Adam Gase on struggling offense: It’s on me, I’ll get it fixed

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No one was expecting much from the Jets offense on Sunday and the team managed to make good on those low expectations.

The Jets gained 128 yards, allowed 10 sacks and saw the Eagles defense return two of quarterback Luke Falk‘s three turnovers for touchdowns in a 31-6 loss. The sole touchdown came on a 19-yard run by wide receiver Vyncint Smith one play after Corey Coleman muffed a punt.

The team is obviously hamstrung by the absence of quarterback Sam Darnold, but the offensive line play has been poor regardless of who is under center and head coach Adam Gase vowed to get things moving in a better direction.

“The defense is playing good, the special teams is playing good,” Gase said. “We all know what group needs to play better. That’s on me. So I told those guys in there, I’ll get it fixed. It’s on me, it’s on nobody else, so that’s what we’re going to do.”

Gase and the Jets hoped to have Darnold back this week, but he was not cleared by doctors as he continues to recover from a bout of mononucleosis. That hope now moves to Week Six and a date with the Cowboys.

21 responses to “Adam Gase on struggling offense: It’s on me, I’ll get it fixed

  1. If Gase can somehow find a way to coach Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers I think he can again become an offensive guru. Of the course the same could be said of my 7 year old son so there’s that.

  2. Hard too judge Gase with Falk as his quarterback. The kid sucks and has no awareness he is not even a backup in this league. You can’t hold the ball for that long unless ur baker mayfield. And if you do hold on too the ball you need to move around a little bit. Absolutely terrible quarterback

  3. That’s what he used to say in Miami, never got it fixed. He don’t have Peyton there to make him look like a genius.

  4. I never understood how he had a job literally a day after he was fired by the Dolphins. It’s not like any part of the Fjns played well and you could say that he had a hand in that.

  5. Hold on a second I thought Gase was supposed to be a genius after his Dolphins beat the Pats last year what happened?

  6. Hes a Joke of a coach hes learned zero from his miami fiasco still repeating the same tired lingo.

  7. He set them up to fail in this game by giving all the first team reps to Darnold who was a long shot to be cleared to play. And his play calling is terrible. That pick 6 on the naked bootleg was a disaster waiting to happen. The only way for Gase to fix things would be to resign.

  8. Maybe hiring a failed coach from a team in the same division wasn’t a great idea? Gase coasted on being associated with Peyton Manning and has failed upwards ever since.

  9. Douglas will have to at some point stand up and take control of this team and get rid of Gase the guy is not what has been told us about being in offense of genius the first series today show just how clueless he is the Eagles came in with the top rated running defense in the worst rated pass defense and we run the ball three times that tells you all you need to know

  10. I thought when the Jets hired former Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano as OC they couldn’t ever make a worse coaching hire. I was wrong.

  11. Adam Gase on struggling offense: It’s on me, I’ll get it fixed
    Yeah, and I’ll win powerball…

  12. Aside from Falk, I was pretty sure Bell was the only player on the field. Maybe they should try to spread the ball more. 3/4 of the plays were to leveon and they weren’t working

  13. Just get rid of Gase now. 2 weeks to prepare and the team was embarrassing. They don’t have to tank the rest of the year because they are so bad, they won’t beat anyone. Douglas will start very soon moving players for draft pics to prepare for next year. Jets Fans should not attend any games to show Johnson what an idiot he was in hiring a guy who couldn’t win as a HC in Miame and tore that team apart.

  14. 1. Fire Gase and his OC Dowel Logains

    2. Name Gregg Williams the HC, and Jim Bob Cooter the OC

    3. see how the rest of the season goes

    4. DRAFT WELL, especially Olinemen

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