the contract that HE SIGNED. You don’t get to kick and scream your way out of a contract because you’re frustrated. It doesn’t work that way.

  7. It’s Friday and the HC has no idea if the recently signed star receiver will be playing on Sunday or not.

    This is fine, everything is fine.
    Hr definitely knows if he will be playing Diggs on Sunday. He just doesn’t want to give any competitive advantage to the Giants HC who used to coach the Vikings offense.

  8. Diggs can’t get out of Minnesota fast enough and he appears to be perusing through Antonio Brown’s playbook to do so.
    Losing just seems to permeate this entire franchise.

  9. Owner to player: You signed a contract so just play and keep your mouth shut!

    Owner to player: You signed a contract but it’s too expensive under the cap and we have a cheaper option so you’re cut!

    Players get what you can while you can! As we say in church “tomorrow is not promised to anybody”.

  10. I don’t think this boils down to a ‘diva’ WR. The HC insists on operating a ‘3 yards and a clould of dust’ offense and the talent at the WR position is being wasted. Kirk Cousins is not elite, but he can sling it from time to time so let him I say. I don’t think there would be any noise from a player (or players) if the offense was opened up even a little more. Zimmer’s ‘dig my heals in’ attitude about how he wants the offense run probably is one reason Norv Turner bailed back in ’16. The really good coaches can adjust to what the players can do best. Don Shula landed Dan Marino, back in the day, and he didn’t stifle the offense by playing ‘ground and pound’ football. If a ‘balanced attack’ is what teams shoot for, that’s fine, but don’t let the good players you have go to waste.

  11. Diggs will prolly be set down for the first series or quarter. The Giants secondary isnt that good and Zim would be foolish to keep him out the whole game. You Packers,Bears and Lions rubes want him traded because he has had his day many a time with your fave squads. R E L A X…….Boys will be Boys and this has been much bigger and blown up than it should have been.

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