NFL claims Mason Rudolph didn’t need a cart

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Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph was brutally knocked out on the field today, and adding insult to injury, the cart that came out to assist him to the locker room malfunctioned, leaving him staggering to the locker room with members of the medical staff supporting him.

The NFL says that was all fine.

According to the league, Rudolph didn’t need a cart and another one was available if he had.

“A cart was brought on the field in the event it was needed,” the league said in a statement. “After evaluating the player, medical staff determined a cart was not necessary in this instance. Had one been needed, there was a backup cart on the other sideline which was immediately available. He received appropriate medical care per gameday protocols, and is now in the concussion protocol.”

That explanation is hard to swallow. Rudolph was unconscious on the field, and the medical personnel that checked on him immediately removed his facemask, which is standard practice for when a player will be strapped to a stretcher and placed on a cart. A cart was brought out for him because the medical staff felt it was necessary. If the cart hadn’t malfunctioned, Rudolph would have been placed on it to be taken off the field and to a waiting ambulance.

Instead, Rudolph looked shaky as he was helped off the field, making a scary situation look even worse.

43 responses to “NFL claims Mason Rudolph didn’t need a cart

  1. He didn’t need a cart shame on you NFL.The man was knocked out cold and needed smelling salt to wake up.He didn’t need a cart the NFL has taken the bar even lower on players health.Just admit what happened apology and make sure it doesnt happen again.

  2. A cart for what?!?! He got popped, man up and walk off the field!!! Football sucks now its a soap opera with a ton of flags and a ton of embellished and fake injuries! Its too bad real football is gone forever

  3. It was still a bad look when the cart needed a cart to get off the field. I’m just glad Mason felt good enough to sit up.

  4. Let Mason sit and rest his brain for a month and take some CBD. This Hodges kid is much better.

  5. That’s funny??? Aaron Rodgers took the cart when he strained his knee last year against the Bears but we all know he’s a special diva.

    When Dalvin Cook tore his ACL 2 years ago he walked back to the locker room on his own power.

  6. In UFC fights people are ko’ed all the time and no cart is needed. Why is everybody so damn soft?

  7. “Man up and walk off the field…”

    Yeah… and this type of crap is generally posted by people who cant handle going to the dentist.

    I hate the “the game is soft now” crowd… because they are CLUELESS..

    The field is the same size… the players are all faster, stronger and MUCH larger, than they were even 20 years ago…

    There were like a dozen 300 pounders in the league 20 years ago…now every team almost has more than that.

    These “back in my day” goofs are so out of touch
    .. its incredible.

  8. How ’bout a simple stretcher? stretcher – a framework of two poles with a long piece of canvas slung between them, used for carrying sick, injured, or dead people.

  9. This game was a total embarrassment for the NFL.
    The officiating, the cart.
    When will Walt Coleman be relieved as head official.
    So many bad calls against both teams

  10. We all know headhunting when we see it and Earl Thomas was headhunting. Thomas should be suspended for the rest of the season. Rudolph did not even have the ball in his hands when Thomas took his dirty cheap bead shot. Either the NFL protects quarterbacks from this crap or it doesn’t.

  11. The TV network wanted to get back to the game. So the Steelers sent a cart, which malfunctioned (??!), and then told their QB to get up and walk off the field.

    Anyone watching couldn’t help but notice Rudolph needed support just to walk in the right direction.

    But it’s a small price to pay to hit the next scheduled commercial break!!!

    The Pittsburgh Steelers under Art Rooney II have been a disgrace.

  12. That’s is a lie….nothing more ..if the cart had worked he is one it.
    Art II please stop the bs. I can’t believe how you have allowed
    a great organization to come to this.

  13. Man, can you imagine the PFT uproar if this happened at Foxboro??? #cartgate!

    Ted Wells would be conducting a 6 month “investigation” on cart motor mechanics. Was TB12 ‘ generally aware’ of the cart’s malfunction??

  14. 1). Hits to the qb above the shoulder are illegal under any circumstances. And Rudolph is 6’5″, was upright and even jumping a little.
    2) he got hit in the head by two different Ravens in that play. Carr and Thomas. Individually they would have been penalized, maybe ejected and fined. In this case where it happened on one play …
    3). Rudolph was really making strides, game in game out. No mistakes. Air it out a little more each time. Damn.

    I think the Kaepernick option has to be on the table. Notwithstanding the distraction factor, and it would be huge, the Steelers are down to an undrafted free agent who did just fine, but, ….

    Tomlin is at very high risk of having his first losing season. They need to win at least seven out of the next eleven. Tall order. Not going to happen unless they take a chance.

  15. Seriously the talk is about the cart????
    What happen to player safety???
    Is Thomas suspended for the year???

  16. Steelers aren’t satisfied with embarrassing themselves on the field. Now the whole organization, even the medical staff, has to act like a bunch of dunces.

  17. If this was big ben on the field he would have demanded a medi-vac helicopter and then returned to the sidelines like 20 minutes later in a neck brace

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