Drew Brees throws for the cameras, 20 days after injuring thumb

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He’s not back yet, but he’s getting there.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees has posted a video of himself throwing a football, only 20 days after suffering a thumb injury that was supposed to keep him out of action for six weeks.

Brees can be seen flexing his thumb after every throw, which suggests he still has plenty of work to do to get back to 100 percent.

The Saints face the Buccaneers on Sunday, with upcoming games against the Jaguars, Bears, and Cardinals, followed by a Week Nine bye.

Six weeks would put Brees back for the Cardinals game. It looks like he may be back a week earlier than that, maybe two.

The Saints have won the two games that they have played without Brees, beating the Seahawks in Seattle and the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football.

18 responses to “Drew Brees throws for the cameras, 20 days after injuring thumb

  1. Shades of Luck videos! Look, I know Brees isn’t Luck but this isn’t about whether he can manage to lob a ball half-way thru rehab (I’d be surprised if he couldn’t) but if he can throw his accurate deep ball for 60mins – and when its repaired enough to risk taking another hit.

  2. Impressive! He’s a warrior. That’s got to be one of the worst injury’s for QBs to come back from any where near whole.

  3. The heart of a champion. His previous team – someone sneezes just the wrong way and is out for a month.

  4. Not a Saints fan but I think if they can hold on for Drew to be healthy they definitely have a chance. I think he will be in great shape arm strength wise and be ready to tear up the playoffs.

  5. The BEST phase of any similar rehab, is this.

    Like him or not, there is no denying his endless drive. I remember it like yesterday, no team would give this fighter a chance after his shoulder debacle eons ago, except the Saints.

    The rest? Sweet History.

  6. Good to see I’m not a saints fan. Far from it with all the whining. They do. But he is an all time great . I5 will be good seeing him back on the field .

  7. They won both games While he was out? Oh, must be just a system QB then, they should release him and save the cap next year. Anyone can QB in that system.

    Sound familiar?

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