Bills announce Josh Allen cleared to play

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Six days after suffering a concussion, Bills quarterback Josh Allen has been cleared to play again.

The Bills announced today that Allen has cleared the concussion protocol. He should start tomorrow against the Titans, as coach Sean McDermott said yesterday that Allen would start as long as both the team’s medical staff and an independent neurologist cleared him.

Safety Dean Marlowe and fullback Pat DiMarco have both been cleared as well, the team announced.

Allen suffered the concussion on a controversial hit from Patriots cornerback Jonathan Jones, who was flagged for helmet-to-helmet contact. The Bills have been adamant that there is no place in football for hits like the one Jones put on Allen, but the Patriots have stood by Jones and said he was attempting to hit Allen with his shoulder, not his head.

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  1. Very good news! Here is hoping the roster spot be used to bring up Duke Williams. Josh Allen needs to focus on “sliding” all day Saturday.

  2. Patriots don’t get suspended


    Diehard Pats fan from MA. The hit looked bad because JJ is only 5’10 where allen is what? 6’4/6’5? so he has 6 inches on him. SLIDE. I am not saying JJ standing there didnt make it look worse, but Allen should’ve slid and he would’ve had the first down had Jones not crushed him. I like Josh Allen, BUT HE NEEDS TO SLIDE.

  3. Allen should have been watching film all week. You can’t do that if you are being treated for a concussion. If he plays he won’t be prepared.

  4. Alright!

    He has to be good for at least 4 more turnovers, the guy is a human turnover machine.

    He really is fun to watch.

  5. I like Allen as a player and think his duel threat ability brings a good dimension to the Bills offense, but he needs to slide, like all QBs who run. The rules were implemented to protect you so use them. I can see a playoff game but it’s week 4 and you were 3-0, it’s a long season.

    As for the hit, I have no problem with it. JJ has both feet firmly in the ground ahead of time waiting for Allen, no launching, he put his should into him and its actually Allen who puts the crown of his helmet down (which honestly is totally normal human reaction to protect yourself). It was unfortunate a concussion came out of it, glad he’s on.

  6. Allen is no Cam Newton. He is actually a real life football player.. one who was trying to fight for a first down..

  7. I am a Bills fan and have been following them for years. I can’t get over this devotion to Josh Allen. The team is stacked. The culture is solid. It’s amazing how the team’s biggest liability is worshiped like a god.

  8. Think about it, the Bills would actually be better off with Tyrod Taylor.

    Allen is forever turning the ball over, he fumbles are off the hook and he’s been lucky that his tem has recovered most of them but that won’t happen forever.

    As bas as Tyrod was, they’d be better off with him than Allen.

  9. No sense in trying to even say that Allen didn’t lower his head, he was being tackled from behind and Jones should be suspended especially with his celebrating that he knocked him out… But pat’s don’t get suspended, other then brady when he destroyed his cell phone evidence. How is Chung not on the commissioners exempt list this year awaiting his drug dealing trial? How did gordons lifetime suspension become a few months?? Why was hernandez playing for so long? And finally, how about Kraft basically admitting his sex crimes?

  10. The crown of Allen’s helmet hits the defender in his earhole.

    Allen should have been flagged for leading with the helmet, and he should have been suspended.

    Bills fan’s either don’t understand the rules, do not own HD TV’s or just hate the Pats so much that they don’t care what actually happened.

  11. Well….there goes any chance of beating the titans. you know what you do to a young QB that keeps turning the ball over no matter what his coaches keep telling him ? you bench his ass. JA gotta understand thats totally unacceptable.

  12. HE was a runner. HE was still moving forward to the line of gain and the defender took him on like any other running back. Which is exactly what he should do to prevent the first down. The runner, Allen, is the one that dropped his helmet and initiated contact to Jones’s helmet who was actually turning his shoulder inside to avoid the head and stop his forward progress. This was NOT a penalty and that’s why there was no suspension and NO FINE! The league deemed it a clean hit on a runner. It was Josh Allen’s action that dictated he be NOT afforded any extra protection. Anyone calling for a fine or a suspension clearly really needs to do their homework. Josh brought this on himself.

  13. Pats fans who are commenting – I agree w/ you. Some fans are making too big a deal about the hit. It was bang bang, Jones did nothing dirty, and Allen has to learn to slide.

    That said, pipe down. I’ve seen all of you when someone hits Brady in any way that isn’t perfect. Don’t be hypocritical.

    As for Allen’s detractors, write him off if you want to. His ceiling is very high, and last week was just another lesson that we’ve seen BB give to MANY young QB’s, including some who went on to be all timers. Allen is 3-1 as a starter this season, and I’d guess 4-1 after tomorrow. He’ll be fine.

  14. You don’t slide on 3rd and 8 when u have 7. It was a bang bang bang play. It’s football it happens. Onto Nashville. And The Toronto troll is working overtime on bills threads lately. You really need to get out more loser.

  15. Tom slides… he doesn’t do what Allen did… blah, blah, blah.

    Bottom line is that if someone hit Tom like that, exactly like that, y’all would be singing a different tune.

  16. jchemengr says:
    October 5, 2019 at 10:08 am

    Allen should have been watching film all week. You can’t do that if you are being treated for a concussion. If he plays he won’t be prepared.

    I’m not a doctor like you are. I wasn’t aware that you couldn’t watch film in concussion protocol. I also wonder how he was able to practice on Friday.
    Oh, and doctor, what kind of treatment do they do for a concussion? Do they have you sit in a dark room for a week?

  17. I gotta be honest. The one fan on here that seems to have the most common sense is billsrthefuture. It seems as if he actually watches what happens, takes a moment to look everything over and then make an informed decision as to what he sees. Most of the people here just simply root for their team and don’t use any actual thinking skills to form their opinion. Would be nice to see more people do that but I know that’s asking a lot. Just go look at Lockport Lax’s comments. Talk about forming an opinion based on emotion and not fact. Is it really that difficult to do a little research before you start making comments. I don’t think people realize how stupid they sound when they come on here and make comments that are factually incorrect. I know it’s not going to stop them but it can’t hurt to ask

  18. Lockport Lax Edelman was also suspended 4 games for taking PEDS, as was Rob Nincovich and also Ben Watson. Though I do believe the circumstances surrounding Watson’s suspension were a little less deceitful or intentional but in the end it doesn’t matter because he still failed the league administered test. But aside from those 3 along with Brady and Gordon you’re right, Patriot players are never suspended. But seriously, good job in doing a little research to make sure your comment was actually correct before you posted it. Well done

  19. Bills have a bye week next weekend. Why play Allen in one game before the break. Give Allen more time to get rested and ready after the bye week. He was knocked out! can’t believe he would be totally ready after one week!

  20. Now there is another who cried nation…
    I’m glad to see him returning. Nobody wants to see an injury. But the indignation from the Bill’s fans has been way over the top.

  21. Isn’t it fun when someone who we all know who it is, steals your username? Who kind of person does this? Nothing better to do than log in and out all day long with different usernames, he has posted on mine on here, and then two of his other ones. What a life this guy must live, most be boring or something. Go Bills. I hope Josh has a great game and bounces back.

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