Packers rule out Davante Adams

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A report last Friday indicated that the turf toe injury Packers wide receiver Davante Adams suffered in a Week Four loss to the Eagles would not keep him out of action for an extended period of time.

It will keep him out of at least one game, however. Adams did not take part in practice at all this week and he has been ruled out of Sunday’s game against the Cowboys.

Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Geronimo Allison, Jake Kumerow, Allen Lazard and Darrius Sheppard will be the receiving options for Aaron Rodgers in Dallas.

The Packers offense will also be without running back Jamaal Williams as he remains in the concussion protocol after being injured against the Eagles. Cornerback Tony Brown won’t play due to a hamstring injury and cornerback Kevin King (groin) is set to miss the game after being listed as doubtful.

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  1. With King and Tony Brown out, Josh Jackson has a chance to either start in the slot or on the outside opposite Jaire.

    Pettine may want to keep Tramon Williams in the slot because you want a wise vet covering Randall Cobb.

  2. MVS= 5th round pick
    The rest of this WRs are undrafted guys. Shepherd is a tryout guy. The lack of playmaking talent at the WR position is concerning right now.

  3. Just my two cents, but if I were the Packers GM I would invest a little heavier in the receiver position to take full advantage of Rodgers talent. Not that those guys are bad players, but outside of Adams I don’t think anyone of them demands more than single coverage. Same could be said of the TE position.

  4. Rather than faking being a Packers fan in Packers threads, you should really focus on that dumpster fire you have raging in loserville.👌

    Poor Barney

  5. My team has been up and down, but at least they got a large part of the hard games out of the way early…There’s a chance the Lions gain on every team in the division this week without playing.

    That aside, I think the Packers are in major trouble trying to stop a mad Zeke at home. He might put up 200 yards himself.

  6. freefromcommonsense says:

    Pettine may want to keep Tramon Williams in the slot because you want a wise vet covering Randall Cobb.

    Gutekunst might have been wise to have kept Randall Cobb to have some WR depth….

  7. The Purple stalker wants to talk about WR depth? Really?

    If Thielen turns a ankle, who do you have? Diggs? Who knows? And NO ONE else worth mentioning.

    Davante misses one game and I will take our WR depth all day long over your garbage.







  8. The guy who got caught being a fake Viking fans posts unsubstantiated cries about fake Packer fans. LOL oh those cheese eaters.
    And nothing says quality I guess like a list!

  9. freefromcommonsense says:






    That’s a total of 25 receptions this year out of 146 passes by Aaron this year…

    Adams was only the target of 36 of the passes. Lazard and Shepherd have ZERO targets. Kumerow has 1.

    Only freefromcommonsense could make a statement so ludicrous.

  10. This game is going to be all about the defense. Aaron will be fine without Adams, they will be able to score points. My question is if the GB defense can win versus the Cowboys offense. If GB can slow Zeke and create a couple turnovers, GB will win. If Zeke runs all over them, and Dak controls the clock, Dallas will win.

  11. screamingyellowzonkers says:
    October 4, 2019 at 5:25 pm
    Well, Aaron and the packer fans now have a scapegoat if they lose.


    So true!

    It actually feels weird, though. You Vikings fans have the refs as a scapegoat literally every time you lose, so I guess it wouldn’t feel weird to you.

  12. cheeseisfattening says:
    October 4, 2019 at 4:24 pm
    This should not be a problem with the Packer’s vaunted WR depth.

    You can’t say that.

    “Vaunted” has been copyrighted by the Viking defense. Remember? Zimmer himself? .

  13. tokyo: You must mean Cowboys 13, Packers 0, but I think a few more points will be scored than that. Nobody really cares about championships over a 100 year span, especially when only 16 teams (or so) were involved. It’s all about Super Bowls, and the Patriots have 6 going on 7.

  14. Why do Vikings fans feel that their opinions are still relevant? Crawl back into the hole that you call your basement, Queenie fans. This is a big boy thread. Literally has nothing to do with you but I can see why you would cheer for the only thing that could keep GB’s offense off of the field. Classy.

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