Agent says NFL singled out Vontaze Burfict for unfair punishment

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The agent for Raiders linebacker Vontaze Burfict says Burfict’s season-long suspension stems from the league treating him differently than any other player.

Responding to the news that the NFL had pored over last week’s Raiders-Colts game and found another illegal hit in addition to the one that got Burfict suspended, Smith said the NFL is treating Burfict differently from other players.

“Hmmmm . . . I wonder how many other players they’ve done that for in the last two or three years,” Smith told

Smith says Burfict should not be suspended longer than the five-game suspension Albert Haynesworth received for stepping on an opposing player’s head.

“It’s different when someone is trying to make a football play, not a deliberate act where someone is trying to hurt an opponent,” Smith said. “Haynesworth was trying to hurt someone and he got five games.”

Burfict will have an appeal hearing this week. He will miss today’s game against the Bears.

59 responses to “Agent says NFL singled out Vontaze Burfict for unfair punishment

  1. “Hmmmm . . . I wonder how many other players [other than Burfict] they’ve done that for in the last two or three years?”

    What player deserves it more? If the NFL has singled him out, quite frankly it’s because he forced them to. The guy’s violations are now flagrant, and it seems almost as if he’s taunting both the fans and the NFL, saying “what are you going to do about it?” Well, something needs to be done about it that actually gets a message through his thick skull and sends a message to anyone else thinking about doing something similar.

  2. How does the saying go? In football everyone is treated fairly just not the same? Something like that.

  3. Poor Vontaze, everyone picks on him.
    How about reducing the suspension for this hit and then giving him 7 more games for the 2nd hit.
    Throw him out of the league, send a message.

  4. His attorney should check Burficts history. In the last 5 years he’s flagged and fined more than any other LB IN the league today. Runyon warned him about it. The problem he has with this latest hit is that he had more than enough time to get his head to the side.

  5. Of course they are treating him differently, he’s a repeat offender and has shown absolutely no interest to change his behavior, he should be treated more harshly.

  6. Burfict IS a player there is no room for in the league…..he has repeatedly tried to injur players & not changed his approach to playing defense…’s one thing to be respected for ones ability to make great plays on the field at ANY position & it’s another thing to be feared for continuously trying to intentionally end someone’s career……it’s really as simple as that.

  7. I’m sorry but Burfict is giving the game a bad name. He’s the dirtiest player in the NFL. Regardless, I think the arbiter will reduce the suspension to 6 games. That would be a shame. IMO, Burfict should be barred permanently.

  8. Burfict is trying to hurt people on every play. He should be banned for life. Maybe the XFL will want him.

  9. Burfict’s agent is being disingenuous at best, an enabler at worst. Everybody who follows the NFL knows precisely what Burfict’s long history is.

  10. Of course they are treating him differently but that’s because most other players don’t continue to take cheap shots over and over and over like his client.

  11. Doesn’t matter. His career is over, either today or at the end of the season.

  12. Of course they’re singling him out. Because he brought the attention to himself, as has done it many times throughout the years. Regardless of how “soft” someone may think the game has gotten, Burfict’s brazen disregard (or willful recklessness) toward another person was overkill in many cases.

  13. This should have happened after the Antonio Brown Hit. Long overdue.

    Brown lost his mind after that hit. lol

  14. Hmm. Well, he does have a point, the NFL has singled Burfict out. But as to whether the punishment is unfair, his history needs to be considered. This dude seems to not want to stop with the head hits. So, he needs to change what he wants in that regard and it appears he needs some motivation. Not sure this suspension will do it, but if not, then adios dude, you permanently gone.

  15. The agent is just doing his job by saying this, it’s what he’s paid to do.
    He knows it’s a fair ban in reality.

  16. Your client is a bum…by Very happy the NFL hasn’t kicked him out of the league. He doesn’t CARE if he destroys other people’s livelihoods…so we dont care about his.

  17. Burfict should’ve gone long ago but it’s true there’s no balance, for example stomper Suh and QB-headhunter Kiko Alonso, among other dirty players, should’ve been banned long ago too.

  18. The league does not treat him differently than any other player. He treats the game, and it’s safety, differently than any other player, and this is the consequences of his actions.

  19. The guys who were singled out for unfair punishment are all the guys Burfict has hit with illegal cheap shots over the years.

  20. Actually they’ve done this to dozens of players. It’s not uncommon at all for a guy to get fined for a play that didn’t even have a flag thrown. So yeah, every week the league is reviewing film to look for dirty/illegal plays.

  21. It was an illegal hit not a dirty hit. I can’t believe these hand wringing, pearl-clutching fans and media pundits today. Go watch non contact sports like video gaming.

  22. I agree. Two helmet to helmet hits happened on that play, but only one player was fined and punished.

  23. Really cant see how this is possible with his history. I’m sure he’s been warned plenty of times. The unfair part is the cheap shots he inflicted on opponents. Men who were doing their jobs not upset because of being beat on a play on trying to hurt someone screw him , hope he’s done

  24. This is all about the new boundaries that will define the NFLPA contract negotiations.

  25. Suspending him for one year was the NFL being nice. He should be out of the league. He is literally trying to hurt people and can kill them if he continues. Maybe now he’ll sit down and think about how his actions could drastically change the lives of others.

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