Source: Jay Gruden videos are not new

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Those videos including images of Washington coach Jay Gruden that emerged on Friday are not new videos.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the videos are more than a year old, if not older than that.

So why are they showing up for the first time today, on the same day Gruden announced that Colt McCoy, and not rookie first-rounder Dwayne Haskins, will start at quarterback against the Patriots? That’s open to interpretation, speculation, and further reporting. For now, it’s fair to wonder whether someone within the Washington organization had a role in leaking the videos.

Obviously, we’re not alleging that someone from the organization actually did leak the videos. We’re suggesting that, given the broader circumstances, it’s fair to raise the question — and to pursue the answer.

Some in league circles wonder whether the team hopes to fire Gruden with cause, cutting off his right to ongoing pay. That’s precisely what the team did more than two years ago, when firing G.M. Scot McCloughan.

It’s unclear whether anyone within the organization knew about the videos, or whether they had access to the videos. It’s also debatable whether the videos contain any evidence that would make Gruden susceptible to a termination with cause. Regardless, the videos are now out there, they’re not new, and as soon as Sunday night or Monday Gruden could be relieved of his duties as the head coach in Washington. Coincidentally, or not, those videos will at a minimum may Gruden seem less sympathetic, if he’s indeed fired.

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  1. Weeds legal in DC & Maryland & there’s no actual proof of it even being pot so how is this video going to become usable in firing him “for cause”.
    Maybe he was having a nicotine fit & didn’t have a lipper on hand?? Or he didn’t want to toss one in and disgust the little lady

  2. Snyder should be forced to sell. NFL should have a rule for incompetent owners. Nothing will change until Snyder is gone.

  3. Just another ploy by big Dan and his sidekick Bruce Allen to fire Jay with just cause to avoid dishing out additional fees. Terrible organization, can’t believe people would want to work here. First the general manager is fired for alcohol abuse and now this. Something is bad with this organization.

  4. Big deal….

    Of course if it was a Patriots player or coach everyone would be losing their minds.

  5. I’m glad I’m my own boss and that my employer doesnt give two turds about testing for thc.

  6. The dumpster fire that is the Washington organization will do anything. They have to get back some of the $42M they have as a gift to Alex Smith. Take it out of the coach’s hide is a class way to do it.

  7. After what this organization did to Scott, if this turns out to be them behind this release…might be one of the shadiest things. Why anybody would want to work or play for this team and Daniel Snyder. Toxic stuff.

  8. Well alls I can say is if that is Gruden in the videos, they must be at least 10 years old. Hard to say it’s even really him. And even if it is, so what? They show him doing nothing wrong or out of line. Smoking a blunt – big deal.

  9. Regardless, if Snyder/Allen leaked this in hopes of firing Gruden with-cause, good luck finding a decent coach afterwards.

    Then again, Hue Jackson is always willing to lay on swords, so maybe he will get the call.

  10. If the red skins try and screw Gruden out of his money how likely are they to get a good HC?
    I’d like to see them fire him, and lose in arbitration and not be able to get anyone other than Jeff Fisher.
    That would serve them right.

  11. Of course Bruce Allen and Snyder will try to use it as an excuse not to pay Gruden…somewhere along the line. Of course. It’s in their nature to be vindictive jerks.


    Redskins fan of 35+ years.

  12. If they try to use that video to avoid paying him they will get slam dunked in court. Gruden can sit there and say, yeah I was hammered, and thats a 19 year old, and thats pot Im smoking there…and thats still not enough to just say they dont have to pay on a contract.

  13. No. This is all about appearances. If the team released these videos then they want Gruden to be tried in the court of public opinion. The team wants to spark outrage amongst the fanbase so that when they fire him they do it to cheers rather than keeping this under wraps and looking like the rudderless organization that they are when they fire him. The team wants to look like the victim.

    The problem with this team is how poorly managed they are. You’ll never win there until you establish a winning culture from the top down. Right now it’s just a bunch of people collecting a paycheck.

  14. It’s Bruce Allen that’s starting the “get rid of Jay for cause” process. He’s the cancer in the organization. Snyder and Allen want Haskins to start, but Jay knows that he’s not ready. So Allen is building the case to fire Jay and not pay him.

    Redskins fans all know that we are stuck with Snyder, but Allen – come on. Get rid of this clown. Before you know it, they will start building a case on Doug Williams too.

  15. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gruden leaked the videos. Nobody wants Gruden out of Washington more than perhaps Gruden himself. With pay or without pay, I don’t think Gruden is going hungry tonight. This place has been a total football disaster since Snyder bought the team, and the only thing I can blame Gruden for is accepting the job in the first place, when he had tons of other options. The next coach better get all the money up front. I don’t think it’s going to change any time soon, especially with a rookie QB who isn’t an NFL caliber QB.

  16. I’m shocked, shocked to think that Bruce Allen might resort to unethical behavior.

  17. Whether the videos are from last week or last decade it’s not as though anything Gruden does can be viewed as ‘damaging to the brand.’ That was accomplished long before he got there

  18. W.T.F. Is the big deal. Cannabis is legal there he’s doing nothing wrong. I suppose if he was falling down drunk and harassing women.
    It would be no problem to most people. But if you smoke a joint and chill your a drug addict get real people. Smoke a fat one yourself and you will realize there is ,o harm in it .

  19. I just watched the video. There is nothing incriminating at all. And Washington’s problems go WAY deeper than Jay Gruden. Anyone who’s been paying attention to this franchise for the last 20 years knows that.

  20. Why would the team do this; coaches get fired all the time and were Gruden fired, no one would bat an eye, given the lack of success. If certain entities want to conduct some kind of inquiry into the release of this video my question would be why bother. This is a tempest in a tea cup-nothing more.

  21. Get in touch with DC101, specifically Elliot in the Morning, they talked about these videos a year ago. A bunch of people called in telling their stories of Jay and his kid showing up at some bar in MD.

  22. The NFL almost ruined many careers over weed with players. Let’s see if their is a double standard still

  23. When the Chicago Bulls were winning NBA championships in the 90s with then little known coach Phil Jackson and superstar Michael Jordan, people were saying that coaching does not make a difference. LOL

  24. “Snyder should be forced to sell. NFL should have a rule for incompetent owners. Nothing will change until Snyder is gone.”

    The underlying problem for the dozen or so bad owners that never put a good product on the field is the distribution of the TV money as equal revenue sharing. They know that they can laugh all the way to the bank and still get the huge TV checks even if the put 0-16 teams out there.

    That revenue sharing is the worst thing that ever happened to the NFL for competition. It allows business people to buy these teams as investments to generate profit no matter how bad the product is. It allows the children of owners who have no passion for the game to inherit a team and keep it for the sole purpose of a money machine. Then if they end up 10, 20 30 million under the cap that much more money laughs its way into their accounts.

    The simple solution would be to distribute half that money as they do now, but the other half based on 256 shares that go to the winner of each of the 256 regular season games. That would force the bad owners to be more competitive and give the fans a decent product at least if not a great one.

  25. “If the red skins try and screw Gruden out of his money how likely are they to get a good HC?
    I’d like to see them fire him, and lose in arbitration and not be able to get anyone other than Jeff Fisher.
    That would serve them right.”

    Hey Marvin Lewis would jump at that job too !

  26. If I had to guess, Bruce Allen is up to his old tricks again smearing one on of his colleague in a sleazy underhanded manner. And yet Gruden sitting on a public street in a t-shirt apparently stoned and drunk with a young pickup on his leg is not a good look either. But as bad as Allen and Gruden are, they pale in comparison to Snyder, the root of all dysfunction.

  27. I think it’s refreshing to see a coach act like he’s not even trying anymore, completely free of the hassle that is having to do his actual work.

  28. At what point does the other owners of NFL teams say enough is enough with the Washington Redskins? Daniel Snyder has driven this once proud blue chip NFL franchise into the ground. My guess is other NFL owners are not happy with the unprofessional embarrassing product that is the Redskins. The NFL made a huge mistake in letting Daniel Snyder purchase the Redskins. The Redskins aren’t competitive and that has driven their fanbase away, their stadium is filled with other teams fans. It’s sad seeing one of the NFL’s great franchises being so utterly destroyed by incompetent ownership.

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