Aaron Jones scores his third touchdown as Packers dominate

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The Cowboys are having a hard time keeping up with the Jones.

Aaron Jones to be exact.

The running back is shredding the Cowboys, scoring three touchdowns. His most recent touchdown came with 9:33 left in the third quarter on a 5-yard run. He beat Byron Jones to the end zone, waving good-bye to the Cowboys cornerback, and giving the Packers a 24-0 lead.

Jones has 10 carries for 71 yards and three scores and has added 68 receiving yards on six catches.

His first-half touchdowns came on runs of 18 and 3 yards.

The Packers began the game without receiver Davante Adams and have lost center Corey Linsley to a concussion. Linebacker B.J. Goodson is questionable with a neck injury.

40 responses to “Aaron Jones scores his third touchdown as Packers dominate

  1. I loved how Jones taunted his way into the end zone with no flag. Even showed it on replay.
    And, Prescott took a later hit from two defenders than Rogers did earlier in the first half, with 6 minutes left in the third. Again, no flag.
    Good grief!

  2. Hahahahaha! Airman just said is frustrating a lot of people! Homer much? Packers are about to score again! Mediocre football returns to Dallas. I doubt they’ll get to 8-8!

  3. Maybe now people will quit saying Prescott is a top QB . Cowboys obviously over rated and exposed lately .

  4. Now fourth TD by Jones! Why doesn’t Fox show Jerrah,’s reaction from his sky box? Did he already leave the game for the bar?

  5. Cowboys fanboys were all excited when they started 3-0 by beating the Giants (2-3), Redskins (0-5) and Miami (0-4). We now see the team Dallas is closer to being..

  6. “Defense, play calling and Dak’s poor decisions are hurting us”

    So poor coaching, poor qb play, and poor defense? What else is there to the game of football?

  7. >> skcrooged says: Again, no flag. <<

    Packers' fans bring the cheese.
    Vikings' fans bring the WHINE.

  8. The Cowboys have been exposed and Dakota is not even a tenth of how good we have been told by this yellow rag. Dakota will be lucky to earn a ham sammich for his next contract.

  9. Yo Dak, you do know your boys are wearing the white jerseys, right?
    Ok, just checking cuz you keep throwing it to the guys in green.
    But whatever, dude, you just do you.

  10. Prolly just my imagination but I get the feeling Ache Man takes these Cowboys losses personal.

  11. cowboys aren’t even a playoff contender. this game was over when cooper handed that pass to green bay in the 1st. cowboys abandoned the run and put the game in Dak’s hands. and it has been a disaster. the cowboys have ZERO interior run stoppage.

    Packers are the favorites to win the superbowl. the patriots have too many injuries. the chiefs have ZERO defense. packers have everything you need. I can see them winning the next several superbowls because that defense is all under contract for several years. Rodgers has said he wants to play another 10 years and all they need is a slot receiver to make their offense unstoppable, and they’ll just draft one in 2020 or get one in a trade, or free agency.

  12. Yo, Alvin.
    Dude, I was with you up until your said
    “Packers are the favorites to win the superbowl.”

  13. changeosea says:
    October 6, 2019 at 6:46 pm
    Chin up cowboy fans.. pack has a legit defense that received a wake up cal
    You do know the cowboys have over 500 yards and it still mid 4th qt?

  14. Its a flag day for green bay. Jones taunted, no flag, king illegal contact for 10 yards, no flag. Yeah its the Viking fans that whine, right. Point it out to me when the officiating is correct. The Vikings got screwed game 2, packers got screwed game 3 & the cowboys are getting screwed today. Nfl officiationg is a JOKE!

  15. Oh and by the way your great packer qb gave the ball back to dallas at the end of the 3rd q with time left after 3 incomplete passes. He then walked away from his coach while his coach is trying to talk him, he’s a character. He is not a team first guy.

  16. Aaron Jones>>Ezekiel Elliott. Dork Prescott, thanks for the 3 ints. Jerky Jones has got to be losing his mind!

  17. Up 31 – 10 and Rodgers shakes his head in disgust at his WR because there was a 3rd down incompletion. What a guy.
    I’m sure he will apologize to him on a podcast or something…

  18. Viking fans are very sad , never saw anything like them in sports.

    Because they’ve never won anything, the only joy they have is to hope/wish/pray that the Packers lose.

  19. Because they’ve never won anything, the only joy they have it to hope/wish/pray that the Packers lose.

    That is not true they have won a few division titles and I think the Minnesota WNBA team won a title. Not positive on the second one.

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