Bears elevate Tyler Bray, drop 54th man Bradley Sowell

Getty Images

The Bears should install a revolving door at the front of Halas Hall and name it after Bradley Sowell.

The veteran tight end has become the de facto 54th man on the roster this year, routinely being cut on Saturday in favor of whoever the team needs to promote from the practice squad due to injury.

This week, Sowell exits for quarterback Tyler Bray, who’ll serve as the backup to Chase Daniel on Sunday in London against the Raiders.

Sowell, technically unemployed while in the U.K., will undoubtedly be reunited with the active roster, either this week or after the bye.

It’s a trick that plenty of teams have utilized over the years. Since Sowell is a vested veteran, there’s no risk of anyone else claiming him on waivers. And even when he’s fired on a Saturday, he still gets paid for the week.

After the trade deadline, this move will become more complicated. At that point, all released players must pass through waivers, allowing any other team to disrupt the wink-nod arrangement that essentially has given the Bears 54 players instead of 53.