Report: Jay Gruden didn’t want Haskins, and Haskins can sense that

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A widespread sense that Washington coach Jay Gruden didn’t want the team to draft rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins isn’t just speculation.

The Washington Post reports both that Gruden did not want Haskins, and that Haskins can sense Gruden didn’t want him. Both of those pieces of information are attributed to unnamed sources who are close to the situation in Washington.

Gruden certainly hasn’t acted like he thinks much of Haskins, putting him on the field only when both Case Keenum was hurt and Colt McCoy was inactive. Gruden has still not said who will start this week.

The good news for Haskins is that Gruden is highly unlikely to be Washington’s coach next year, and perhaps not even for much longer this year. Haskins has a chance to play for a coach who believes in him, even if he didn’t get drafted by a coach who believed in him.

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  1. Shades of John Fox and Mitch Trubisky with the Bears. It’s a tough way for a kid to start his NFL career.

  2. . . . Or Haskins has the chance to get what RGIII got in Gruden – a new coach who didn’t pick him and wants his own quarterback, but has to tell ownership that he can make it work with Haskins in order to get the job.

  3. No idea how Jay Gruden has survived the axe for so long. The Redskins are a terrible team and an awful organisation, with an owner that is as likeable as the you-know-what on the bottom of my boots…..

  4. it was obvious from looking at gruden’s offense and haskins’ skill set that they are not a good match. jay runs the west coast dink n dunk and haskins throws bombs. gruden wanted daniel jones and the skins ownership is so bad that they are forcing a square peg in a round hole, careers be damned.

    snyder has turned my love for this team into bitter ash. gruden is not the problem, but he will certainly be blamed

  5. “Kind of a tough spot for both guys but they should both be professionals about it.”

    Haskins has been remarkably professional about it. Not sure if your comment was meant to throw shade on him or something got lost in translation.

  6. Gruden wants to keep his job. If Haskins was good enough to help him do that, Haskins would be on the field. If you just watch haskins against a terrible Giants secondary it’s easy to see why he’s 3rd on the depth chart.

  7. Please for the love of God get Gruden out of here asap! Dan and Bruce need to go too but that’s a bit more unrealistic. Let’s at least get 1 of 3 out of the picture.

  8. Wow.

    So, he;s fired either way. Dead man walking. If Keenum starts, he’s cooked. Even if he starts Haskins and predictably loses, he’s cooked.

  9. Remember when Little Danny said he had stepped back from trying to run things? Good times.

    And you know Bruce doesn’t do anything without Danny’s consent.

  10. Or there is always the option that Haskins is a bad fit for Jay’s offense and a possibility he just isn’t going to be a good NFL starting QB no matter what team or coach had drafted him.

    For all of the issues and losing that has plagued Washington for the majority of Synder’s ownership of the team makes me want to give Gruden the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. Snyder owns the team and can do why he wants but to draft a QB ur head coach doesn’t want makes no sense. If ur going to draft Haskins and u know ur coach just does not want him then if u r so sold on Haskins just fire Gruden right after the draft as it’s only going to hurt the progression of Haskins in the long term especially now w story out and know he’s gonna have questions asked about it

  11. The Redskins front office foisting a quarterback on a coach who prefers a different quarterback? That’s never happened before with RG3, Donovan McNabb, Patrick Ramsey, Jeff George or others.

  12. whats done is done…you gotta roll with the players you got…
    both should be way over that by now

  13. Given the track record of the ownership and front office in Washington. I don’t think you can blame the success or failure of a quarterback or head coach on the head coach or quarterback.

  14. New coach next year??? LOL….a plump turkey has a better chance of surviving past Thanksgiving than Gruden does.

  15. Can anyone explain why you would draft a QB that your coach didn’t want and then expect it to work out . The Redskins should have dumped Gruden and his mediocre record when he made it clear he didn’t want Haskins. Now they wasted a year of developing Haskins and are going to fire Gruden anyway . Feel sorry for Washington fans because it’s clear as long as Snyder is the owner they are ging to be stuck with a losing team with no hope .

  16. The source of this leak is 100% either Jay Gruden or a minion doing his bidding. He knows he’s out, and he would prefer both that people not associate him with this super-questionable pick, and that people believe this discord, and not his atrocious record, was the reason he inevitably does get canned.

  17. I think Haskins will be good in the right system. The tough thing about firing Gruden now is that you don’t really accomplish anything this year. That great “offensive mind” that you would want is coaching somewhere and the only thing you can really do is promote from within. You’d be going through the motions this year and a lot of guys will want out of Washington.

  18. In addition to being a horrible coach, Gruden is utterly unprofessional. He is getting paid millions upon millions of dollars a year and his teams are consistently sloppy, undisciplined, penalty plague and and Grudenis constay out coached following each half. The least Gruden could do for all that money and all those loses is not to malign his own quarterback, who by all accounts is a terrific guy. But Gruden is not only a loser. Behind the avuncular facade Gruden is a complete punk. Good riddance Jay — you will never see a head coaching gig again.

  19. I’ve been a Gruden guy until now. If this is true, then he has to go. Whether he wanted Haskins or not, he has him and if he puts him a no-win scenario without proper preparation, he has to go.

  20. bassplucker says:
    October 4, 2019 at 10:25 am
    Shades of John Fox and Mitch Trubisky with the Bears. It’s a tough way for a kid to start his NFL career.
    It’s funny cause in both cases the coaches were correct, they both suck at QB…. oh and Gruden won’t be going anywhere Synder doesn’t turnover staff like that

  21. Snyder should just sell the team. It is clear he’s in way over his head but the free NFL money is too enticing to sell. The league should look to curtail the revenue sharing for owners that refuse to get out of their own way.

  22. Maybe the coach should be allowed to coach and pick his own QB. Dan wanted Haskins and there are reasons he feel as far as he did in the draft. He is not and never will be a top NFL starting QB. Gruden for all of his faults at least knew that.

  23. okay this has gotten out of control.
    It is very obvious by The Way Jay Gruden is conducting himself during media events his outright demeanor even looking at his facial expressions and short quick-tempered answers are very obvious that he has checked out already.
    this is all now on Daniel Snyder because he should have fired Gruden a week ago now it’s out of control and just getting worse and we all have to wait until Monday morning now to hear the news

  24. Isn’t there also a chance that Gruden didn’t care for all of the smack that Haskins served up in front of the microphones after the draft? Clearly he hasn’t done much to earn the job that his mouth thought he was entitled to.

  25. It doesn’t speak well of an organization where the coach, front office, and the owner aren’t on the same page. All parties need to be on the same page for an organization to run smoothly. The owner drafts a QB he wants, and the coach doesn’t want! Couple with the fact he doesn’t like Adrian Peterson style of running, and you seeing dissension among players.

    Since you can’t fire an owner, I just can’t see this ending well for Jay Gruden!

  26. Gruden publicly trashed RGIII, labeled Cousins a choker during a half time interview of a Monday Night Game, criticized Adrian Peterson in a huffy press conference and is now leaking his dissatisfaction with Haskins. Give it a rest Jay. You haven’t exactly shown yourself to be the next Joe Gibbs, or anything close.

  27. Listen, my team is bad. Everything we’re doing is wrong.

    But I’m shocked that the national media’s got the wrong take on things. Gruden is a win-now situation. Of course he didn’t want a rookie QB that everyone in the league knew wouldn’t be a day one starter. Haskins didn’t think he would be a day one starter.

    The story here is that Gruden is delaying announcing his choice — Colt, pending health — for no real reason. He’s going to be fired at the end of the season, if he makes it that long.

    Gruden does not dislike Haskins, he just does not think Haskins gives the team the best chance to win games right now. Keenam had a bad game, and then a bad half playing hurt. The first two games? Not that bad. This team isn’t good, but Keenam isn’t the reason why they lost against the Eagles or the Cowboys.

  28. Poor Haskins. First Jones goes in front of him, then he has to take a pay cut once he leaves Ohio State for the NFL, now he’s stuck in an inept organization.

    Well, he’ll be there, but he won’t have Gruden to worry about after this week. So there’s that.

  29. The Washington Post is laughable. Those reports are wrong. You draft off of your board. Amazing how much people lose touch with reality when they are trying to come up with sensational headlines.

  30. The questions is what desperate, moral-less coach that is willing to work with one of the 3 worst owners in the league and a worthless GM will be working with Haskins in the next year, er next week, my money is on Art Briles or Bobby Petrino.

  31. Not sure this is anything new, just relevant again. There were reports right before the draft that Snyder wanted Haskins and that Gruden didn’t. I remember dreading how the Redskins were once again going to give up a pile of draft picks to force a QB on a coach and how relieved I was when they at least didn’t trade up to do it.

  32. It’s clear that Jay doesn’t know how to play to the strength of the personnel. He wants his players a certain way and if he doesn’t get that, he dislikes them. Jay can’t just coach anyone, which proves he’s not HC material.

  33. Gruden HAS to go, period! The team has lost confidence in him, and he has no real ingenuity when it comes to running an offense and countering the defense. I also believe that Bruce Allen DEFINITELY has to go as well and I hope to God they hire a real GM, who then hires a REAL HC. The only guy that should be keeping his job is Doug Williams, SB MVP! Doug should be hired to be the GM, he deserves a shot and I trust his tutelage when it comes to grooming a black QB, experience obviously. Snyder just wants to win, but he needs to allow a GM to make those decisions with the help of good scouts.

  34. The timing of this rumor that Gruden didn’t want Haskins and also the videos that mysteriously surfaced are both parts of a propaganda effort to destroy Gruden’s reputation and then the Redskins will fire him, pretending they were forced to do it because of Gruden. Truth is, Snyder and Allen are just horrible at what they do and try to manipulate the story so they don’t look bad, when it’s the 2 of them that are responsible for the mess here. Not saying Gruden is a good coach, but he’s not the reason the team is a mess.

  35. I lost a lot respect for Jay Gruden when he threw Haskins to the wolves last weekend down by 14 points. I can see not wanting Haskins, but don’t take that out on the kid. Don’t take your issues with Dan Snyder out on Haskins, he’s a kid who’s just trying to make his way and fit in. It’s hard enough to be an NFL without your HC plotting against you, Jay comes off as a childish punk.

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