Agent says NFL singled out Vontaze Burfict for unfair punishment

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The agent for Raiders linebacker Vontaze Burfict says Burfict’s season-long suspension stems from the league treating him differently than any other player.

Responding to the news that the NFL had pored over last week’s Raiders-Colts game and found another illegal hit in addition to the one that got Burfict suspended, Smith said the NFL is treating Burfict differently from other players.

“Hmmmm . . . I wonder how many other players they’ve done that for in the last two or three years,” Smith told

Smith says Burfict should not be suspended longer than the five-game suspension Albert Haynesworth received for stepping on an opposing player’s head.

“It’s different when someone is trying to make a football play, not a deliberate act where someone is trying to hurt an opponent,” Smith said. “Haynesworth was trying to hurt someone and he got five games.”

Burfict will have an appeal hearing this week. He will miss today’s game against the Bears.