Glazer: Khalil Mack let it be known he didn’t want to play for Jon Gruden

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As the Raiders get their first taste of Khalil Mack as an opponent, a new report suggests that it was always destined to go this way.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX, Mack made it known among then-Raiders teammates that he didn’t want to play for Jon Gruden after he became the coach of the team in early 2018.

It’s entirely possible, if not probable, that Mack’s position was fueled not by any specific animus toward Gruden but by Gruden’s apparent plan to kick the can on a new Mack contract until after he finished his rookie deal. Mack wanted something then and there, and he took a stand until the Raiders shipped him to a Bears team that was willing to give up major draft-pick compensation and make Mack the highest-paid defensive player in the league.

Regardless, Mack is long gone — and after today’s game against the Bears they won’t have to see him again until 2023, barring a meeting in the Super Bowl. In other words, they won’t have to see him again until 2023.

17 responses to “Glazer: Khalil Mack let it be known he didn’t want to play for Jon Gruden

  1. Wow Mack had such a profound effect on the first half of the game w Oak up 17-0 w our main WR’s all hurt. Everyone knows Mack is all-time great but he’s a 100 million dollar DE. He gives u 2 sacks it’s a awesome game but w that 100 million plus 2 extra 1st riders we got major pieces in Tyrell and Trent Williams and w the 1st of 2 Bears 1st rd picks we took rookie RB Josh Jacobs who has 50 yards and TD in 1st half

  2. Mack is better than the entire Raiders defense. That was the most pathetic 3rd Qtr I have ever seen from my Raiders. We got fleeced by the Bears in the Mack trade and we are a terrible football team.

  3. Hey Florio,

    Where do I begin. Where was Mack today? 3 tackles, no sacks, no hits on Carr. The draft pick we took from that first rounder we received from Da Bears for Mack. Oh yea that was Josh Jacobs running all over that defense today.

    I hope you enjoyed that Raider win as much as I did.

  4. Millennials!!! They want to play for coaches who won’t tell them anything! There’s a reason why Belichick let’s them go if they are not willing to listen! Five rings as a head coach!

  5. Regardless, Mack is long gone — and after today’s game against the Bears they won’t have to see him again until 2023


    You mean Mack doesn’t have to see our massive offensive line that pushed him all over the field.

  6. Good trade for the Raiders. Mack is great but the Raiders needed a lot more than Mack. So far they got Jacobs and another player next year. One defensive superstar does not a team make, just ask JJ Watts how many Super Bowls they have won in Houston. Traded Cooper and ended up with a good safety with a lot of potential and now they are starting ton look like a team. Just need to stop sending picks to Pittsburgh for head case wideouts and they’ll be alright.

  7. HighSpeedLowDrag says:
    October 6, 2019 at 3:32 pm
    Raiders Suck. Always have, always will. BTW, early in the 4th, Raiders down 21-17.

    And the Bears still lost you mad bro ?

  8. Also, I don’t know that Mack talked crap all week. They pressed him after the Vikings game, “I’m not giving you what you want.”

    He looked forward to the challenge, in another interview. But the media tried to make him out to be this vengeful player. He’s as calm and cool a person I’ve ever seen.

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