Jalen Ramsey ended up in Houston on Sunday


Out with a back injury, Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey didn’t travel to Carolina on Sunday. But he also didn’t stay in Jacksonville.

Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson has posted on Instagram of photo of himself with Ramsey. So either Watson traveled to Jacksonville after his game against the Falcons (unlikely) or Ramsey traveled to Houston for Sunday (more likely). Sitting between Watson and Ramsey is agent David Mulugheta, who told multiple reporters 20 days ago that Ramsey wants out of Jacksonville.

Given that Ramsey recently has spoken about his efforts to get treatment on his back so that he could return to action, it’s fair to wonder why he wasn’t in Jacksonville getting treatment while his teammates were in Carolina. Last week, Ramsey did indeed travel with the team to Denver for a win over the Broncos, but Ramsey did not play.

The Jaguars continue to tiptoe around Ramsey, apparently hopeful that he’ll eventually decide to abandon his trade demand. ESPN reported on Sunday that the Jaguars won’t trade Ramsey for five first-round draft picks; that would be difficult to do since, by rule, selections can be traded only three drafts into the future.

The trade window closes in three weeks and two days. Ramsey clearly still wants out. The question is whether and to what extent he will do enough to get the Jaguars to relent — and whether another team will make the Jaguars an offer they can’t, or maybe won’t, refuse.

UPDATE 9:07 p.m. ET: Per a league source, Ramsey traveled to Houston to see a back specialist.

15 responses to “Jalen Ramsey ended up in Houston on Sunday

  1. Lost in all this is a new born and wife who just gave birth. I have zero doubt Jalen is a terrible husband and even worse father.

  2. Every week that passes, two number ones become less. He is not playin, the Jags are trying to put their foot down, and they will lose out.

    Let’s say the team stands firm, he is with them for his contract, they franchise…. That will be like a fart in church. It will feel like a win but it will be a mess. Khan is not really making a stand for the owners, he is only making it worse for future issues. He should follow Coughlin’s direction and cut bait, before it is all over his face

  3. Bad look for Ramsey.

    No way Houston can trade for him though.

    They already mortgaged the next two years for Tunsil.

    No trade capitol left that the Jags would take.

  4. Who is Jaleen Ramsey? Apparently only in the eyes of sports journalists is this clown above average. Just like that former Houston player, The Clowney, showing up in a uniform masks the inconsistent ability to make plays.

  5. I hope the Raiders do not pursue this guy we got a young team who needs great veteran leadership not knuckleheads who can cost us a game almost or momentum last week it was Vontaze this week Incognito nearly hurt us please Jon and Mike stay away from this guy….

  6. Ramsey’s attitude is poison to his teammates both present and future. What needs to be considered by whatever team ends up with him is if his talent and his expensive asking price is worth the chaos he like to produce.

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