No fine for Jonathan Jones

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The total consequences for Patriots safety Jonathan Jones‘ helmet-to-helmet hit on Bills quarterback Josh Allen were only 15 yards.

Jones wasn’t fined for the play, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL.

“It was determined Jones turned his shoulder to stop the runner (who is not defenseless), while the runner is being tackled, falling forward and down,” Rapoport tweeted.

This interpretation means that the NFL determined Jones didn’t lower his helmet and initiate contact with an opponent. Some would argue otherwise based on the visual evidence.

Allen exited the 16-10 loss to the Patriots and did not return. He has been cleared to play on Sunday at Tennessee.

30 responses to “No fine for Jonathan Jones

  1. Jones ducked to get into position but didn’t lead with his head.
    It looked like a clean hit to me.

  2. “Some would argue otherwise based on the visual evidence.”

    Yeah, because the NFL never goes after the Patriots. GMAFB

  3. It was pretty obvious that Jones did nothing wrong. He planted both feet turn his shoulder towards Allen and took the blow. Allen put his head down in an attempt to get the first down, and actually delivered the blow that knocked him out.

  4. Not a pats fan but that looked like a clean hit to me. Allen’s head dropped right as they met. At full speed I don’t know what Jones could have done to avoid it.

  5. Should have fined Allen for leading with his head. Such a dangerous play. Needs to be coached better.

  6. He didn’t lead with his head but he went for his head. Confirmation for what we all know. The league is in the bed for the pats..

  7. You have to watch the replay coming from the side that includes the still image in this article. Allen puts the crown of his helmet straight into Jones’ earhole. Jones turned his head to the side specifically to try to avoid the helmet contact and had to make the hit to try to prevent allen from falling forward the one extra yard for the first down. That’s why Allen didn’t have long term repercussions from the concussion because his head wasn’t twisted which makes concussions far worse, he just bounced it straight off of Jones head.

  8. chicagoraiderfan says:
    October 5, 2019 at 10:48 pm
    Patriots get a pass, as always.

    wrong–they were penalized 15 yards incorrectly

  9. Come on Buffalo coaches teach this QB how to play. Teach him to slide or go out of bounds, not to lower his helmet to pick up a first down.

  10. This is a complete joke…somebody pay Kwon Alexander his money back and all the other obvious accidental collisions that get over penalized and over fined.

  11. Any league that puts a freaking former Rams player as a side judge in an NFC Championship in which the Rams are playing, isn’t really really concerned about legitimacy or even appearing as legitimate.

  12. Most people – that actually follow the sport – have seen the reverse angle which clearly shows it was a clean football hit denying Allen a crucial first down.
    I wish Sean McDermott would have admitted he was wrong calling for an ejection and possible suspension. Instead, he just didn’t want to comment anymore.

  13. Odd how all the patriot fans overlook the first sentence. The Patriots were not penalized 15 yards. Funny how they “overlook” some things in their favor.

  14. Every once in a while the NFL FINALLY gets it right…..& this just happens to be one of those times!!!

  15. Same people who didn’t see anything wrong with Gronks assault on Tre White. If someone did that to Tom Brady they would get a minimum of 4 games. NFL has to stop the double standard.

  16. I remember Bernard Pollard, while with the Ravens, knocking Stephen Ridley out cold with helmet to helmet contact in a playoff game. I believe Ridley lost the ball after the hit and there was a key change of possession. No call.

    Pollard had blown out Brady’s knee while with KC in a prior year.

    In possibly the most vicious hit in NFL history, Darryl Stingley was paralyzed by a dirty hit by Raider Jack Tatum.

    With a slot in the AFC Championship on the line, Ben Dreith called the worst roughing the passing call in NFL history on Sugar Bear Ray Hamilton .[

    Patriots fans look askance at a troll Dolphins fan from Virginia crying about the Patriots getting a call their way against the Bills given the reality of the long history of the Patriots. Maybe Dolphins fans should worry about 0-4 turning into 0-16.

  17. Steve Leary says:
    October 6, 2019 at 9:00 am

    Same people who didn’t see anything wrong with Gronks assault on Tre White.
    I don’t know a single fan – Patriots or any other team – who “didn’t see anything wrong” with Gronk’s hit on White. It was after the whistle, from behind, on a prone player. He was flagged and suspended for it, which was appropriate.

    Literally has nothing to do – zero – with Jones tackling a runner before he can get a first down.

  18. If you watch the view from the top it is clear that Allen is the one that should be fined for lowering the crown of his helmet into the side of Jones’s helmet. Josh Allen is 6’5″ and 240 pounds. Jonathon Jones is 5’10” 183 pounds. Allen is literally 7 inches taller than Jones and has over 55 lbs on Jones. It was a crucial 3rd down and Allen had another yard past Jones to go to get the 1st down. He was trying to power through Harmon’s tackle and run through Jones to get the first down. Josh Allen lowers his head and with the front of his helmet hits Jones on the side of his helmet. Usually it is the guy that gets hit on the side of the helmet (Jones) that gets the worst of the impact, especially if he is giving up 55 lbs. It should be a penalty on Allen. It is clear when you see the angle from the top.

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