Seahawks had multiple head-scratching decisions on Thursday night

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Because Greg Zuerlein missed a 44-yard field goal late in the fourth quarter of Thursday night’s game, the Seahawks have received plenty of praise for the performance of quarterback Russell Wilson and other key plays from a variety of other players, from Tyler Lockett to Will Dissly to Chris Carson to D.K. Metcalf to Tedric Thompson to others. If Zuerlein had made a kick that has gone from being a 50-50 proposition in the ’70s to a virtual chip shot in 2019, the narrative today would be that the Seahawks blew the game with a couple of head-scratching decisions.

The most glaring blunder came after Thompson’s interception positioned the Seahawks to seal the game with a single first down. Facing third and two from the Rams’ 43 yard line and with defenders jammed together to stop a run up the middle, the Seahawks dialed up a bizarre option play that quickly disintegrated as Wilson found himself quickly surrounded.

In a split-second of what seemed to be panic by Wilson, who otherwise was unflappable all night long, he flipped the ball toward receiver Tyler Lockett, with Rams cornerback Marcus Peters nearly in position to pluck it out of the air and return it for a touchdown.

Instead, the ball made it to Lockett, Peters quickly tackled him, and third and two became fourth and 10 became a punt that was fielded at the six and returned for one yard became the fast-moving drive that ended with Zuerlein’s field goal attempt.

So why did the Seahawks opt for an option play that was bungled so badly that it nearly cost the home team the game?

“Razzle dazzle,” coach Pete Carroll said after the game. “Didn’t quite work out like we had planned. But we had a play that gave us a chance for us to make something happen if . . . everybody jumped on Chris [Carson]. . . . And Russ read that properly. And he came out and he was trying to duck up and he just didn’t quite get it done. So he had to flip it out there in kind of desperation. When you have players like that, the reason that Tyler’s there because he’s such a great football player the two of those guys figure that kind of stuff out when everything’s breaking loose. That’s why we believe in those guys.”

Wilson wasn’t asked about the play after the game. Lockett was.

“It wasn’t drawn up like that, of course,” Lockett said. “We were just handing it off, handing it off. They started trying to close in on it. When [Wilson] took it out, it was kind of like two on two. I’ll take that any day and he’ll take that any day. The biggest thing was, I just told myself, just hold onto the ball and catch the ball. If he pitches it, just catch it. There’s no telling what’s going to happen. I know a lot of people were probably scared out there. Probably talking about why would they do that? At the same time, if it were to work, they would say, ‘That was an amazing play.’ For us, it ended up working out in our favor. If we would’ve lost, people would have looked at that play, but we won. So we just scratch out that play.”

But it’s still worth looking at that play, because it nearly did cost the Seahawks the game. And it’s a game the Seahawks seemed to be on track to potentially win easily in the first half, leading 14-6 and driving for another score. Facing fourth and one from the L.A. 30, the Seahawks opted to try a field goal. Jason Myers missed it, the Rams went right down the field and scored a touchdown to make it 14-13, and then to start the third quarter the Rams pulled off the Bill Belichick double dip by quickly scoring another touchdown, flipping 14-6 into 20-14.

So what was Carroll thinking when he chose not to go for it on fourth and short, in an effort to extend the lead to 21-6?

I was thinking we were going to win the football game, keep [making] the decisions you’re going to win the football game, [don’t] go desperate — I just figured Jay’s going to kick it in because he’s such a good kicker,” Carroll said. “Unfortunately it didn’t go. They missed their field goal, we missed our field goal. But fortunately it wasn’t the end of the game.”

But it gave the Rams an opening to take the lead, and the Rams held that lead until Seattle scored that late touchdown. And the Seahawks thought the game had ended with Thompson’s interception and that “razzle dazzle” from Seattle’s offense gave the Rams one last chance to ruin the night that the franchise put the late Paul Allen into the ring of honor.

25 responses to “Seahawks had multiple head-scratching decisions on Thursday night

  1. Second-guessing one of the best coaches in the game and a game where he won a tough battle against a division opponent who happens to be a Super bowl contender.

    the battle is between these teams have been fierce recently and the two coaches are constantly trying to out think/coach each other.

    Interesting to speculate of course but hindsight is always 20/20. Make that field goalat the end of the first half and the momentum doesn’t shift so drastically and maybe the defense stops the Rams and that is that.

    If that it happened there would be no questioning but nobody knows what’s going to happen until you actually do it. Criticizing something for not working is too easy after the fact.

    I bet if you pulled everybody before the check he would be about 50-50 should go for it on 4th or kick the field goal. To criticize either decision just means you disagree on a personal level.

    my first gut emotional instinct was to go for it but then about 10 seconds later I told my wife they needed to just get the three points and defend. That’s the logical move.especially after just getting stuffed on 3rd and one and Aaron Donald out there…

  2. Sorry to say but Pete Carroll is the most overrated coaches in the league. His Bad coaching covered all those years by that defense. Seriously calling a pass on the goal line when you have Lynch?? Thanks Pete!

    #kisstherings #goatqb #goatcoach #goatfranchise #goatfans

  3. Dumb play(easy to say after). Good on Lockett during that play and, when interviewed about it, after. Smart player, imo.

  4. The option certainly didn’t work but after the fact every failed play looks like a bad idea.
    And bringing up the 4th down is rather ludicrous given 95% of coaches would have handled that in exactly the same manner the Seahawks did. (And anybody who did go for it and failed to convert would be in line for this very same article questioning why they risked turning the game’s momentum with a failed 4th down attempt in the first half.)

  5. Sorry to say but Pete Carroll is the most overrated coaches in the league.

    How sorry are you?

    I thought Pete might have deserved coach of the year last year for taking his team that was supposed to be rebuilding and bad to the playoffs with a winning record.

    4-1 so far…

    Do you know who Jarran Reed is?

  6. Seahawks with inflated numbers. Beat the Cardinals. Squeeked out wins against the hapless Bengals, Steelers, and Rams who look decent but not great this year. Lost to the only good defense they played against NOLA. Not a threat to win a Superbowl when all the playoff teams are looking like tough defenses. Pretenders, but 4-1 is definitely a good start to the season.

  7. Slippery Pete doesn’t cheat??? That’s a remarkable statement considering the way he snuck out of USC before the axe fell.

    Oh, you were probably wearing diapers when that all went down.

  8. I use to hate seattle but now with all their annoying players gone, they don’t bother me. they are a solid organization with a great QB and pete c seems to get his guys to play hard for him. as long as they have RW, they’ll be good. if only they could do something about those awful neon chartreuse uniforms.

  9. ornjcrush says:
    October 4, 2019 at 6:06 pm
    Hey patriots6ringsdeep…
    #tcheaters #spying #stealingsignals #tuckrulesuddenlyathing #tradedraftpicksforcheating
    1) NFL admitted no evidence to Judge Berman, won 2nd case on CBA rights, not psi.
    2) Video 3yds too close, for 15mins, after new but vague rule retrospectively reinterpreted.
    3) It was Miami who stole Brady’s signals (a decade ago) – Dolphin players admitted it.
    3) Jets were first team to benefit from the Tuck Rule, gifting them a narrow win over Pats.
    4) Fraudger stole those picks – for the sake of Parity.
    No amount of your salty hate fantasy is going to change those facts.

  10. patriots6ringsdeep says:
    October 4, 2019 at 5:28 pm
    Sorry to say but Pete Carroll is the most overrated coaches in the league. His Bad coaching covered all those years by that defense. Seriously calling a pass on the goal line when you have Lynch?? Thanks Pete!

    #kisstherings #goatqb #goatcoach #goatfranchise #goatfans

    I know that you Pats fans think that the world revolves around you, and every story is supposed to have a Patriots tangent that all the other teams’s fans have to read about while we don’t have the SLIGHTEST INTEREST in your Patriots.

    Delivering you Pats fans a hard and bitter truth from fans of the other 31 teams!

  11. Patriots are cheaters from Kraft all the way down to “the deflator”.

    But they win on the field and this league celebrates winners so if you don’t like it, stop them from winning.

  12. In that situation the Seahawks will always run a zone read QB keeper. No surprise there. If I was waiting for it from my sofa you gotta think Wade PHillips knew it was coming too.

  13. Seattle is rebuilding, and an exit from the playoffs after one game would be the worst thing for a rebuilding team. All 20 teams that missed the playoffs will draft higher than they will.

  14. Typical double-speak nonsense coming from Pete, that’s his M.O.

    Seldom if ever hear him own up to making a bone-headed decision.
    Remember the S.B. pass at the goal line that got pic’d? Yeah. Same baloney nonsense double-speak.

    That failure to go for it 4th down was stupid and so was that option play on 3rd down, it could have easily been a turnover for 6 points the other way. Bone headed. But he’ll never admit it.

  15. How did Clay Mathews brake his jaw?
    I understand he’s out for a month or may be longer!
    Because of the hit he put on Russell Wilson.
    He said he did it with his shoulder!
    Paul Allen was looking after the Seahawks…
    Mathews put a even a nastier hit on Wilson at the Seahawks Packer NFC championship game few years back..

  16. brady2gronktd says:
    October 5, 2019 at 5:52 am
    The Pats broke the Seahawks, definitely broke those big bad 12’s.

    Just how can that be? I remember we were so broken by the Pats that we came into Gillette Stadium the Sunday Night after Election Day 2016 and beat them!

  17. Right, per all of the narratives here, obviously the Rams didn’t deserve to be on the same field as the Seahawks. Same ol’ sorry Rams.

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