NFL found another illegal hit by Vontaze Burfict last week


The NFL has found another illegal hit by Vontaze Burfict on Sunday, Ian Rapoport of the NFL reports.

The Raiders linebacker received a letter this week informing him of an additional helmet-to-helmet hit against the Colts. The league is expected to include that as evidence against him in his appeal.

Burfict played only 16 snaps Sunday. The only play that appeared to prompt a second look came away from the play in the second quarter when, on a Jacoby Brissett scramble, Burfict hit running back Nyheim Hines.

Officials later ejected Burfict for lowering his head and delivering a helmet-to-helmet blow to Colts tight end Jack Doyle while Doyle was on a knee after catching a pass. The NFL suspended Burfict the rest of the regular season after multiple fines and suspensions for illegal hits in his career.

Burfict, who returned home from London, will have his appeal heard by Derrick Brooks on Tuesday. It would not come as a surprise for Brooks to lower the length of the suspension.

Brooks upheld Burfict’s three-game ban for a hit on then-Steelers wideout Antonio Brown in a playoff game in the 2015 postseason. But appeals officer James Thrash reduced Burfict’s five-game suspension in 2016 to three games.

33 responses to “NFL found another illegal hit by Vontaze Burfict last week

  1. The guy had major issues even in college. He could care a less if he laid someone out and they could not play or ever walk again. Sad.

  2. If Brooks or any other person in the league office elects to reduce this psychopath’s suspension, they should be forced to have their son play RB, QB or receiver for the team Burfict is allowed to play against. Sound fair?

  3. Burfict should’ve been banned from the league long ago, as should Stomper Suh and professional QB head-hunter Kiko Alonso.

  4. I appreciate that the Bengals gave him a chance, but let’s get real. He’s always been a monster. Compare to Tyrann Mathieu, another player teams were afraid to take a risk with. Just different. I think it lends itself to the idea that there are simply good people & bad people.

  5. Can u imagine how much fun the league would be if guys could unload on anyone with zero worry

  6. Players in the seventies and before that did it, you know when they played real football!

  7. It seems inconceivable to the fans that Burfict’s suspension is reduced or reversed. Enabling Burfict to inflict potentially crippling illegal hits on other players is a recipe for disaster for the league … and for the “arbitrator” that reduces the punishment levied by the NFL. Knowing that Burfict is a threat to other players requires the league … and the arbitrator to act with ferocious determination to prevent another episode that might include permanent damage or even death to another player. Can you imagine if a Burfict illegal hit results in permanent paralysis of a key opponent player like Russell Wilson? The lawsuits will be huge! It’s time to ban him from the league – something the NFL is attempting to do under the guise of a full year suspension. If Burfict ever plays again the team that signs him must take out additional insurance – as should the NFL.

  8. jjfootball says:
    October 4, 2019 at 8:41 pm
    Players in the seventies and before that did it, you know when they played real football!

    You are an idiot. There is a reason why the players of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, have CTE, and players today are significantly bigger and faster than they were then. I appreciate that the NFLPA has an obligation to protect their members from fines and suspensions, but defending players like Burfict are not in the best interests of the sport or the other members, and more players (like Le’Vean Bell) should be telling their union representatives that they do not want the union to support cheap-shot artists. And yes, it can certainly be argued that the game has become too soft by penalizing hits like the shoulder to shoulder hit that Matthews was penalized for on Thursday night, there is a huge difference between that and repeat offenders who are clearly engaged in actions that are against the rules and designed to injure opposing players. Other than Neanderthals like you, nobody in the stadium or watching at home wants to see someone carted off the field because of a cheap shot artist. Burfict has had enough chances and the hit on Doyle wasn’t even a close call (even going beyond the helmet-to-helmet shot, just look at the forearm that he threw into Doyle head after he projected himself). Burfict should be out of the game for the year, and Burfict should understand that when he comes back, any similar infractions will be result in a suspension of two years.

  9. He hits like he went to the Dick Butkus art of hitting school. Seriously Burflict was born too late … if he would of played in the 70’s he would be in the HOF today.

  10. Can you imagine an NFL league where all players played the game like Tez? Thought so. Well folks, got news. Thats how the NFL got so popular. Thats how the game was played in the beginning. Tough, dirty, nasty. No rules. Only the strong or stupid survived. Times have changed. Probably for the best. But DEFINITELY, not as much fun to watch.

  11. Can u imagine how much fun the league would be if guys could unload on anyone with zero worry???

    Yeah i can. Watch replays from the 70s…80s…and early 90s or find a copy of nfls hardest hits

  12. Thank you Captain Obvious for pointing these out. How about your officials point out these infractions as they happen instead of someone having to dig into the tape of weeks past. It’s a fast game but isn’t that what these referees are being paid very well to do?They seem to be very happy to be a big part of the game these days. Call the infractions out as they happen. Most games are like open mic nights anymore. CONSISTENCY. Look it up guys and PLEASE stop the flavor of the week calls, which is decided by the front office!! CiP. Offensive pass interference the week after a conference call..come on! Get it together. Please! Let them play!

  13. I’m a Raiders fan, but I was ticked at Burfict for what he did. I’ve changed my mind about the whole thing, though. I watched the tape (something 90% of the naysayers haven’t don’t and don’t care to do). I’ve watched it again and again. Doyle wasn’t down. He was on the ground, but he was getting up to run. Burfict didn’t lower his head in order to go helmet to helmet. He simply went low because Doyle was low. I think Derrick Brooks will side with the truth and Burfict will be back for a playoff run. #hatersdontwatchtape

  14. How about you review the Derek Barnett hit to Jamaal Williams then? The player should have been ejected and then he tried to head hunt Davante Adams. Then they took out one of their own players trying to do the same thing. I know Burfict is dirty but you have to be consistent

  15. NEVER ARRESTED IN HIS LIFE Vontaze Burfict
    is the kind of teammate we valued on the field.

    The modern game is arena ball with shackled defense.

  16. Trubisky (and Daniel) > Carr

    Mack > Entire Raiders defense

    Virtually any NFL fan base > Raider”Salty”Nation

  17. “NFL found another illegal hit by Vontaze Burfict last week”
    So let me understand this. Someone at the league office is responsible for watching every game tape and trying to find illegal hits?
    It’s one thing when a flag is thrown on a play. But to actually sift through every game trying to find hits that were not called?

    Seems a bit extreme to me.

  18. Derrick Brooks was a top tier linebacker in his day. He will uphold the suspension because Burfict is an embarrassment to the position.

  19. will that’s a good thing. Burfict should bring video of all the helmet to helmet hits that occur on almost every single play.. I am sure on any given Sunday, at least a half dozen players go into concussion protocol.. Sounds like a classic example of discrimination, and harassment in the work place. Seems to me that you are being singled out.

    As of Jan 1st 2019, the labor law in California (SB1300) specifically states CBA’s cannot be covered for harassment and workplace discrimination.

    Go for it Vontae….Somebody needs to address it.

  20. purplepride11 says:
    October 4, 2019 at 11:27 pm
    Watch the Vikings game . Dude threw punches multiple times and they didn’t get called.
    – – – – – – – – – – –
    The Zebra’s gave you that game. First quarter alone you got “3” bogus first downs on 3rd and long plays. they were only first downs because of charity from the refs. You got spotted 14 points. Unfortunately your Vikings won’t have the refs in your pocket the rest of the season. Time will tell what the Vike’s really are without the refs. (aka Saints game, for a reminder)

  21. Now are they going to go back and retroactively call all the holding and PI calls that they’ve missed over the past year?

    The NFL brass is absolutely feckless.

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